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Local Real Estate Agent Gives Away Turkeys – WHIZ

ZANESVILLE oh – As you know, the holiday season is just around the corner.

Thanksgiving is a time for being thankful and giving to others. A time to stop and give thanks to the people who make a difference in our lives.

With turkey day coming up, Jason Fink, a real estate agent at Town and Country Realtors, made a difference this Holiday season by giving away free Thanksgiving turkeys to the community.

Jason was at Zanesville high school Saturday, the 20th, from 12 PM to 2PM with approximately 100 turkeys to give away.

“We have given away about 60 turkeys so far, got about 40 left. Got a feeling people would trickle in, and we did that in about 20 minutes so I’m sure we will be empty handed by the time we get out of here.” Fink said.

Jason has always wanted to give back to the community that he is so thankful for, and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to do so.

“Ever since I was younger, I’ve always wanted to give back and have myself in a position to be able to give back to the community,” he Said. “So this means the absolute world to me to just be able to be a little bright spot in somebody’s home that maybe is struggling. Just you know, being able to put food in a family’s belly… it means the world to me,” Fink said.

This is the first annual turkey give away but Jason plans on doing this every year wanting to make it bigger and better, with over 200 turkeys to give away.

Stop and see Jason Fink next year and get your free Thanksgiving turkey.

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