L’ATTITUDE VENTURES Aims to Invest More Than $100 Million in U.S. Latino Entrepreneurs

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Did you know that this year you could be among the lucky entrepreneurs to win sponsorship from major investors in this year’s L’Attitude Ventures? 

That’s right. 

This year’s event features major investors dedicated to the growth and prosperity of the Latino community. 

The best part is, the Match-Up Showcase at the L’Attitude 2021 is still accepting applications and there’s room even for you. In fact, this year’s Match-Up LAT VC plans to deploy $12,500,000 across 20 to 25 elite, early-stage US Latino-led companies. 

Interested to know how? 

Well, let’s get started. 

First of all, if you are hearing this for the first time, I am quite sure you are wondering what Match-Up is. 

Match-Up, just as the name suggests is where you as an investor are matched with capital connections. Basically, it is a national showcase and competition where the early-stage US Latino entrepreneurs are matched with sizable capital from investors and not just investors, but long-term investors. 

This showcase was created in 2019 by the founders of L’ATTITUDE, Gary Acosta, Sol Trujillo along with Kennie Blanco and investments from Marc Benioff of Salesforce and Oscar Munoz of United Airlines. 

The aim of the Match-Up is to provide funding to the underfunded US Latino entrepreneurs. 

Interestingly, there’s no other such event where Latina/o entrepreneurs are exclusively invited to access such a large pool of capital in a competitive yet empowering environment. 

And for the first time in history, Latina/o entrepreneurs have access to unparalleled visibility that accelerates and catalyzes fundraising. 

Match-Up event is hosted and anchored by L’Attitude Ventures (LAT VC) which basically is a venture fund that solely focuses on Latino entrepreneurs. 

So far, LAT VC has managed to raise over half of its $100M target from leading and global institutions. 

Some of the major investors in LAT VC will be revealed at the L’ATTITUDE conference happening on September 29 through October 2. 

It is important to recognize that LAT VC has created one of the most important gateways for entrepreneurs, strategic partners, and investors alike to come together and catalyze economic growth through early-stage entrepreneurial investments. 

The good news is that LAT VC each year is revitalizing its commitment to lead this catalyst with sizable investments at the Seed to Series A stages ranging from $500,000 to $1,500,000. Can you imagine that? 

“This year at Match-Up, LAT VC plans to deploy $12,500,000 across 20 to 25 elite, early-stage US Latino-led companies,” said Sol Trujillo, LAT VC Partner. “In addition to this capital, the showcase will invite investors to deploy at least $500,000 each across entrepreneurs. This highly visible and competitive showcase brings out the best of each entrepreneur, attracts long-term investors committed to US Latina/o entrepreneurs, and offers long-lasting visibility across the L’ATTITUDE ecosystem.”

What happens is that there is a selection process where LAT VC invites about 30 Latino entrepreneurs to San Diego to showcase their companies. This could be you…. 

In what they call a ‘demo day’ format, you will get a chance to demonstrate in front of a large audience of institutional investors, business owners, and industry leaders what your company is all about. 

The competition is extremely stiff because out of the 30, only four companies that prove to have the strongest business case, market, and industry dynamics will make it to the pitch competition dubbed  “Latino Startup of the Year.”

To apply, entrepreneurs should complete the Pitch Submission Form on the LAT VC website

I think this is one of the most important initiatives by L’ATTITUDE. Economic empowerment is key to the success of any community and what I most love about it, is that they are bringing the competition and resources closer to home, to the individual entrepreneurs as opposed to working through proxies. 

I would encourage every Latina/o entrepreneur to apply today and try their luck. Such an opportunity comes once in a lifetime.   

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