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KEEPING IT REAL: MMB Real Estate Firm Founded During Covid Pandemic Celebrates A Year Of Growth And Success – The Challenger Community News – The Challenger Community News

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The three MMB founders, Jamia” Mia” Mootry, Tamika Murphy and Rosalind Burgin, are proud to celebrate their one-year anniversary as a Buffalo realty firm.  Although many discouraged them from beginning a new enterprise during the Covid-19 pandemic, MMB Realty Group LLC (MMB) continues to thrive by providing clients a customized and quality real estate experience. 

 In 2020 the MMB Realty Group began with three and now is a realty firm with thirteen experienced realtors.  

“The entire team has embraced MMB’s vision of working with clients as One Team. One Vision. One Mission. One Goal – Serving One YOU!   Everyone contributes their expertise to educate and uplift as they work with clients to reach their real estate goals,” stated Rosalind Burgin.  

“We are amazed and so thankful for the growth we have seen as a company. It’s exciting to see the purple and gold MMB signs throughout the city and surrounding region. We are thankful to many for helping our company’s growth and allowing us the opportunity to assist homebuyers and sellers.”    

 MMB Realtors are guided by the focus on helping people become homeowners and building generational wealth through real estate.  “We believe in our clients and love living the real estate experience with each,” stated Mia Mootry.

 They continue to spread the importance of home ownership and how to become a homeowner through one-on-one talks with clients and by hosting free workshops.

“The messaging we would like to resonate is that you can build wealth through real estate, you can become a homeowner, home ownership can help build your credit, and homeownership helps you leave a financial legacy,” continued Burgin.

 The founders shared a few lessons learned and success stories they have witnessed this year.

   “Before signing another rent agreement evaluate if your money would be better spent becoming a homeowner.”  

Tamika shares a story about a client who was paying $980 a month for rent. She worked with MMB to purchase a home and now pays $350 month for her own home!   

Rosalind recalls  a 23-year client who made the decision to purchase her first home. She worked with Rosalind for a year to prepare and search for the right property. “We wrote a plan to make it clear and proceeded to achieve the goal!” said Rosalind.  The homeowner purchased a double and now lives with her son in one unit and a tenant lives in the second unit.

Added Rosiland: “The amazing thing is that she only needed less than $150 for the closing!”  

“Think Beyond Today! Build Generational Wealth.”

One young man  was  so inspired by family members who had worked with Mia to purchase homes that he refused to pay rent for an apartment and began the journey to own his own home. He found a 4-bedroom, 1 bath home with a 2.5 car garage, large yard, and a pool! “I was thrilled and proud of his decision and perseverance,”  Mia said reflecting on her client.

“We are feeling inspired and proud that the younger generation is embracing the importance of homeownership.”

 The MMB founders are focused on empowering the next generation in their families to become homeowners and they are listening!

Mia also  shared a congratulations  she sent recently to her daughter and grandson. They became MMB Realty’s youngest homeowners.  Mia proudly noted that they both fired their landlords at the age of 20 years old and decided to keep over $1,400 a month saved from paying rent and applied it to the purchase of a two-family house.

“I am so happy that not only are our clients listening, but my family is too,” added Mia.       “This one house changes their future and that of their future children and their children’s children.”

 “Know The Value Of Your Home.”

Tamika’s story about a seller who learned the importance of consulting a professional to learn the value of her home, was encouraging. The client, like many homeowners in Buffalo, had received numerous postcards and text messages alerting her that a buyer would pay cash for her house. However, a friend told her to reach out to MMB Realty Group to see what her house was worth.

“MMB was able to get her almost twice as much as what the buyer was offering!” enthused Tamika.   

 MMB Realty Group is a full-service real estate agency where realtors are committed to creating a new type of real estate experience for buyers and sellers.  The firm’s  focus is on putting in the work to help clients overcome obstacles to their real estate dreams.



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