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Is It Really Important to Use Videos for Real Estate Marketing in 2022? – Real Estate Weekly

 By Kanwal Aftab

est properties should come to the user directly. 

You can start marketing your real estate collateral on different channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc., to make more people aware of your videos and property listings. Marketing is the right way to go about it, but what kind of marketing remains a question. Video content is doing wonders out there, and it is time for the real estate industry to join the clan and make effective use of video content. You can easily uThe real estate market is now bigger than ever. The industry is still growing and has a huge potential. However, the realtors cannot utilize this potential to the fullest. Therefore, it is time to develose an online real estate video maker like InVideo to create exciting videos for your real estate business.

Why Video?p ways where the real estate market can be easily penetrated. Marketing and content creation are essential when it comes to real estate. There are several properties out there. Therefore, the b

Video marketing has several benefits, and real estate is one industry where it can be used to its best potential. Some of the reasons for using video content in real estate marketing are as follows: 

  • With video content, explaining things becomes a lot easier. People can view everything themselves and then understand what the property looks like. The decision-making of the clients also improves with video content.
  • Using videos, you can get in touch with more people. If you reach out to your customers via text, there is a high chance that they may not even open the text and see. However, if you send a video message instead, it will intrigue them, and they will watch the video message for sure. Hence, there is an excellent chance people might reach out to you for property inquiries if they are impressed with the video message.
  • Once you come up with video content, you can share that content on different platforms. If you are selling your properties without a video, you will have to explain everything in detail to every customer, which will take a lot of time. Instead, you can shoot and edit a good video using the real estate video editor and save a lot of time.
  • With video marketing, you will close more deals than ever. You can showcase the entire house and its amenities using video content. This will help you in building a connection with your potential buyers. Also, once someone sees the video, a lot of their confusion goes away concerning the listing. 

Best Real Estate Video Marketing ideas

There are several ways to put forth your video content in front of your existing and potential buyers. Some cool ways of video marketing are listed below. You can pick anyone that makes more sense to your business:

Outreach videos

You can get your consumers to trust you by sharing the videos of the property that you would like them to buy. It gives you a great chance to build a rapport with the customer. There are a variety of realtors out there. You can easily reach out with a video and make a difference. 

Social media videos

Social media is where all your viewers and potential buyers are. You can create engaging video content by using your video-making skills and publishing the content on your social media channels. There is a huge chance that you will receive a great engagement on all of the videos you upload on your social media handles. The best part about social media channels is that they prioritize video over all the other forms of content. You can easily create a good and engaging video and reach out to your audience using social media.

Testimonial videos

Customers love hearing from people like them. So, if you have given good service to someone in the past and that person became your customer, you can reach out to that person and ask them to do a testimonial video for your business. You can ask questions related to the buyer journey of the people. 

You do not need to shoot these videos in high quality. You need to be real and keep it short in these videos. You can also get in touch with micro and macro influencers who can testify for your services. You can then share the video on any platform like YouTube, etc.

Video tour of the neighborhood

Buying a property is a very high involvement decision as the transaction value is quite high. It might be their first and the only property that they will ever buy for some people. This brings in the need to understand the area better. You can create a small clip or video of the neighborhood and reach out to the prospects to make their decision-making easy. Once they look at the neighborhood, they might easily decide if the property is the best fit for them.

Property video tours

Every buyer wants to glimpse the property before they buy one. You can save a lot of your own time and your buyer’s time by helping them out with property videos. They will move forward and then visit the property if they like the video. If they don’t like the videos, they will move on to the next property. This will save a great deal of time for both properties. Also, the best part about property videos is that the potential buyers can revisit the video several times before making the final decision.

Profile videos

It is extremely important to build trust when in a real estate business. A buyer will trust you more if he knows you. He will also feel comfortable if he understands your background well. You can shoot your profile videos to sell yourself by stating your value proposition and the other essential things. A profile video gives you the best chance to showcase your personality and impress potential buyers. You can make the video more comprehensive by adding details like your name, number, address of your office, etc.

Informative videos

Real estate is one such industry where buyers do not have much knowledge. You can educate your buyers about how real estate buying is done, or you can take up any other issue of the real estate market and explain it to them. Informative videos can help you create a loyal customer base for your business.


Video marketing can be the next game-changer for the real estate industry. Therefore, you need to use good videos to cater to the audience. You can also use these videos on marketplaces where the properties are listed.

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