The Power is Now

In Boise’s booming real estate market, homeownership is a dividing line – The Washington Post

Increasingly, there were many buyers who viewed it the same way, and now a little while after the listing went public, two investors pulled up to the home in Star with their real estate agent. Carl and Vickie Foster had retired from their CPA business in Portland, Ore., moved to Idaho for its beauty and affordability in 2014, and begun buying real estate close to wherever their children and grandchildren lived. During the pandemic, they’d seen their equity grow each month, and they’d used some of that new wealth to buy more homes. They’d sold a house in Arizona and then used the proceeds to purchase two more houses. They’d sold another and bought two more, sold and bought more, until finally they’d accumulated 21 houses across six states. They owned farms in Oregon, suburban houses in Idaho, and a 17th story penthouse in downtown Minneapolis. They’d bought half a dozen properties since the pandemic began, and now they hoped to buy at least one more before the end of the weekend.

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