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Illinois real estate: Peoria and Tazewell home buys for Aug. 21 – Peoria Journal Star

These transactions, recorded the week of Aug. 8, are compiled from information on file with the respective counties. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.


2033 W. Blackberry Lane, Peoria: Brian J. Monge to 2033 Blackberry LLC, $90,000.

3411 W. Willow Knolls Road, Unit 302, Peoria: David A. Banko to Christopher T. Robinson and Harleena K. Kendhari, $95,000.

1924 W. Rohmann Ave., West Peoria: Jonathan M. Hopkins to Sarah Knaggs, $100,000.

8303 W. First St., Mapleton: Dewayne I. Grimes to Hailey E. Thompson, $100,000.

14726 W. Southern Ave., Princeville: Nathaniel S. and Lindsay B. Wineinger to Keegan Nighsonger, $102,000.

4441 W. Castleton Road, Peoria: Bria Scott and Demario Boone to Kayla R. Kubiak, $103,500.

4900 N. Knoxville Ave., 205A, Peoria: Ronald G. Humke to Brenda S. Bastian, $115,000.

6831 N. Frostwood Parkway, Unit #83, Peoria: Jacob Callarman to Kanika Jones, $116,000.

610 N. Rainbow Drive, Peoria: Patsy A. Wilson to Jennifer N. Littlejohn, $120,000.

815 E. Glen Ave., Peoria Heights: Lauren Kramer to Martin L. Preidt and Brianna K. Shawhan, $124,500.

4707 N. Clarewood Ave., Peoria: Mark and Sarah Greer to Kevin A. and Caitlin R. Lund, $125,000.

801 W. Northcrest Ave., Peoria: Lawrence Spialek to Elizabeth D. Smith, $127,000.

1210 E. Hazard Ave., Peoria Heights: Amanda Curry to Erica Michel, $129,900.

1504 W. Grandridge Drive, Dunlap: Jennifer Fife to Anton and Bethany Sturgeon, $130,000.

1429 W. Sunnyview Drive, Peoria: P&A Property Team LLC Series Sunnyview to Tammy L. Crabill, $132,500.

1006 W. Taylor Lane, Bartonville: Stacy C. Shropshire, Jeffery D. Sparks and Lynn A. Phillips to Ashley Maltby, $135,000.

5520 N. Renwood Ave., Peoria: Quad City Consolidated LLC to Steven D. Matthews, $139,900.

1612 W. Tiffany Drive, Peoria: Randall M. and Debra S. Brim to Thomas J. Sniffin, $139,900.

6821 N. Kimberly Drive, Peoria: Christopher L. and Patricia L. Kummer to Daniel J . and Dalia D. Kummer, $140,000.

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1319 N. Elmwood Ave., Peoria: Kelly Perkins to Taylor S. and Caleb Ramsey, $147,900.

1122 N. Schneblin Lane, Peoria: Zachary Hiatt to Douglas Stodgel, $149,900.

1812 W. Clarewood Ave., Peoria: Brian D., Wendy S. and Alisha Engelbrekt to Samuel McCauley, $150,000.

2618 S. Avion Drive, Peoria: Lester W. Theinert Jr. to Scott Magnuson and Amanda Piscaglia, $163,000.

2526 W. Huntington Drive, Peoria: Crystal D. Lohnes to Thomas L. Kizziah, $174,990.

1725 W. Thames Drive, Peoria: Kevin and Elise L. McNeese to Dajhae L. and Mikaele J. James, $179,900.

11434 N. Northtrail Drive, Dunlap: Cory and Russel Boulton to Carl T. and Brenda Ruck, $197,000.

5615 N. Lorraine Drive, Peoria: William J. and Renee A. Andrew to Katrina E. Beebe, $219,120.

7327 N. Manning Drive, Peoria: Kyle Ellsworth Knapp and Jessica K. Knapp to Robert L. Mock, $225,000.

1407 W. Cimarron Drive, Peoria: Paul J. and Mary Jo Ghighi to Kara S. Cicciarelli, $225,000.

3102 W. Forsythe Road, Peoria: William J. and Kelli Hanks to Papy Mwadi and Chantal Kombe, $234,000.

704 E. White Oak Court, Peoria: Kelsey Gray to Cartus Financial Corporation, $237,000.

704 E. White Oak Court, Peoria: Cartus Financial Corporation to Richard Vangrenhof, $237,000.

12218 N. Lake Forest Drive, Dunlap: Robert R. and Jessica Wooden to Brandon Underwood, $239,900.

2217 W. Kenfield Court, Peoria: Sriram Srinivasan and Lavanya Uppiliappan to Sarah E. Gallaway, $245,000.

11701 N. Scotts Trail, Dunlap: Peter J. and Meredith G. Petrany to Kattie L. Vallas, $246,500.

2204 & 2208 N. McMullen Road, Bartonville: Stephen D. Jurick to Rentco LLC, $255,000.

6502 N. Queen Frances Lane, Peoria: Lawrence T. and Brenda K. Shay to Donna L. Cox, $265,000.

4017 W. Simpson Court, Dunlap: Bryan S. and Kristine R. Biggs to Steven R. and Terri N. Sipps, $290,000.

7612 W. Thornridge Drive, Mapleton: David Esme to Stephen E. and Linda D. Skaggs, $320,000.

10712 N. Trailside Lane, Dunlap: Ryan and Verenise Blasdel to Vicky L. Oakley, $334,500.

486 E. High Point Drive, Peoria: Tara K. and Scott E. Cummings to Aaron and Meghan R. Tolson, $341,000.

2616 W. Sesame St., Dunlap: Anand Krishnaswamy and Shuba Ramaswami to Babu Baniya, $355,000.

2220 W. Kensington Drive, Peoria, 4508 N. Independence Ave., Peoria, 1039 N. Emily Place, Peoria, 1703 N. Park Ave., Peoria, 3605 W. Warwick Drive, Peoria, 16330 N. Portage St., Chillicothe, 6337 N. Randwick Road, Peoria, 1723 W. Sunnyview Drive, Peoria, 2911 W. Ann St., Peoria, 1501 & 1519 E. Terrace View Lane, Peoria Heights, 15804 N. Third St., Rome: David A. Hohmann to Brian J. Monge, $355,000.

11524 N. Bristol Drive, Dunlap: James A. and Theresa K. Roal to Nicholas and Tamra Devault, $369,000.

10809 N. Trail View Drive, Dunlap: Christopher and Abigail Enlund to Ry C. and Lacey A. Colwell, $372,000.

3903 W. Crimson Road, Dunlap: Andrew and Sarah Clark to Brenton B. and Vanessa Bragan, $395,000.

6129 N. Lauren Lane, Peoria: Dean Custom Builders Inc. to Solivian Dismuke, $417,145.

6490 W. Hazel Nut Drive, Edwards: Brent R. and Nichol M. Allen to Amit K. and Asha T. Mehrotra, $435,000.

802 W. Bridgetowne Court, Dunlap: Seth C. and Etty Prager to Gurudutt Nayak and Asha Pai, $450,000.

3200 W. Pewter Court, Dunlap: Dean Custom Builders Inc. to Michael and Anna Miller, $512,000.

6915 N. Water Oak Drive, Edwards: Amit and Asha Mehrotra to Kasoju K. Yadagiri Abhijeet, $555,000.

2308 W. Augusta Drive, Dunlap: Dongming Tan and Qing Shao to Kenneth Guillory and Qi Yan Wang, $665,000.

904 E. Truitt Road, Chillicothe: Lora Klausegger to JP Farms LLC, $700,000.

10818 N. Hunters Trail Court, Peoria: Dean Custom Builders Inc. to Michelle Wahrenburg, $1,050,000.

7921 N. Hale Ave., Peoria: Midwest Executive Properties LLC Series 7915 to Lapp Peoria Eat LLC, $3,411,500.

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368 Highway Boulevard, North Pekin: Dewitte Properties LLC to Justin M. Lee, $81,000.

1420 Illinois St., Pekin: Allison L. and and Jeff Uhlenbrock to Ashley L. Emerick, $81,000.

706 Lasalle Boulevard, Marquette Heights: London Depew and Destiny M. Johnson to Wesley Ratliff, $83,000.

108 W. Eden St., East Peoria: Micah Bouillon to Ashleigh Forrest and Joshua Lane, $84,900.

303 E. Ridge Road, East Peoria: Small Gate Properties LLC to Mason and Serena Clemons, $88,000.

1007 Irene St., Pekin: Dalton J. Harmon to Angelica Preston and Kenneth Walker Jr., $88,900.

208 S. Lawndale Ave., Washington: Kevin S. Byrd to Brady T. Brecklin, $89,000.

116-120 Apache Way, Groveland: Charles G. Glover to Lance Klumb, $90,000.

1 S. Capitol St., Pekin: Michelle Colvin and Russell Hunt to Joshua A. Cassidy, $92,000.

1220 S. 8th St., Pekin: Kimberly and Raymond L. Fuller III to Angel Ice, Brenda Lutes and Anh Phan Long, $93,279.

1107 Lincoln St., Pekin: Candice E. Swift to Aaron M. Borton, $116,000.

103 E. Jefferson St., Washington: Dustin E. Essig to Rylee Runyan, $127,500.

901 Henrietta St., Pekin: Debora K. and Earl J. Neff to Brian Adams, $128,000.

204 Saint Mark St., South Pekin: Lisa M. Foust to Ronald Johnson, $129,900.

115 Mary Place, East Peoria: Valerie L. Conner to Betty S. and Daniel Lowe, $130,000.

1402 Charlotte St., Pekin: Patricia R.L. Wilson to Gabriel Weeks, $130,500.

303 E. Adams St., Washington: Deanna L. and Micky J. McCullough to Carey A. and Trudy A. Weaver, $132,000.

210 Rainbow Drive, Creve Coeur: Mary L. Hoge to Kolden Cornwell, $140,000.

1607 Highwood Ave., Pekin: Marci Hostetter Bengert to Adam Bean, $143,000.

2273 Robin Road, Washington: Beverly Y. Skaggs to Jacob and Veronica Price, $150,000.

106 Elm St., South Pekin: Kimberly J. and Richard P. Montgomery to Annelyse K. and Anthony S. Rogers, $154,500.

137 W. Clark St., Morton: Amber Eve to Macenziah Roskop, $161,000.

210 Quail Trail, Washington: Jennifer M. and Kyle D. Mauerman to Hope Flexer and Brandon Scott, $162,500.

13542 IL Route 29, Pekin: Carolyn A. and David W. Trotter to Ronald W. Wilson, $165,000.

184 Fairview, Washington: Lloyd A. Crombie to Christian Deets and Taylor R. Hofstatter, $167,500.

211 Burning Tree Drive, Pekin: Cynthia and James Stodgel to Jade T. and Ron L. Williams, $187,000.

602 5th St., Pekin: Screaming Eagle Properties LLC to Blue Box 1 Properties LLC, $190,000.

303 Pine Valley Drive, Pekin: Jordan R. and Krystal M. Sondag to Gene M. and Lee Anne Stauthammer, $235,000.

803 S. Elm St., Washington: Tiffanie D. Clemmons to Stephanie Calderas, $254,000.

809 E. Jefferson St., Washington: Barbara S. and Brian D. Overly to Corey P. Allen, $265,000.

22900 Grosenbach Road, Washington: Maureen E. Parker to Alicia S. Cusmano and Craig S. Reisdorf, $265,000.

1828 Jadens Way, Washington: Christina L. and Nicholas B. Bohannan to Samuel N. Neaveill and Sara Verda, $290,000.

101 Hilltop Court, East Peoria: David A. Hohmann to Brian J. Monge, $305,000.

22 Holborn Court, Washington: Jaclyn Fones to Scott Williams, $332,000.

1508 Calvin Drive, Washington: Susan and Thomas Ausman to Kenneth L. and Marcia D. Bryant, $332,900.

1201 Hillcrest Drive, Washington: David J. and Kristine Andres to Christina L. and Nicholas B. Bohannan, $435,000.

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