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IL real estate: Peoria, Tazewell, Woodford counties sales May15 – Peoria Journal Star

These transactions, recorded the week of April 25, are compiled from information on file with the respective counties. They represent sales of $78,000 or more.


1102 E. Paris Ave., Peoria Heights: Larry and Angela D. Dixon to Roger Mohr, $82,900.  

205 W. Hawthorne St., Elmwood: Marilee A. Keyser to Ronald L. Cluskey, $84,500.   

1123 W. Nebraska Ave., Peoria: Pedro E. Vicente to Jennifer E. Newlon, $85,000.   

14615 W. Southern Ave., Princeville: Lori A. Ely to Falon G. Galindo and Shawn R. DeBord, $85,000.   

1814 W. Glen Ave., Peoria: NRV Group LLC to Riley Frenette, $86,900.   

1817 W. Lake Ave., Peoria: Carl E. and Karin E. Durst to Alison N. Kibwenge, $90,000.

119 W. Douglas St., Princeville: Pedro Bretado to Jesus A. Fortuno Perez and Cecilia G. Campos Cuevas, $91,500.   

207 E. Essex St., Glasford: Micah Bouillon to Addison G. Ducharme and Brandon B. Hutchinson, $92,000.  

1538 N. Great Oak Road, Peoria: Monica L. Hamer to Kurt Schisler, $94,900.   

2224 N. Idaho St., Peoria: John and Jeri Nichols to Brandon Goodman and Keila Ortiz, $95,000.   

505 W. Corrington Ave., Peoria: Kevin Higgs to Jacob and Chelsey Barrett, $99,000.   

307 W. Wynnwood Drive, Peoria: Sarah Clarke to Laura L. Metzing, $100,000.   

123 & 125 SW Jefferson St., Peoria: Becker Bros Inc. to Steven L. Buchanan, $102,500.

3120 N. Isabell Ave., Peoria: Adam Sidler to Kenneth Hobbs, $105,000.   

2905 N. University St., Peoria: Debra Lancaster to Joseph and Kelli Dalton, $105,000.

1300 W. William Drive, Chillicothe: Harley L. Williams to Daniel and Lindsey Cavanaugh, $108,000.   

3341 W. Shoff Circle, Peoria: Corey D. and Kelly Bell to Heather Dunbar, $109,000.   

SW Quarter Section 28-10N-8E, West South Forest Trail, Peoria: Matthew R. Davis to Ghassan Bitar and Ghada Zreik, $110,000.   

403 N. Second St., Hanna City: Douglas W. Davidson to Carla Wineland, $110,500.   

5 Holly Ave., Bartonville: Jason Gualdoni to Alex R. Sea, $112,500.   

3121 W. Kenwood Ave., West Peoria: Reneisha J. Jenkins to David Dunn, $113,300.   

1110 E. Lake Ave., Peoria Heights: Joseph R. Fontana and Brian J. Monge to Charmain Childers, $114,000.   

2324 & 2326 W. Howett St., Peoria, and 107 N. Cedar Ave. and 2116 W. Moss Ave., West Peoria: Jeff A. Cohen to CLJR Realty LLC, $118,000.   

5130 E. Marquette St., Chillicothe: Timothy R. and Mary Lou Jones to Jeffrey H. and Tammy L. Furkin, $120,000.   

7205 N. Lakeside Court, Peoria: Cook Enterprises LLC Lakeside Series to Joseph A. and Sarah E. Kneip, $124,000.   

6313 N. Devonshire Drive, Peoria: Beth Shadden to Seanna J. Clewell, $125,000.   

937 NE Glen Oak Ave., Peoria: Craig and Kelsey Howard to Wyatt L. Simpson and Savannah M. Mitchell, $127,000.   

1003 E. Paris Ave., Peoria Heights: Kyle J. and Jenise M. Doubet to Sandra Backus, $128,500.   

4527 W. Rockwell Drive, Peoria: Kadie Klauer to Dustin Temple and Katlyn Crank, $130,000.   

2207 W. Alice Ave., West Peoria: Cheryl Harms to Sara K. McDaniels, $130,000.   

807 N. Ashland Ave., West Peoria: Richard E. II and Pamela L. Welsh to Jadelin Mariuzza, $130,000.   

1729 W. Baywood Ave., Peoria: Margaret Barbee to Daniel Sanchez, $133,000.   

2705 N. Victoria Ave., Peoria: Mark A. McQuellon to Joshua Swope, $137,000.   

2212 W. Alice Ave., West Peoria: Raymond and Caitlin Berkley to Kyle and Priscilla Crable, $140,000.   

5030 W. Hopewood Lane, Peoria: Laura Bontz to Susan L. Hufeld, $141,000.   

5711 N. Monterey Court, Peoria: Mahleia A. Kentner to Jada Culberson, $141,500.   

4227 S. Fairview Drive, Bartonville: Paula K. Neisler to Casandra Sorenson, $145,000.

5517 N. Plaza Drive, Peoria: Donald L. and Peggy M. Karnes to Seth M. and Addison R. Errion, $150,000.  

1702 W. Baywood Ave., Peoria: Brian J. Monge to Shashank Burigeli and Gerard Lablue, $159,000.   

301 N. Harrison St., Bartonville: Bryan and Stephanie C. Gray to Stann Wiebler, $160,000.   

906 W. Loire Court, Unit A-4, Peoria: Fredrick T. Gordon and Sheila G. Spalding to Charles Courtright, $160,000.   

1105 W. Stratford Drive, Peoria: Diogenes L. and Christina M. Perera to Sean M. and Shannon E. McGovern, $165,000.   

4111 N. Brookmont Road, Peoria: Margie L. Horn to Mary C. Green, $167,283.   

3542 W. Saymore Lane, Peoria: Valerie Bayliss to Shaletta M. Hanson, $173,000.   

1117 E. Glen Ave., Peoria Heights: Matthew and Aurora L. Milne to Gregory R. and Elizabeth Guerrero, $177,000.   

5054 N. Lakeside Place, Peoria: Acceleration Ventures LLC to Ashraf U.Q. and Amjad Syed, $179,900.   

415 N. Murphy Road, Hanna City: Cannonball Properties LLC to Staley Properties LLC, $180,000.   

9820 W. Lake Lancelot Drive, Mapleton: Jeannie M. Joplin to Mark Kern, $181,000.   

5013 N. Isabell Ave., Peoria: Karen F. Moushon to Victor D. Jr. and Bernadette Wojcik, $186,000.   

7018 N. Kerwood Drive, Peoria: Aaron and Caroline Rayburn to Cody and Brooke Koch, $190,000.   

2510 W. Farmington Road, West Peoria: Shiraz Properties LLC to RCD Properties LLC, $190,000.   

629 Main St., Peoria: Shiraz Properties LLC to RCD Properties LLC, $190,000.   

10113 W. Guinivere Drive, Mapleton: Arthur B. and Carrie Campen to Joyce Snodgrass, $199,000.   

100 N. Knox St., Elmwood: John B. and Dawn R. Parrish to Brian R. and Anna L. Jones, $200,000.   

6502 N. Brookwood Lane, Peoria: Stephen F. and Elizabeth A. Shively to Jacob D. McAdam and Emma Rush, $200,000.   

5922 E. Shepard Road, Chillicothe: Gary L. Shepard to Beau and Amanda Shepard, $200,000.   

9514 W. Lake Camelot Drive, Mapleton: Brooke L. Davis to Patricia D. Floyd, $207,000.   

123 W. Ridgemont Road, Peoria: Brandi N. Payne to BGRS Relocation Inc., $232,100.

123 W. Ridgemont Road, Peoria: BGRS Relocation Inc. to Michael and Janice Durham, $232,100.   

109 S. Westfield Drive, Elmwood: Joyce M. Hevland to Trenton M. and Alexis Taylor, $233,000.   

4432 W. Karen Court, Bartonville: Russel T. Boulton to Alexandre Mullens, $234,900.  

10102 N. Brompton Court, Peoria: Ryan W. Clark and Luana M. Venancio to Satyanarayana R. Vakiti and Ashwini D. Bireddy, $240,000.   

2208 W. Kenfield Court, Peoria: Shelley Scholl to Cartus Financial Corp., $245,000.   

2208 W. Kenfield Court, Peoria: Cartus Financial Corp. to Shiva P. Jasthi and Ramya Pathipati, $245,000.  

10910 N. Brimfield Road, Brimfield: Denver L. and Marlena R. Willis to Nathan Messmore and Tori Russell, $265,000.   

925 W. Mossville Road, Peoria: Ronnie D. and Carol S. Nowell to Warren Schenk and Brooke Heibel, $280,000.   

3823 N. Pinehurst Court, Peoria: Brian T. and Mary K. Rolli to Robert B. and Paula K. Gilstrap, $290,000.  

3623 W. Brenwick Drive, Peoria: David B. and Linda E. Reynolds to Stephen and Kathryn Carpenter, $291,500.   

1102 W. Garfield Ave., Bartonville: England Family Partnership to Ten 03 LLC, $296,000.

10911 N. Parkview Pointe, Dunlap: Carl J. and Lauren F. Moberg to Christopher M. and Alicia C. Colasurdo, $300,000.   

5124 N. Merrimac Ave., Peoria: Amy J. Trudel to Matthew T. and Stephanie J. Cain, $314,000.   

8301 & 8405 W. Legion Hall Road, Dunlap: Rock Creek Farm LLC to ZR Real Estate LLC, $315,000.   

4913 N. Walnut Place, Peoria Heights: Shane Lafferty to Bradley Hobson Jr. and Rachel Hays, $322,500.   

5602 W. Grande Circle, Peoria: Derek J. and Pamela A. Armstrong to James W. and Mary L. Farrell, $339,000.   

2509 W. Carrington Court, Dunlap: Jerry E. and Janay M. Yotter to Cartus Financial Corp., $340,000.   

2509 W. Carrington Court, Dunlap: Cartus Financial Corp. to Irshad Haider and Smriti Agrawal, $340,000.  

2616 W. Carrington Court, Dunlap: Molly K. Stinauer to Oyetunde D. and Oladoyin O. Jolaoye, $340,000.  

13826 W. Riekena Road, Hanna City: Anthony Fiorelli, Tricia Fiorelli and Teresa Fiorelli to Dillan and Annalise Laaker, $355,000.   

1322 W. Hickory Trace, Dunlap: Kenneth and Tammy Herubin to Nathan and Julie Kusturin, $355,000.   

4003 W. Wildberry Court, Dunlap: Matthew and Emily Dawson to Andrew J. Kabat, $375,000.   

921 W. Pioneer Parkway, Peoria: Heights Bank to Drivetime Car Sales Company LLC, $407,700.   

6404 S. Martin Weber Road, Glasford: Kingdom Timber & Lumber Resources Inc. to Nscalabrino 120 LLC, $419,370.   

264 W. Detweiller Drive, Peoria: Danielle Deines to Aaron and Jessica Heintz, $435,000.   

3218 W. Cypress Creek Drive, Dunlap: Abbas and Rashmi G. Ali to Fadi I. Atrash and Muntaser A. Assad, $445,000.   

6601 W. Ironwood Drive, Edwards: Armstrong Builders of Peoria Inc. to Betina L. Kaecker, $450,000.   

11333 N. Sycamore Creek Drive, Dunlap: William R. and Caroline R. Tinker to Scott R. Ostericher, $455,000.   

9317 N. Frye Road, Peoria: Patrick Santore Jr. and Yasseth A. Fuentes Santore to Mi J. Yeo, $480,000.  

11325 N. Joseph St., Dunlap: Armstrong Builders of Peoria Inc. to Kory M. and Ashley A. Robinson, $490,000.   

6617 W. Ironwood Drive, Edwards: Armstrong Builders of Peoria Inc. to Phillip Hull and Erica Gilbert Hull, $522,600.   

4507 N. Sterling Ave., Peoria: Northwoods Professional Building LLC to Richard J. and Elizabeth B. Basinet, $1,207,500.  

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9 Park Drive, North Pekin: Kelsey A. Clouse to Courtland and Brenda Brower, $79,000.

2267 Hollands Grove Road, Washington: Jonathan D. Kraus to Bryan Conley, $79,000.

1610 Highland Ave., Pekin: Brady S. and Morgan Askins to James A. Price, $80,000.

512 W. Main St., South Pekin: Walter E. and Empress A. Freeman to Bryson Swift, $82,000.

910 Henrietta St., Pekin: Billy J. and Doris J. Graves to Caleb A. and Octavia N. Davis, $84,000.

161 Queenwood Road, Unit C1, Morton: Stephen N. and Cheryl Walz to Kara Schwinke, $85,000.

1013 Market, Pekin: Charles M. and Jamie Blanchard to Sarah Kennedy, $86,000.

127 Crescent Ave., East Peoria: Derek Countain to Tyler Hitesman, $86,900.

3460 Broadway Road, Pekin: Estates at Lakeview Ltd. to Paul M. Wurst, $88,000.

3809 E. Washington St., East Peoria: David V. Green and Janet M. Blair to Hans M. and Frances M. Hinrichsen, $92,500.

27143 Hinman Road, Tremont: Richard M. and Joyce A. Hinman to Jennifer M. Hinman, $95,000.

211 Mimosa Lane, Washington: Mark D. and Catherine A. Sandschafer to Franklin Stoecker and Haley Hyatt, $97,750.

1820 Holiday Drive, Pekin: Steven K. Tordoff Jr. to Kelcy Roate, $99,900.

262 Johnston St., East Peoria: Clark & Campbell Investments Inc. to Brian Monge, $100,000.

103 Park St., Mackinaw: Micah Bouillon to Jonathan A. Redman, $107,000.

1410 S. Eighth St., Pekin: Nathaniel Brush to James Gibbons, $110,000.

410 N. Logan St., Deer Creek: Alan D. and Christine A. Rogers to Dalton R. Powell, $114,900.

417 Joliet Road, Marquette Heights: Judy Hallar, Laurence W. Hallar and Michael L. Hallar to Justin Tippett and Emily Carmichael, $115,000.

200 Frontenac Road, Marquette Heights: Edna W. Fox to Emily Wallace, $118,000.

207 Gunion Ave., Pekin: Darren R. and Susan F. Oedewaldt to John A. Harper, $118,500.

2210 Bloomington Road, East Peoria: Chad R. and Ashley A. Tucker to Thomas Houston, $120,000.

1015 Miller St., Washington: Victoria M. Griffin to Jacob A. Spring, $124,300.

506 Kaskaskia Road, Marquette Heights: Trenton and Alexis Taylor to Keely N. Miller, $125,000.

10119 Edgewood Drive, Manito: Brent Barding to Sabina West, $127,000.

Lot 103, Schrocks Sunrise, Tazewell County: John L. and Julia A. Schmidt to Carrie Schmidt, $130,000.

108 Lotus Lane, Washington: Donald R. and Holly M. Huffman to Zachary and Shelby N. Caraway, $138,000.

515 N. Maple Ave., Minier: Bryson J. and Tim Gottschalk to Brienna Birky, $149,900.

2405 Holly Drive, Pekin: Leo and Darci Halverson to Jason and Elena Fernandez, $150,000.

1800 St. Clair Drive, Pekin: Steven L. and Jennifer K. Abel to Blaze Schramm, $154,900.

309 E. Polk St., Morton: Jet Businesses LLC Series 309 E Polk to Morgan Skinner, $155,000.

221 Howard St., East Peoria: Dana J. and Diana K. Oaks to Jonathon McCrady, $156,900.

128 Stoneman St., East Peoria: Cathy R. Smith to Alex Rose and Jessica Ofenloch, $158,000.

105 Herman St., East Peoria: James E. Barley Jr., Trayce N. Bartley, Stacey M. Cooling and Dorothy M. Gysin to Gary O. and Teresa Bridges, $159,900.

520 S. Sampson St., Tremont: Josiah J. and Renae Koch to Javan E. and Kayla R. Plattner, $160,000.

308 & 310 Hope St., Washington: Victor E. Winchell to Christopher Whitaker, $165,000.

12381 Sunset Drive, Manito: Carl E. and Kathleen S. Kolb to Brian and Heather Schichner, $172,500.

301 Elm St., Delavan: Gerald D. and Danisha A. Gresham to Gregory Purviance and Tanya D. Gibbs, $173,300.

2015 W. Sierra Drive, Pekin: Jamie and Ashley J. King to Tristan L. Jackson and Nicole M. Lynn, $174,000.

886 Sunset Road, Morton: Matthew S. and Clara J. Park to Jody Cooper, $188,000.

310 E. Edgewood St., Morton: Drake A. Hart and Haven R. Heaton to Marshall Lord and Samantha Seacrist, $190,000.

126 W. Chicago St., Morton: Nicholas B. Austin to Liz Claudio-Santana, $209,900.

115 Royal Vista Drive, East Peoria: Dustin and Morgan Braun to Kevin Kelly and Janet Robinson, $222,000.

208 Evergreen Ave., Morton: Brad and Cheryl Madigan to Kateri Hawley, $225,000.

44 Olympia Fields Drive, Pekin: Christopher B. and Dianne P. Land to Benjamin Gould, $229,900.

40 Warwick Circle, Morton: Brian C. and Karen S. Sommer to Kenneth L. and Carol L. Stetzler, $230,000.

NW Section 32-23-3, Tazewell County: Jeremy R. and Andrea L. Meeker to Ryan S. Myers, $230,000.

24 Ashwood Lane, Pekin: Donald K. and Sarah G. Schorr to Donna Smith, $235,000.

2010 Alfs Court, Pekin: William R. and Kara R. White to Jeremy and Amanda Crouch, $245,000.

57 Prairie Village Place, Morton: Cheryl K. Bullard and Steven R. Lipps to Glenn A. and Kristine L. Stieglitz, $249,900.

26 Ashwood Lane, Pekin: Amanda S. and Jeremy Crouch to Cole and Kelly Stoner, $249,900.

502 W. Fourth St., Delavan: Kenneth and Donna Smith to Donald K. and Sarah G. Schorr, $250,000.

12550 Towerline Road, Pekin: Mark R. and Donna M. Morger to Nicholas and Brittni Austin, $274,900.

133 Cracklewood Lane, East Peoria: Robert S. Jr. and Robbin A. Martin to Andrew N. and Savannah R. Powell, $280,000.

203 Grandyle Drive, Washington: Philip J. Irwin and Victoria L. Bell Irwin to Teresa L. Dudis, $298,000.

1001 Tottenham Court, Washington: Michael L. and Pamela E. Gregory to Elisabeth P. Pudik, $304,000.

119 Hollands Grove, Washington: Martin J. and Lisa A. Heimgartner to Thomas Shrier, $309,900.

29816 Lakeland Road, Deer Creek: Richard L. and Velma B. Keller to Benjamin and Jessica L. Gallo, $320,000.

626 Simon St., Washington: Paul E. and Carrie L. Kroenke to Gary D. and Marion G. Gilbert, $325,000.

609 Westminster, Washington: Christopher M. Jones to Jonathan D. Kraus, $385,000.

30794 E. Dutch Lane, Washington: Aaron G. and Jessica D. Heintz to Seth A. and Chelsea R. Teubel, $435,000.

1227 Waterford Drive, Morton: Benny and Julie Percy to Sylva Hasinger, $450,000.

105 Ruth Court, Washington: Nicholas D. and Jessica R. Schone to Jason R. and Lindsey A. Getz, $790,000.

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503 Sunset Drive, Eureka: Jared West and Sarah Hartman to Kimberly Isonhart, $145,000.

1529 Division St., Metamora: Brett Harper and Rocky T .Gray, $163,000.

Lot 6, Block 11, Associated Land Co.’s Addition, Minonk: Avril B. Carter to Kyle and Emily Kelly, $185,000.

706 Bayside Drive, Germantown Hills: Jeff A. and Tammy J. Pohlman to Mike Clark, $270,000.

228 Karagan Circle, Germantown Hills: James H. Mutti Jr. and Megan E. Poole-Mutti to Dustin and Morgan Braun, $305,000.

529 E. Robinson St., Goodfield: Clarence L. III and Melinda J. Louck to Henry L. and Victoria Melton, $313,100.

633 County Road 2175E, Secor: Dennis A. Eft to Bryan D. and Tamara S. Betts, $598,000.



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