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How to Create an Impression of Value of Your House in the Minds of Home Buyers

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By John Costigan

Think about the value of your house right now and value it in monetary terms. What perception do you get about it? Now, think about what another person, not even your buyers, would value your house, you must be having some friends, and how do you think they would rate your house?

The listing price does not matter that much because it will be the same in every price bracket and at this point, it should be the least of your worries. Basically, you cannot force the price into the buyer and in one way or another, the buyer will buy the house for a price they think it is what it’s worth, so let the price not be a bother.

There are a lot of things that you cannot change about your house, but like so many people out there, you can chose to play around with numbers trying to estimate to value of the house, which will not work at all.

  • You cannot change the location of the house no matter how willing you are.
  • There is nothing you can do about the house value the market has determined for you no matter how hard you’ve forced the digits to fall in line for you.


You can definitely change the buyer’s perception and create an impression of the value of your house. This works like a dream. You can change and control how your buyers think about your home and even end with them buying the house.

So how exactly do you create impression of the value of your house…..?

It is a simple act, a straightforward move that need no classes. You just have to know how to organize your home in a way that suits your buyer’s preferences but first, let’s look at some quick hacks that might give you some free bonus;

  • Make sure that your home has a well-groomed landscaping, make sure that everything in your house falls in the right place.
  • Cabinets and closets, they are one of the main areas that the buyers will have to look for after the kitchens, and the sitting room so make sure that they are will organized.
  • Painting of the house has to be neutral, you really do not know what your buyer prefers and to be on the safer side, make sure that your paintings are neutral.
  • Make sure that the flooring is in excellent condition, just a single crack might scare them off, and so you have to be extra cautious on this.
  • The rooms have to be spacious and let the light in as much as possible. Nobody wants to be barricaded in a dark room.

These are just some giveaway points that will really sell you out.

Is that all?

Creating an impression on the buyers mind that your home is the perfect suit will require you to present your home, which you very much now that it might be theirs in the future in a rather visual and emotional appeal. It has to be well maintained, the decors and the likes all have to be in place. Therefore, if you have all the above points checked, then it is time for the final move.

Getting into the buyers head

Gaining control of the situation, others may call it manipulation, is the whole point behind all this. Remember, your potential client may have a negative feeling toward this house and therefore, it is upon you to convince them that it is the best home they will ever come across. Therefore, you really need to get into their heads. How exactly? I did my homework…

Preparation and presentation of the house are among the primary key concerns to creating a perceived value in the potential buyers mind but without strategic marketing none of this will ever work out. Therefore, you will need to strategically position your house in the market in the best possible manner to gain the buyers favor. In case you don’t know how, there are many professional Home Stagers who will help you with this, otherwise, the whole process is just easy and fast.



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