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How social media will boost your real estate sales

Real estate business is a business that requires an in-depth personal connection but when the issue of social media comes into play that may scare so many Realtors. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that there is no need to cultivate the social media presence for most of the Realtors. As a matter of fact, social media is a powerful tool that will help you double the chances of your connections more than you could have done it in person.

Quite to the contrary of what most of the Realtors think about social media, in reality, social media can help you forge the connections helping to establish a strong online presence and thus the bond between you and the clients grows even more stronger.

Importance of social media to Realtors

Given that some of the social platforms have the capability of bringing the whole world together, as a Realtor this give you an upfront window to effectively reach your target market and one of the things that make the social media platforms important is the fact that the market is concentrated in one are.

Social media also can act as an analysis tool for you to view your progress in content reachability to the consumer. If you have your brand, you can use the social media platforms to advertise it and depending on the social response rate, you can be able to tell how the product is likely to perform once in the market.

Proper implementation and usage of the social media platforms could lead to enormous success in terms of the product reach. Also, social media has a unique characteristic in that it presents a unique opportunity for you to interact with potential prospects 24/7. Therefore, taking advantage of the opportunity provided by the social media can help you boost your sales.

Real estate and social media industry interactions

In the past few years, social media has become one of the key tools for Realtors, businessmen and entrepreneurs to compete and succeed at the market place. Real estate industry has taken a deep surge in learning and adapting to the social media resources at a relatively high level compared to most other industries. The statistics below indicate how well the Realtors we satisfied using the social media resources for their services.

On the other hand, if you look at the industries potential to focus on the key networks that amount to the accomplishment of the set objectives, there is a tremendous improvement. Most of the agents have gone a step further to improve their marketing exposure through using some of the specific social media platforms. Take a look at the following statistics from postling;

On the overall, social media has shown a great capacity for Realtors to develop and gain a strong market hold. Also, social media platforms have enable the real estate industry to gain a competitive edge against some other industries.

How to use social media to boost sales

Many Realtors have realized that using the social media platforms, access to a better market becomes very easy and fast and therefore making the sales process easy. Therefore, it is true that social media can help to boost the sales at any given time if used correctly. Here are some of the ways you can use different social media platforms to your advantage.

Add personality to your content

Social media platforms like Pinterest and Facebook allow the user to post some listing on their page. It is important you take advantage of this window of opportunity and to your expectation, many Realtors have used this feature to showcase some of their properties.

However well you are doing it, content without personality has a great chance to fail. Therefore, as you add your content, it is better to have some sense of personal touch. It is better to have some few followers who are engaged to your content than a thousand who don’t really care about your content.

Therefore, whenever you are posting to the social media platform, make sure that your potential clients can identify with your writing, appreciate it and engage with it.

Add useful and relevant imagery to the content

According to National Association of Realtors, 90% of the home buyers are likely to find the property online. As such, it is crucial to use images that are relevant to market your properties on the social media platforms.

Images have shown a great potential to attract consumers since before making the purchase, the prospects need to see what they are purchasing, with proper imagery of not only the home, but also the neighborhood, and one can boost his sales on a great span.

When using social media platform, images are not only going to help your content get noticed, a research conducted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology proved that people are likely to engage with the content that has imagery with it.

Much to your advantage, you can use the images to post about your listings online or as a testimonial of happy clients. This will again help you boost your sales.

Add information about the location and neighborhood

One thing that social media platforms got right is the fact that you can post a large great content in bits. Using this strategy, you can reach out to the potential prospects and tell them more about the neighborhood as well as the location of the home.

It is important that you get to show off your listing’s neighborhood. It is a strategy that will help you market your area to prospective residents as well as show your knowledge and passion of the area you are intending to make the sales.

Listings will tell the clients more about the specific home and not about the location. One way you are going to increase your buyers interest is by telling them why the area is great and why they should consider buying.

Use social media to tell the clients about some nearby attractions as well discuss the great things known about the community. Any event that the neighborhood celebrate is likely to put you on a competitive edge.

Bottom line

Social media has proven a valuable tool for the industry and a key tool for Realtors and sales agents. Agents can boost their sales and increase their visibility by implementing some technical resources in marketing. Since so many prospective clients will be located in one area, it is best that the agents research on the needs of each market and specifically target the needs and thus, their sales will greatly improve.



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