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Home Is Where Your Real-Estate Agent Lives – The Wall Street Journal

Q:  Has a client ever stayed at your home? 

Charlina McGee, global real-estate adviser, Premier Sotheby’s International Realty, Naples, Fla.  

I have clients who live in the Alsace region of France who have purchased two condominiums from me. While visiting Naples, they scheduled some major renovations to be completed. It was the busy season in Naples, when all the snowbirds visit and the hotels are booked. Since they needed somewhere to stay, I offered to let them stay with my husband and me in our lakeside home. They stayed for several days. Due to our hospitality, our business relationship moved beyond business to friendship. My husband was invited and traveled to Ireland and Norway to go fly-fishing with my clients. We have since visited with them several times at their beautiful home bordering a vineyard in Barr, France, and now have an open invitation to stay with them whenever we visit France, which we plan to do again in June.



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