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Home Hunting Goes Mobile: Tips To Help You Hunt for Your House Using Mobile

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A while back, we used to say that mobile phones will be the future of almost everything. Today, they are routine. A 2015 survey by California Association of Realtors’ showed that eighty-five percent of Californians used a mobile device to help them buy a home. ninety -five percent of used their mobile phones to do their homes research, 20 percent to research neighborhoods and 14 percent to take photos of the houses and neighborhoods.

Today, we are ruled by technology. You will find an app that finds a home’s data by snapping it in its picture; an app that will detail how much natural sunlight a house gets; an app that will give you a detailed description of the home’s surroundings as well a dozen apps to help you modify, decor and remodel your home.

Fast forward to 2020, the National Association of Realtors report on real estate in the digital age show that 81 percent of older millennials, 80 percent of younger millennials, 78 percent of Gen Xers and 68 percent of younger baby boomers found their homes on a mobile device in 2019. We foresaw this. Apps are continually introducing a new level of confidence in the buyer as far as the home buying process is concerned allowing the buyers to search for homes, by applying location and softening their search filters through the listings to match buyer’s wants and needs.

For quite some time now, the real estate industry has fretted over technology replacing what realtors can do, the way the internet has gutted many other industries, but the opposite is true. Referring to the 2015 survey, more than 90 percent of California home buyers used a real estate agent to buy a home, which over a decade ago (2002) was up by 20 percent. Technology is just a supplement to what realtors actually do, and with that, if you are looking for an agent in your area, The Power is Now VIP agents are the people to work with. They are stationed in almost every county in the state to help you start your homeownership journey. Talk to an agent near you by visiting; today and learn about the beautiful programs to help you start your homeownership journey.

As with all the digital developments, mobile house hunting has its set of opportunities and challenges and below, you will find some useful tips when it comes to your house hunting.


Find an App

Buying a house is the most expensive decision you’ll ever make in your life. Some transactions go even up to six figures or more, which means, if you are planning to spend on homebuying, it is best you go in it with the right information. Real estate applications can help you dig up the best information on a deal, giving you greater insights into the market where you are looking to make your purchase.  Before downloading any application, it is good to understand that there are a few different types of applications to consider. Some of the application have a large volume of house listings, while some others are more inclined toward commercial real estate listings. Some will score you some discounted home-buying fees. It will depend on what your goal is.


Stay Updated

Buyers need to get up to speed quickly on the market values so they know the right decisions when an opportunity presents itself. The more quickly a buyer can update himself on the market trends, the more successfully the home search will be. Another important thing to note is that databases are constantly updating and new homes are being added each day, which means prices are adjusted constantly and already sold homes are being removed. This is the reason you will find most apps giving you an option to select whether to set alerts for changes to individual property listings and specific locations. Given that option, go ahead and activate these notifications for the listings you are interested in so you get notified if the prices rise or drop. You also need to be aware of the micro-trends in your area that could have an impact on the local prices.


Expand your Search

One of the great tools you have at your disposal with the mobile phone applications is the ability to filter through your search. Filtering can help you in narrowing your search and while that is a plus for the application, filtering can also limit your results which can keep you from finding the right home. When using mobile applications, it is best to try expanding your search parameters (location, pricing, etc) to include counties for instance that surround your dream house and setting those filters to broader ranges.


Once You’re Interested Contact Your Agent

You’re almost there. Once you have found a property you are interested in, contact your real estate agent. We have the best agents stationed across the state as well as a network of other agents all across the country. It is important to note that, unlike the websites and desktop applications, mobile app databases can often be outdated. Once you find a home you are interested in, contact your agent right away and have them review the listing on your behalf. Again, to find an agent in your area, visit today and talk to a professional agent.


Actual Visit

Listing photos at a time can lie, so to actually verify the realness of the home you saw, go for an actual field visit. Work with your agent to schedule a site visit so that you can get a better sense of the state of the home and assess the neighborhood too.


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