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Gulf South Region’s #1 Real Estate Firm, Latter & Blum, Selects SkySlope as Premier Digital Transaction Management Partner – PR Newswire

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Aug. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SkySlope, one of the real estate industry’s most trusted transaction management platforms, has secured a partnership with Latter & Blum, one of the nation’s most successful brokerage firms. The partnership, which follows the recent appointment of Lacey M. Conway as Latter & Blum CEO, will provide the firm’s 3,500-plus agents with SkySlope’s transaction management software.

SkySlope has long been a power player in the digital transaction management sphere, serving more than half of the top 20 largest brokerages in the U.S. SkySlope has repeatedly earned high marks for its user-friendly interface, dynamic, integrated product features, and award-winning 24/7 customer support. 

For Latter & Blum, who was named a top 19 real estate firm by RISMedia in the news outlet’s 2022 Power Broker Report, SkySlope will provide them with the opportunity to honor their heritage while evolving their technological capabilities to better suit their increasingly tech-savvy client base.

Founded in New Orleans in 1916, Latter & Blum is a renowned legacy brokerage. After a storied history in the Greater New Orleans region, the company expanded to the Mississippi Gulf Coast region in 1993. In 1995, C.J. Brown Realtors joined the Latter & Blum Family, transforming the firm into a regional powerhouse. Soon thereafter Latter & Blum was named the #1 real estate brokerage in the Gulf South.

Today, Latter & Blum has merged with more than 40 real estate companies and employs over 3,500 agents.

“There are so many exciting and innovative ways to buy and sell real estate, and we are embracing the ones, like SkySlope, that have been vetted and proven,” says Latter & Blum CEO, Lacey M. Conway. “Being a legacy agency, our success stems from our past but also relies on having the right tools and people in place to address the current market needs. SkySlope will allow us to customize our agents’ workflow to our brokerage, ensuring that our evolutionary path is in line with our history.” 

SkySlope was established in 2011 when then-real estate agent and now-CEO Tyler Smith found himself in search of a better way to manage real estate paperwork. He envisioned an all-in-one hub in which agents could manage transactions from contract to close, with all of the necessary paperwork — from forms to disclosures — digitally managed in a single system.

Currently, SkySlope is part of the Fidelity National Financial (NYSE: FNF) family and services over 450,000 users. In addition to the core SkySlope platform that includes auditing capabilities, custom checklists, digital signature, and tailored onboarding and training, the SkySlope Suite has expanded to include numerous digital tools designed to further enhance the transaction experience. 

SkySlope Forms, for instance, makes the most recent versions of state and association forms available to agents directly in SkySlope. Forms are pre-filled with property details pulled from the MLS, and dates and contacts are automatically populated in matching data fields. The tool allows agents to side-step redundant data entry and save time during every transaction.

“The way Realtors work today is changing as they take on more clients, adjust to market swings, and adopt more tech,” says Buck Avey, VP of Product at SkySlope. “At SkySlope, we are driven to provide tools that make an immediate impact in our customers’ lives which is why we designed SkySlope Suite to be simple, flexible, and user-friendly. We are excited to work with Latter & Blum to provide these benefits to all of their associates.” 

For more information about SkySlope Suite, visit the SkySlope website.

About SkySlope

Established in 2011, SkySlope is the customer experience platform managing real estate transactions from contract to close. Serving over 450,000 real estate professionals across the U.S. and Canada, SkySlope manages nearly 3 million transactions annually. SkySlope is on a mission to build solutions that reshape the real estate industry by creating the most powerful autonomous transaction platform. For more information, visit SkySlope

About Latter & Blum

Established in 1916, Latter & Blum Inc. (parent company) is the largest, independently owned real estate and home services company in Louisiana and the Gulf South with 3,500 agents in more than 32 offices. Today, our residential offices span Louisiana, Southern Mississippi & Houston Texas. We have a total of 25 residential branch offices. We are Louisiana’s only $4 billion real estate and home services company and ranked among the top 20 real estate companies in the United States. Our guiding principle is “building stronger communities in the markets we serve.”




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