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Green Building Technology in California

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The real estate market is an industry that continually shows huge potential, progressively accommodating new trends that reshape how this market operates. One of the recent trends that are gaining an overwhelming acceptance is the Green Building Technology. Investors in California have shown a great liking to this trend.

What exactly is Green Construction Technology?

To begin with, it is a very broad category covering a very wide array of construction services. It covers anything falling in the bracket of energy-efficient appliances to geothermal heating. Green building is anything that could mean a structure or using the processes that are environmental friendly and resource-efficient. That is simply what green building is all about.

When targeting the use of green building technology, the investor basically has to keep in mind that the materials to use must be both eco-friendly and efficient in terms of resource utilization. And throughout the building life cycle, one must also bear in mind that there has to be a balance between homebuilding and a sustainable environment; after all, the primary goal of green building is to sustain this balance.

The state of green building in California

Going green is a trend that has been on the rise in many parts of the world; for instance, Costa Rica has been running on 100 percent clean energy in proportions for quite some times.

Beginning in 2017, the state of California mandated that all new homes have a Net Zero Complaint, which is a trend anticipated to spread all through the state by 2020. There are so many advantages that one could get as a result of going green and as an investor in the California state, it is a trend that you need to be concerned with.

Sustainability in properties can offer the best value on a long-term basis, better health, and the conservation of energy for the next generation. To answer for all of these, going green is the only option for anyone who wants to make a big catch in the beautiful state of California.

The world’s first zero net energy building requirements in California

Late last year, voters in Santa Monica voted in favor of approving an ordinance requiring that all new single-family construction be Zero Net Energy. A positive move. This is a system that makes sure that projects generate enough of their own energy from renewable sources. This is a move that was boldly taken to support what was there in the state’s environmental policy, which further proves that the state is to some degree very committed to the environment.

If you look at the price of the utility power, which is on the rise, this is a move that will bring clarity to the conservation of the environment and somehow make economic sense as well. However, ZNE homeowners can avoid the burden of these escalating prices while at the same time enjoying the local renewable power, which will adequately cater to all their energy needs.

Therefore, it is a trend that will bring many benefits, among them cutting the prices of utility power. Here is what California Green Building Standards Code says about green building technology: ZNE building is where the value of the energy produced on-site by renewable energy resources is equal to the value of the energy consumed annually by the building. Expect to see more as the year progresses.

Some of the green building technologies investors opt for

Movable walls

This is a trend that was hitting last year; it is one of the elements that have become an essential part of green building. The good thing with the flexible walls is that they easily reduce and maximize space and view. If you are adopting this technology, you will find that the wall will help you optimize your floor plans and energy usage. Therefore, it is an element that is important inasmuch as green technology is concerned.

Cool roofs

This is also an essential element of Green Building Technology that investors have to be on the lookout for. The cool roofs are specially designed to create an increased solar reflectance and also a decreased thermal emittance. If you were to compare these roofs with the common ones, one thing you will note is that these roofs will reflect more of the sun’s ray than the common ones. The advantage with this technology is that when properly used, it could prevent the warm or cool air inside your house from escaping through the top of the building.

Solar power

This is perhaps the essence of going green in the state of California. It may not be a new thing, and it may not be a hot trend, but it has become one of the cheapest energy sources, reducing by in cost by 90 percent compared to the previous year. It produces clean and efficient energy, which is also renewable and saves homeowners a lot of money. In approximate values, ten-year savings could amount to around $22,500. Therefore, it is a system that assures you a good return and clean energy benefits.

Biodegradable materials

This is also a rising trend in Green Building Technology. Biodegradable materials can change the disposal process and bring into the equation something, which is eco-friendly, which is the positive part of using these materials. This goes a long way towards making sure that the environment as well as the occupants of the home stays healthy. Instead of the waste products that add more toxic chemicals, Green Building Technology uses biodegradable materials to ensure that the products will degrade naturally without contaminating the soil.

There are a lot of trends that investors should be on the lookout for in the state of California. The State will ensure that new construction is able to meet the energy efficient and cost effective standards in the industry. This move by the California government will see to it that the state will meet its statewide energy efficient goals, and therefore it is most positive that investors in this state ought to embrace and work towards making sure that the goal of Green Building Technology is fully met.

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