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Greater Akron real estate sales: Here’s what homes sold for week of May 24, 2021 – Akron Beacon Journal

Editor’s note: Sales here are currently listed by a ZIP code. For example, properties with and Akron mailing address will appear under Akron. We are seeking to correct this issue.



1164 Woodcrest Ave, Hackett Annette T to Mourton Jeffrey N, $184,500

326 Grand Ave, Mcelroy Artina R to Byrd Brandi T, $80,000

3144 Morewood Rd, Mosher Daniel J Jr to Bennett Edward Jr, $240,000

2313 SW 22nd St, Elavsky Frank V to Starr Nikkita Marie, $75,000

236 Wayne Ave, Arnold Kimberley S to Cooper Eric F, $155,000

3740 Tamarisk Dr, Calhoun Margaret A to Brockmeyer Nathaniel, $510,000

2710 Christensen Ave, Brown Charles J to Wilder Jovan, $30,000

226 Lake Pointe Dr, Khimji Tasneem N Trustee to Middendorf John K Trustee, $375,000

1489 Seminola Ave, Peaslee Christopher to Dupert Kristi, $28,630

75 Casterton Ave, Dugan Brenda A to Farmer Arlo F, $180,000

1109 Neptune Ave, Behnam Haghnazari to Lysiak Kayci M, $55,000

980 Pardee Ave, Great Family Homes LLC to Friese Nattakarn S, $57,500

1172 Big Falls Ave, Zurcher Jeffrey Glenn to Nelson David S, $15,000

3248 Sunny Brook Dr, NVR Inc to Durand Kara, $243,960

1134 Flanders Ave, Loftus Mary Anne to Saxon Anne P, $62,800

3224 Sunny Brook Dr, NVR Inc to Dick Michael, $230,000

3211 Sunny Brook Dr, NVR Inc to Jusran Muhamad, $244,750

1365 Neptune Ave, Fuller John P to Wise Brianna N, $99,000

1500 Hite St, Huxtable Ruth Elaine Trustee to Owens Michelle E, $64,500

322 N Revere Rd, Chesna James V to Burch Shelley, $229,000

1168 Herman Ave, Travis Diarious to Grice Darius, $20,000

942 Indian Trail, Coblentz Home Remodeling LLC to Cunningham Caitlynn M, $124,000

365 Dayton St, KV Properties LLC to Odegaard Judith Cornelia, $106,000

148 N Portage Path, Gattuso Vicki to Newman Theodore, $155,000

177 Corunna Ave, Simonetti Joseph A to Rader Caitlyn, $244,000

1485 Gurley Ave, Bodnar Lawrence S to Teh Maung, $100,000

466 Canova Dr, Mika Sarah to Cable Dana, $127,800

1156 Roslyn Ave, Greer Denise to Stubbs Reginald P, $36,000

1470 Rowles Dr, Wolfson Barbara L to Longstreth Chad, $140,000

745 & 747 S Firestone Blvd, Nelson Kevin S to Atlantic Real Estate Properties LLC, $116,000

2194 Forest Oak Dr, Pallotta Michael A Jr to Hicks Kenneth L, $243,000

1053 Delia Ave, Ati Homes LLC to 1053 Delia LLC, $93,550

577 Avalon Ave, Miller Andrew to Maggard Jaron Frank James, $165,000

33 Wayne Ave, Manns Matthew D to Jordan Tyler, $97,000

1294 Wilbur Ave, PA Saint Land Holdings LLC to Ajayi Lola, $71,500

209 Cole Ave, Hackney Spencer Donnell to Mamie Reen Properties LLC, $6,000

790 Wild Cherry Dr, David Troyer Construction Ltd to Lawrence Ashley R, $250,000

427 Bettie St, Musleve Benita P to Johnson Deshawna D, $48,500

696 Trellis Green Dr, B G C Properties Limited PTNSP to Lawrence Joseph E, $120,000

535 Noble Ave, Hilton Gerald to Realty Solutions Group Inc, $17,500

2045 & 2047 SW 20th St, Delong George W to Yednock Michael J, $61,900

638 Alpha Ave, Crouso Sharon L to Ball Dylan M, $92,700

967 Harrison Ave, Taylor Donald to Cummings Joshua R, $115,000

2447 Congo St, Furr Thomas E to Gill Dominique J, $164,000

642 Gridley Ave, Happy Homes Blueprint LLC to Ak East 01 LLC, $25,000

1032 Georgia Ave, Moore Alex to Hein Lat Soe, $59,880

1644 Springer Ct, Akron Peninsula Holdings LLC to NVR Inc, $68,250

1228 Forbes Ave, Dick Glen W to Hooker Morrisa, $500

482 Butler Ave, Touma Marwan I to Dorsch Nathan, $144,000

319 & 1/2 Sterling Ct, Friedl Gregory J Co Trustee to Fedor Michelle L, $69,900

3256 Sunny Brook Dr, TWL Hidden Lake LLC to NVR Inc, $47,975

3192 Cottage Cove Dr, TWL Hidden Lake LLC to NVR Inc, $47,500

1152 Hidden Lake Blvd, TWL Hidden Lake LLC to NVR Inc, $47,975

997 Shaw Ave, TWL Hidden Lake LLC to NVR Inc, $47,500

1853 SW 10th St, Taylor Paul M to Wolfe Jennifer L, $121,000

49 W Salome Ave, Chalfant John Joseph and Barbara to Feringa Mary, $40,000

2080 Turkeyfoot Lake, Zimbardi Rocky to Buckeye Property Investors Inc, $149,900

2029 S Jacoby Rd, Wilson Beatrice to Walker Austin H, $85,000

393 Roosevelt Dr, Miller Cody A to Stephens Mckenna R, $175,000

1174 Madrid Dr, Mcmullen Matthew R to Mysliwiec Michael T, $127,350

1296 Sarlson Ave, Krichbaum Aaron to Higgins Leslie, $110,000

745 & 747 S Firestone Blvd, Atlantic Real Estate Properties LLC to Glendale Street South LLC, $125,000

1213 St Michaels Ave, Matejin Zoran to Ressler Paul, $195,000

788 E Archwood Ave, Tony Crookston & Sons & Sons LLC to Crookston Frank A Sr, $36,000

847 Clearview Ave, Coppa Richard to Orellana Joel, $30,000

1940 SW 8th St, Ketner Christopher to the Brooklands Properties LLC, $30,000

2396 Ladd St, Nelson Jim to Becker Dylan S, $106,000

16 E Catawba Ave, Lord Rebecca T to Kapital Enterprises LLC, $66,900

711 N Portage Path, Newbrough Kesia R to Scaccio Joseph, $749,900

677 Alaho St, Gregory Harold to Gromofsky Gabrielle A, $118,500

2385 Covington Rd, 2385 Covington Road 401 LLC to Perera Clifford C, $176,000

1137 Harpster Ave, Nicholson Randy M to Sweitzer Cory A, $90,000

724 Castle Blvd, Vranic Lara Kil to Pate Lorana C, $153,000

699 Schiller Ave, Neal Mollie F to Wilmington Trust, $33,390

760 Florida Ave, Aliers Jennifer to Federated Housing Ltd, $34,500

3116 Wagoner St, Newlon Diana L to CG Properties LLC, $86,200

2735 Adella Ave, Shaffer Sharon to Hill George, $45,000

892 Hayden Ave, Anderson Rosie to Towd Point Mortgage Trust 2016 4, $42,000

206 Watson St, Grist Tammy M to US Bank, $50,800

3441 Timber Trl, K Hovnanian Forest Lakes LLC to Ivanis Miaden, $130,000

6154 Manchester Rd, DSV SPV3 LLC to Wokaty Christopher J, $107,000

1885 Ford Ave, Winland Beverly K to PHH Mortgage Corporation, $36,000

344 Noble Ave, Adair Holdings LLC to Harvey Michael, $25,000

429 E Thornton St, Brown Thomas L Sr to U S Bank Trust, $31,000

901 & 903 Work Dr, Begue Roger P to Wolcott Crystal J, $69,900

1729 Beryl Rd, Horwath Stephen W Jr to Irvin Michelle R, $157,500

897 Portage Lakes Dr, Shanafelt Zelma J to Voros Kellie, $20,000

125 Goodhue Dr, Hunt H Richard to Pavona Courtney Dawn, $165,000

994 Shaw Ave, NVR Inc to Teeple Douglas David, $258,570

696 Garry Rd, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Coporation to Allebach Donald, $42,000

3240 Sunny Brook Dr, NVR Inc to Mace Melissa, $256,345

3195 Cottage Cove Dr, NVR Inc to Fiorini Peter Victor, $284,005

791 Hancock Cir, Gurbal Curtis B to Ingram Brandon, $128,000

680 E Buchtel Ave, Halabi Family Limited Partnership to Break Free Investments LLC, $95,000

47 Berkshire Ct, Clark Victoria Marie to Dixson Damond, $35,300

397 Pauline Ave, Hankins Kimberly A to Carson Brenda G, $95,000

16 Harvester Dr, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Ranganathan Balaji, $472,365

248 Malacca St, Holdt Katie to Allison Clarissa Lakeesha, $104,000

270 Melbourne Ave, Beal Jesse J to Mcmullen Erin Nicole, $226,000

3912 Cottage Grove Rd, Freedomroads Property Company LLC to Caplea Ann M, $815,000

3082 Morewood Rd, Ash Arthur G to Singleton Aaron J, $244,000

3246 Brunk Rd, Rawdon Jonathan to Spencer Jason Michael, $159,000

293 Alden Ave, Broggini Lloyd A to Speegle Tina M, $137,777

815 Indian Trail, Mueller Stephen C to Knickerbocker Nathaniel, $1,000

2317 SW 11th St, Leonard Patrick J to TD Anderhen LLC, $46,000

190 Prairie Dr, Martin Sandra to Hefling Lisa, $63,000

552 Edith Ave, Ray Kenneth B to Thompson Alec Jonathon, $132,500

361 Birch St, Grose Gregory G to Yeoman Nicholas G, $108,150

30 E Youtz Ave, Marotta Mark V to Goran Jerry M, $125,500

2953 Old Home Rd, Fender Adrienne M to Dimacchia Joshua Brian, $36,000

362 Hickory St, Damico Alyssa to Damico Alyssa, $52,155

3276 Sunny Brook Dr, NVR Inc to Ferrell Cody, $214,745

3191 Cottage Cove Dr, NVR Inc to Ippoliti Andrew P, $259,715

737 Hudson Ave, Caskey David J to Skorich Leigha, $62,500

316 Wildwood Ave, Kennerly Kenneth D to Beckett Charles, $35,490

1368 Leonora Ave, CVF III Mortgage Loan Trust II to SFR3 030 LLC, $44,000

244 Cuyahoga St, True Pair LLC to Bahati Property Management & Groundsman LLC, $20,000

2944 Ellet Ave, Watkins William to Brokaw Jonathan L, $115,000

2454 Olentangy Dr, Menefee Jeremy R to Boggs James R, $263,000

335 St Leger Ave, Beltram Gary E to Hooper Michael, $86,000

1221 Girard St, Semgen Holdings LLC to Hansen Mark, $60,900

3117 Dover Dr, Frye Richard W to Harper Belinda, $172,000

772 Cascade Mills Dr, Clark Margo C to Anderson Angelo L, $180,000

520 Storer Ave, Ellis J C to Stewart Lamar A, $60,000

1638 & 1640 Liberty Dr, Carr Robert A to Sigma Square Enterprises LLC, $130,000

1824 Malasia Rd, William T Stouffer Sr Living Trust to Weaver Jacquelyn, $35,000

750 Hickory St, Ederer Todd W to Read Jordan R, $260,000

3208 Brentwood Dr, Bond Gregory M to Branney Terri L Trustee, $244,850

1921 Wells Creek Run, Hoover Richard T to Perry Catherine Ann, $220,000

852 Amherst St, D & D Property Rentals LLC to Mohler Kenneth D, $27,500

848 Amherst St, D & D Property Rentals LLC to Mohler Kenneth D, $27,500

1722 Treetop Trl, Evans Paul L to Murphy Daniel B, $45,000

1329 Tonawanda Ave, Kucera John Paul to Delong Andrew, $79,000

4352 Bentley Dr, Snyder Katherine to Iosue Daniel, $428,000

5081 Peggy Ann Dr, Devol David M to Devol John G, $135,000

1864 Beni Ct, Labar Jason A to Mcguinnss John-Paul, $90,000

1410 Kendale Dr, Real Estate Gurus LLC to Hawks William Michael, $155,000


10268 Smugglers Cove, Becker John G to Smith Tatianna, $255,000

4239 Morley Dr, James Alex M to Smith Hayden, $450,000


379 Shenandoah Blvd, Jovicic Josip to Bussey David M, $170,000

245 E Ford Ave, Cornell Ryan to Jjbroncs Properties LLC, $114,900

640 Austin Dr, Cooper Eric F to Jennings Dion, $365,000

132 7th St NW, Carmen Mary A to Carmen Mary A, $54,560

1505 Glenbreigh Cir, Piatt Robert B to Keith Damon R, $192,000

290 Norton Ave, Hite Deborah Trustee to Erme Eric, $147,000

2860 Rush Rd, Longfellow Elise J to Orum Nicholas Scott, $215,000

132 7th St NW, Carmen Mary A to Stewart William Marshall, $85,000

551 Miami Ave, Ott Joseph A to Ott Joshua, $47,000

3649 Stradley Cir, Benttle Development LLC to NVR Inc, $50,000

3647 Stradley Cir, NVR Inc to NVR Inc, $50,000

52 15th St NW, Scott Harlon to Seward Thomas Paul, $95,000

561 Paul Pl, Katanic Paul to Grisby David, $26,000

parcel 117021 Decker St, NVR Inc to Coyle Rachael M, $243,350

32 24th St SW, Hale Brian C to Cole Julia Michele, $90,000

19 24th St NW, Seders Robb W to Jordan Alexis, $62,900

536 Orchard Ave, Hawks William M to Hill Nolan G B, $130,000

1278 Noble St, Chaumont Gilles R to Porter Jessica, $16,500

2793 & 2797 Vanderhoof Rd, Bullock James C to Harris Rachel Alyssa, $195,000

1061 Lockwood Rd, Boyes William H III to Colelli Dominic M, $185,000


6670 Christman Rd, Divvy Homes Warehouse II LLC to Work Ann Louise, $225,480


1464 Centerview Dr, Barak Estates LLC to Mansfield Joshua P, $214,000

824 Bridlewood Dr, Kumor Dennis to Kirbawy Joel Victor, $327,050

Cuyahoga Falls

246 Kathron Ave, Bach Brandon C to Mcgonigal Dennis James, $147,000

2812 Valley Rd, Fair Eric M to Bejan Gabriel, $352,500

23 Hollywood Ave, Messenger Paul E to Kohmann Spencer, $185,000

1740 19th St, Bedell Annmarie J to Schad Samuel, $140,000

2541 8th St, Maruna Austin to Victoria Talia E, $150,000

2299 Suncrest Dr, Snider Krista M to Cimperman Matthew, $160,000

645 Overlook Dr, Shah Chintak to Durant Zach, $657,500

1087 Roosevelt Ave, Siegel Addison B to Renz Patrick Jason, $165,000

1937 11th St, Tritschler Lance to Doll Edwin, $175,000

1733 12th St, Hamer Robert J to Kosar Kevin Richard, $190,000

2762 Elmwood St, Poole Benjamin Reid to Vanaman Mackenzie, $166,580

271 Victor Ave, Thompson Matthew P to Frecka Steven, $159,000

1927 Germaine St, Faith Financial Group of Ohio LLC to Pawling Devyn M, $95,000

1676 25th St, Kubasek Michael W to Newton Philip, $210,000

2326 Riverfront Pkwy, Kingsolver John T to Kovach John J, $99,500

3320 & 3322 Lloyd St, Roberts Properties Inc to Stormsurge Enterprises Ltd, $110,000

348 E Portage Trl, Blough Timothy J to Wakefield Bradley, $75,000

2113 Anderson Rd, Koirala Khagendra to Subba Amber, $175,000

1728 24th St, Anspach John M to Leslie Aaron P, $164,100

2061 25th St, Shultis Rochelle Rose Trustee to Neer Galadriel, $143,000

2209 Larchdale Dr, Asik Investments LLC to Montgomery Street Homes LLC, $192,165

1563 6th St, Zenz William P to Hackett Rose M, $101,100

544 Meredith Lane, Barrett Julie M to Carrington Mortgage Services, $68,400

1297 E Bailey Rd, Project Phoenix LLC to Ash Rachel, $83,000

306 Sackett Ave, Parham Paulette D to US Bank Trust National Association Trustee, $60,000

1931 13th St, V&W Properties LLC to Bryant Laurel, $133,500

3295 Charles St, Schoenheit Joan A to Miller Marilyn M Trustee, $260,000

2399 10th St, Priebe Jonathan to Alvis Todd Gregory, $125,000

2216 Mayfield Rd, Sanders Tracy L to Tamang Mani Kumar, $186,000

1501 Campbell St, Brett Sarah E to Prentis Madeline R, $120,000

2018 & 2020 Northmoreland Blvd, Waide Mark E to Mohan Michael, $160,000

624 Madison Ave, Carano Ted to Gardner Michael P, $150,000

1846 Front St, Sustainability Funding Alliance of Ohio Inc to Freeman Frank James, $190,000

211 Morrison Ave, Garner Bradley P to Oblisk Nicholas B, $193,000


2542 Royal County Downs Dr, Simone Gwendolyn M to Kilonsky Paul Brian, $71,500

4069 Cottage Grove Rd, Kelley Diana L to Benavides Prescilla S, $187,000

3994 Royal Liverpool Dr, Bernard Frank Co Trustee to Prasnal Frank L, $95,000

4013 April Dr, Weaver Douglas R to Grega Chelsea K K, $316,000

2400 Island Dr, Lane Charles L II to Sail Away Ltd, $60,000

3065 Stonehurst Rd, Pence John P to Mogilnicki Alex C, $360,000

4441 Folkstone Cir, Bowen James T to Manolas Joseph T, $350,000

3816 Park Ridge Dr, Masters Kathryn A to Kosmos James J Jr, $325,000

2454 Island Dr, Link Advantage LLC to L A Mack LLC, $87,900


6 Stratford Rd, Saeger John A Trustee to Gunhan Suat, $600,000

2147 W Dorset Ln, Synek David to Marchiando Robert D, $285,900

6100 Stow Rd, Wehrmann Rick S Trustee to Osco John J Jr, $339,500

2652 Doug Ave, Ogrady Daniel J Sr to Ogrady Christopher T, $280,000

2358 Canterbury Ct, Olsen Eliza M Trustee to Stadvec Michael Christopher Trustee, $665,000

7659 Andover Way, Knox Peter B Trustee to Bucur Katharine M, $720,000

6645 Rosewood Trl, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Jones Heidi Elizabeth, $597,840

637 Norbury Dr, Whims Jeffrey H to Lunasin Daniel M, $401,250

88 Keswick Dr, JWDS LLC to KCK Homes Ltd, $241,000

56 College St, Myers Robert J to Quagliata Christina Trustee, $542,800

6763 Pinebrooke Dr, Patnaik Anil K to Racketa Paul A, $442,500


2358 Sanitarium Rd, Hoover Bobby to Beougher John, $162,500

1655 Wilson Ave, Hoover Bobby to Savill Debra J, $33,825


365 Denali Ct, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Wallner Andreas, $377,135

1507 Driftwood Ln, Snyder Kolton L to Snyder Kolton L, $75,025

1573 Bradford Dr, Loparo Charles J to Orley Mike, $155,300

8319 Robinwood Terr, Huntsman Kathleen M to Oneill Michael Joseph, $206,000

1153 Deepwood Dr, Montgomery Matthew to Zanders Stefan, $302,500

770 Northbridge Ct, Hylton Christopher Lee to Victor Randolph Scott Jr, $243,000

1083 Shepard Hills Blvd, Tonelli Samuel D to Nehez Rikilynn, $305,000


3768 Orchard St, Lane Tracey to Lane Tracey, $51,365

Munroe Falls

291 N River Rd, Orms Richard J to Petrey Samuel, $145,000

158 Falls River Dr, Fondriest Jacob J to Queen James, $195,000

77 Spring Garden Dr, Dempster Loretta J to Christopher William A Jr, $288,000

80 Spring Garden Dr, Clunk Rose M to Montgomery Joshua T, $302,575

North Canton

4965 Stoney Creek Dr, James Cory L to Pasquarella Valerie M, $334,000


9415 Preakness Dr, Cormell Amie Marks to Cherry Amanie, $132,500

42 Dover Pl Lane, Risley Jeffrey to Risley Dana Mavis, $120,000

235 Cranberry Trl, Dunlavey John J to Mosely Donald M, $305,000

6320 Greenwood Pkwy, Gilmore Catherine T to Wright Cynthia A, $97,000

8759 Olde Eight Rd, Meszaros William J to Rossello Christopher, $135,000

11747 Dunham Rd, Santoli Sharon Co Trustee to Whitlock Kali M, $225,000

7349 Glengary Dr, Wendorff Donald J Jr Trustee to Roth Betty, $225,400

7561 Chandler Ct, Deamiches Myra to Krause Jana, $200,000

96 Spring Creek Rd, Cefaratti Joanne T to Stillion Connor, $265,000

174 Filly Ln, Uddin Sahab to Surratt Gary M, $355,000


6770 Akron Peninsula Rd, Stinson Stephen to Stokes Michael A Trustee, $403,000

90 Salt Creek Run, Spinant Victor P to Erkkila Mark H, $425,500


4401 Kiowa Rd, Shipley Rodney D to Riva Caitlin B, $340,000

parcel 4802828 Kingsbury Trl, Wyndsbrooke Development Co Inc to Tepper Mark, $205,000

3617 Chapelton Ct, Inks Daniel E to Catanese John Kevin, $717,000

3346 Glentrool Ln, Glencairn Corp to Croft Amanda M Trustee, $130,000

3624 Brush Rd, Dykes Kathleen J to Smurgun Alexandru, $244,100

3671 Brush Rd, Voltz James L Trustee to Bole Hamilton A, $200,000


4342 Cherryhurst Dr, Warren Joseph to Weddle Annie, $220,000

1760 Hibbard Dr, Bahr Thomas R to RP2CUY LLC, $155,000

2884 Landon Dr, Halliday Williams Timothy G to Reese John C, $246,500

4020 Litchfield Loop, Kynkor Mary T Trustee to Dematteis Joni M Trustee, $345,000

3990 Genevieve Blvd, Dominski Ricky L to Buckridge Robin Suzanne, $100,000

2094 & 2096 King Dr, Lembach Robert E Jr to Awad Bakr, $187,500

2994 Vincent Rd, Ryan Joanne M to Stutzman Troy L, $248,500

4417 Hickory Trl, Armao Charles J Jr to Carter Cesily Clarissa, $250,000

4920 Friar Rd, Hoggarth Kathleen Ann to Schaffer Ronald A, $127,000

3355 Sycamore Dr, Bell James M to Mitchell Homes LLC, $111,300

1878 Lillian Rd, Porter Chad E to Wilcoxson Jamira A, $155,000

4619 Cox #a Dr, Ross Michael D to Tully Michael T, $115,000

3066 Kent Rd, Barnett Susan C Trustee to Moore Larry G, $83,000

4447 Stow Rd, Tanner Lisa D to Cartellone John R, $165,000


555 Hilltop Terrace Dr, Negovanovic Vladimir to Kowalski Kevin J, $143,000

320 Cherry Ridge, Baker Real Estate Holdings Ltd to Foushee Thomas L, $89,900

1614 Southeast Ave, Mosholder William to React Properties LLC, $164,200

282 Kent Dr, Clark John to Mastran Michael, $240,000

497 Knollwood Ave, Liggett Teri L to Tacchio Brandon K, $175,000

977 Sunset View Blvd, Nelson Robin to Khanal Tika, $219,000

506 Helena Dr, Byran Timothy A to Chauhan Leena, $305,000


1801 Rolling Hills Dr, Thompson Joshua Andrew to Martin Beth Anne, $149,500

1837 Edgewood Dr, Wittrup Brittany L to Greene Timothy A, $152,000

2176 Meadowood Blvd, Alderman James P to Klein Raymond, $310,000

1899 Buchtel St, Ecklund Loretta J to Hill Dale, $197,000

2477 Warren Pkwy, Rajpal Rashmi to Four Rose Ltd, $76,500

1793 Westwood Dr, Alvarez Adam to Barna Casey M, $189,900

3347 Shale Dr, Neti Narasimha Swaroop to Tadros Joseph A, $380,000

10734 Ravenna Rd, Skowron Kady E to Harrison John A Jr, $235,000

9418 Lawnfield Dr, Singleton Aaron to Crawford Deforest D, $270,000

9617 & 9619 Chamberlin Rd, Johnson Loren L to Mckee Jason, $275,000

3599 E Aurora Rd, Troyan Peter Bruce to Plahuta Meghan, $390,000

2469 Warren Pkwy, Primus Invest LLC to Raki Oh LLC, $90,000

10456 E Cobblestone Ln, Metz Andrea M to Snyter David Louis, $241,000

8933 Gettysburg Dr, Mahoney Mandie L to Metz Andrea, $298,000

2213 Sherwin Dr, Moore Laura J to Basera Homes LLC, $220,000

10265 Dayflower Dr, Beers Kathleen R to Sharma Vishavdeep, $317,000



660 William Ct, Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Gupta Nikhil @ (2), $470,065

850 East BV, Mycumortgage LLC to Verbic Lawrence J & Maria L (Trustees), $85,100

58 Glenview Dr, Ganaway Susan to Conti Kenneth L & Mary Jo (J&S), $300,000

440 Regal Oaks Cr, Conti Kenneth L & Mary Jo Boehnlein (J&S) to Schalmo Ross & Melissa (J&S), $555,000

51 Townline Rd, Galaska Robert A Jr to Ethridge Eric & Kristina Marie (J&S), $387,000

708 Arbor Way, Ungar Kenneth J @4 to Carnahan Lisa M, $607,500

Brimfield Township

29 Tudor Ln, Wesie Christine to Butcher Chad & Kara (J&S), $127,000

4348 Sunnybrook, Connelly Lawrence Sr & Kelly (J&S) to Petersilge Christine R, $220,000

4354 Mogadore, PNC Bank National Association to Ajw Rentals LLC, $112,000

Mosser Farm Acres Lot 65 Irish, Steinert Joseph M to I Am Home LLC, $85,000

1028 Irish, Steinert Joseph M to I Am Home LLC, $85,000

787 Covington Ov, Bucceri Nicholas & Elisabeth (J&S) to Harper Shanna, $252,000

3705 Elmhurst, Petersen Tina to Rich Barbara L, $158,500

4588 Blackberry Cr, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Tepsick Jason & Ashley (J&S), $403,279

Deerfield Township

1174 Watson Rd, Stahl Brandon L & Jennifer L (J&S) to Reeves Kevin M & Rachel S Scherer, $339,000

Wygle Subd 2 Lot 1 Diver, Taylor Dennis R & Marie A J&S to Heck David & Cindi (J&S), $55,000

Wygle Subd 2 Lot 2 Diver, Wygle William L to Heck David & Cindi (J&S), $55,000

Wygle Subd 2 Lot 3 Diver, Wygle Glenn G to Heck David & Cindi (J&S), $55,000

Wygle SD Lot 2 F 70 Diver, Wygle William L & 2other to Heck David & Cindi (J&S), $55,000

Franklin Township

4449 Newcomer Rd, Brinkerhoff Linda Jira Aka Linda J to Kurchev Aaron M & Anne S Weitz (J&S), $530,000

6260 First, Shrewsberry Everette L to Lark Joshua & Emily Raber (J&S), $162,000

7364 Sylvan, Spelman Jack Blair II & Tina M (J&S) to Brandner Eric Alan, $205,000

7517 St Rt 43, FM Investments Arcadia LLC to Sidoti Elizabeth M &Roger B &Andrew M Davis (J&S), $295,000

7517 St Rt 43, FM Investments Arcadia LLC to Sidoti Elizabeth M &Roger B &Andrew M Davis (J&S), $295,000

5953 Roc Marie, Welden Jade M to Stahl Nicholas L & Leanna Marie Ghahremani (JT/WJS), $243,000

Hiram Township

11344 Rolling Meadows Dr, Gregg Janet L to Wallace Kenneth A & Theresa R (J&S), $415,000


216 Valley View St, Edwards Ralph J & June M to Blankenship Neil R & Alyssa A Higgins (J&S), $143,000

Lot 17 Mogadore Rd, D Helmling Trucking Inc & Helmling Trucking LLC to Cantiberos Jacob & Melissa Erb (J&S), $225,000

715 Paulus, Linn Shannon to Scerbovsky Danielle M, $165,000

600 Walter, Plymale Jay F to Plaso Properties LLC, $1,180,000

1221 Chelton, Parenti Phillip A & Crystal M to Penter Ian J @ (3), $96,500

Lot 4 NE St Rt 43, JPSR Properties LLC to Weier Andrew, $88,000

5314 St Rt 43, JPSR Properties LLC to Weier Andrew, $88,000

203 Pearl, Mohnacky Ronald M Jr @3 to Mohnacky Katherine A & James K Troy, $78,500

Mantua Township

11580 St Rt 44, Portage Landings LLC to Pramukh Storage Enterprises Inc, $194,400

11222 Loris, Wysznski Daniel R to Remy James S & Wendy (J&S), $202,000


396 Grant, Byrd William J & Shirley C Reynolds to Montella Brenda L & Deborah L Rinaldo (J&S), $147,000

Nelson Township

12319 Parkman Rd, Mccabe Brandon W to Byler Christian D & Kathleen (J&S), $38,500

Palmyra Township

9255 Tallmadge, Newman Melanie L to Shoff Mitchell, $99,500

Div 1 Lot 2 SD 14-16 Tallmadge, Newman Melanie L to Shoff Mitchell, $99,500

9559 Whippoorwill Rd, Chipner Shawn P & Karri L (J&S) to Chipner Larry P & Sharon M (J&S), $205,000

Paris Township

8597 Cable Line Rd, Maroni Anthony C to Grimes Tonya Lafaye, $250,000

Randolph Township

Lot 80 Tares Rd, Klinginsmith William F & Lisa Kay Boger (J&S) to Rosinski Robert S & Jane J, $70,000

3212 Randolph, Saal Christopher J & Joanna L to Saal Collin L, $130,000


408 Cleveland, Wendl Nicholas T to Thomas Zachary & Ashley Marie (J&S), $86,500

888 Jones, Hayes Destiny A to Wallis Jacob M, $115,000

330 Scranton, Andrei Dennis L to Shea Mckenzie L, $176,000

512 Freedom, Perkins Jeffrey Lee & Candace Marie (J&S) to Watts Dakota & Kaddie (J&S), $189,000

Div S Lot 20 SD-1 Freedom, Perkins Jeffrey Lee & Candace Marie (J&S) to Watts Dakota & Kaddie (J&S), $189,000

329 Lake, Tax Ease Funding 2016-1 REO LLC to Big Bay 6 LLC, $42,000

1351 Harding Ave, Frank Charles J to Mayer William D II, $190,000

602 Meridian, Board & Park Properties LLC to Shannon Cory & Holly Lynn (J&S), $123,420

602 Meridian, Reedy Gary W to Board & Park Properties LLC, $44,415

Ravenna Township

5349 Winding Creek Dr, Cooper Nicholas A to Leppo Andrew & Cassie Mackaman, $250,000

5480 Winding Creek Dr, Estephan Karlina A to Bankhead Matthew Nicholas, $240,000

6382 Hill, Miller Charles G to Hill Street Land Trust, $45,200

6382 Hill, Miller Charles G to Hill Street Land Trust, $45,200

Rootstown Township

4599 Lynn Rd, Ferrara Joseph J & Vickie L (J&S) to Alison Achery MS DVM LLC, $75,000

4106 Ruth, Lange Kelley to Ridenour Eric D, $220,000

5096 Misty Glen, Miller Colin T & Leanne M (J&S) to Stirling Alex & Laura (J&S), $240,000

2637 Ivy Tl, Burns Jesse & Christina (J&S) to Bevelacqua Deano Antonio Jr & Leah Marie (J&S), $228,000

Shalersville Township

4278 Dudley Rd, Hurd Hope to Baran Daniel E & Kathleen M Rivett (J&S), $265,000


9040 Portage Pointe, Turk Kelly L to Sutton James & Nicole (J&S), $94,000

1450 Pike PW, Gillespie Amy to Dailey Jason A, $195,000

1676 Leslie Dr, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Rios Abel Rios & Blanca Alejandra Martinez Tapia (J&S), $318,960

9935 Highland Way Dr, Mcclintock Kenneth & Laurna R Curby to Umbs Jordan, $215,700

1108 Frost, Zemba Lillian D to Baker Chad M & Helen (J&S), $188,000

853 Holborn Rd, Paliga Matthew J & Amanda M (J&S) to Williams Morace T & Malia Maddox (J&S), $305,000

1681 Sugarbush Ct, Antholine Richard R Jr to Duszak Alina, $161,500

1635 Leslie Dr, FLG Streetsboro LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $61,390

1662 Mcguinness Ave, Frontier MV X LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $59,724

1646 Mcguinness Ave, Frontier MV X LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $59,724

1651 Leslie Dr, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Lipps Gabrielle A, $256,025

1452 Duncan Wy, Kaur Amandeep to Kaur Amandeep & Parwinder Singh (J&S), $54,175

9378 MT Vernon, Chappell Renee M to Tussing Andrew, $239,000

1655 Leslie Dr, FLG Streetsboro LLC to NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes, $61,390

954 Stratford Ct, Meredith Thomas H & Elizabeth M to Carlton John Raymond II & Callie Lauren (J&S), $260,000

Suffield Township

1704 Congress Lake, Heater John Albert @ (4) to Heater John Albert & Laura Sue (J&S), $67,150

816 Waterloo Rd, Ries Holding LLC to Advance Leasing LLC, $425,000

816 Waterloo Rd, Ries Holding LLC to Advance Leasing LLC, $425,000

Windham Village

8894 Main, Wagner Lynn @4 to Boyd Jami, $135,000

9009 Oak Ct, U S Bank National Association (Trustee) to Conway Patrice, $88,500



Bencze Brett R & Yako Amanda M from Scott Jonathan J & Linda A, 2051 Crestwood St, $215,000. 

DG Mer-Car Corporation from DG Alliance Associates LLC, 430 S Union Ave, $567,000. 

Erwin Alek from Lucas Kevin D & Holly N, 680 MC Grath St, $69,000. 

Hill Darren M & Kara R from Snodgrass Sandra, 808 E College St, $50,600. 

Hoops Donald & Dawn from Higginbotham Roger & Judy, 1005 Reed St, $33,500. 

JLX LLC from Greater Alliance Development Corporation, 1010 N Union Ave, $11,042. 

JLX LLC from Greater Alliance Development Corporation, parcel 109376 Union Ave N, $11,042. 

Malmsberry Nathen J & Hannah R from Sands Rentals LLC, 1608 S Freedom Ave, $68,000. 

Reeves Fredrick A & Anna Mae from Shah Kalpana M & Madhukar A, 2435 Parwich Cir, $159,000. 

Stutler Jordan J & Sierra N from Shanks Freda, 1045 Fairfield Rd, $78,000. 

Szekely Michael D from Goodman Kirk D & Barbara S, 2317 Burton Ave, $176,000. 

Warner Kenneth A & Carolyn S from Robb Wyatt W, 345 Maplewood Dr, $189,900. 

Bethlehem Township

Hershberger Dannie E & Lovina D from Reicosky Joseph A, parcel 1102341 Dolphin St SW, $212,200. 

Spicocchi Karen & Samuel from Newell James T & Pamela S, 228 C St Nav Vil, $72,000. 

Umh Rentals LLC from Merreot Nancy L & Pyle Aaron J, 6892 Hillside Dr SW #341, $39,900. 

Canal Fulton

Dakters Gregory J from Fulton Landings Development LLC, 343 Alissa LN, $319,900. 

Donnenwirth Robert A II & Angela M from Donnenwirth Robert Allen Aka Robert A Ak, 328 S Canal St, $88,814. 

Powell Carrie K S from Stalnaker Rodney Alan, 232 Locust St S, $150,000. 

Sette Jessica A from Smith Barbara A, 324 Market St E, $147,000. 


Baker Dell from Maniscola Michael A & Gammel Jamie M, 508 Sayler PL SW, $12,600. 

Baker Dell from Stark Property Rental Department, 1443 Garfield Ave SW, $10,500. 

Bright Lisa B from Ispas Elena, 1547 48th St NW, $182,100. 

Bueno Emil J & Connie S Co-Ttees from Cugini Cynthia & Terry L, 223 Linwood Ave NW, $95,000. 

Butera Timothy I & Beymer Payton A from Schank Jeffery T & Sandra v, 4810 Leigh Ave NW, $204,000. 

Caley Andrew C from Shrum Michael J & Tammi Mackey, 2613 Ivanhoe Ave NW, $114,290. 

Carter Frank R Jr & Kelly R from Flanagan Penny, 1609 Ferndale Rd NW, $72,000. 

Coleman Jamie M from Weaver Jessica M, 1516 25th St NW, $95,000. 

Collins Anthony R from Gotto Scott D & Natasha S, 1434 43rd St NW, $118,000. 

Cresco Holdings LLC from Prime Cardinal Solutions LLC, 816 Oby PL NW, $28,500. 

CRS Capital LLC from Rent to Own Leasingco Inc, 918 19th St NE, $52,000. 

Cugini Terry L & Cynthia F from Flynn Karen C, 2663 Beverly Ave NE, $100,500. 

D Baker Properties LLC from Elfvin Gustavius E, 1500 Garfield Ave SW, $14,900. 

Dilley Nathaniel Scott & Willaim Joseph from Sullivan Twinkle Aka Twinkle E, 354 Montrose Ave NW, $180,000. 

Edwards Devon Jermane from Edwards Dasielle K Jr, 2336 Indiana Way NE, $25,000. 

Faheem Ahmad A from Huddleston Richard Jr, 2325 Georgetown Rd NE, $79,000. 

Fame City Properties LLC from Husky Homes LLC, 1468 Shriver Ave NE, $21,000. 

Fite Scott B & Teresa from Nauer Douglas J & Phyllis D, 607 Dueber Ave SW, $18,500. 

Fix Pads Holdings LLC from Kaja Holdings 2 LLC, 1518 Ohio Ave NE, $41,600. 

Fix Pads Holdings LLC from RVFM 13 Series LLC, 1111 5th St NW, $29,600. 

Hallak Muhannad Osama from Jones Hattie, 1445 Gonder Ave SE, $36,300. 

Haslam Robert W Jr & John W Sr from Johnson Robert E, 1415 7th St NW, $65,000. 

Hatchett Juavonna N & Violet v from Long Scott L & Janet L, 161 Harter Ave NW, $160,000. 

Hitchcock Isaiah N & Jones Alixsis from Stratton Ottis C & Ruth E Co Trustees, 2339 22nd St NE, $101,000. 

Howard Randall & Marcie from Fericean John & Cristina, 3308 Harmont Ave NE, $64,470. 

Kirkpatrick Laura A from Kirkpatrick Christina J & Mayberry Lisa, 613 Park Ave SW, $30,500. 

Lopez Angel Perez from Ramos Diego, 1621 17th St NE, $26,500. 

Mendoza Rodriguez Kara & Ornin Alexander from Klett Vicki L, 3724 Edgefield Ave NW, $121,000. 

Nelson Katie D from Jeter Christopher & CJ Convenience, 709 Fulton Rd NW, $42,500. 

Ohio Legacy Rentals LLC from A & J Stark Investments LLC, 1260 Homewood Ave SW, $32,000. 

Oney Larry J Jr & Angela from Edwards Allen M & Crissy A, 1226 Logan Ave NW, $51,000. 

Paraduxx Holdings LLC from Miles Marshall D & Mingo-Miles Robin, 1827 14th St SE, $24,000. 

Paraduxx Holdings LLC from Swonger Raymond E & Victor E Co-TTEE/KNL, 1538 Plain Ave NE, $52,000. 

Parsons William & Pamela from Falkner Shelva J, 5136 Schuller Dr NE, $269,900. 

Pettis Leland from Pettis Leland & Currence Kylee, 306 16th St NE, $17,000. 

Said Mohammed M Sr from Bowling Cody A & Catherine G, 916 37th St NW, $174,500. 

SC&J Properties LLC from Wickemeyer James C, 2010 Fremont PL SW, $40,000. 

Scheetz Thomas from Scheetz Michael G, 1224 Spring Ave NE, $28,700. 

Semgen Holdings LLC from Smoot Michael J, 927 Greenfield Ave SW, $39,000. 

Slaughter Nequaiah & Credale from Ashley Geary & Genevieve, 3119 11th St SW, $72,000. 

Smith Nathan & Hux Sydney from Berry Brandy C, 2634 Kirby Ave NE, $77,500. 

Trammell Tyler R from Kasler Tara D, 1136 Broad Ave NW, $87,500. 

Twenty 15 LLC from Smith Jay D, 2903 5th St NW, $48,000. 

Underwood Emily from Reliance Property Management LLC, 1716 Gibbs Ave NE, $61,000. 

Vianney Holdings LLC from Mccreery Nathan C, 1135 16th St NW, $54,750. 

Yoho Brenda from Mcdew Sr Corey, 725 Union Ave SW, $13,500. 

York Ryan D from Dewey Michael S, 1325 18th St NE, $49,500. 

Canton Township

Allatzas Mark A & Kristen A from Brahler S. Lynne & Brison Laura J, 3043 Helen PL NW, $80,000. 

Beisel Jenny L & Rode Dana C from Spurrier Alejandra G, 1441 Harbor Dr NW, $182,500. 

Burson Albert R Jr & Reed Faith R from Carpenter Delma R, 4114 Monica Ave SW, $146,900. 

Feller Tyler & Walter Brittni from Struhar Ian, 3025 Patton PL NW, $117,500. 

Harvey-Ritchie Adrienne E from Horner James F & Love Lisa A &, 4525 Springvale Ave SW, $207,000. 

Heidenreich Kathy from Swegheimer Derek H & Holly S, 1102 Terrace Ave NW, $140,000. 

Hill Karli & Soliday Seth from Gettig Martin E, 1581 Pekin Dr SE Lot #24, $1,600. 

JBSM Investments LLC from Schmidt Randy A Sr & Jackie M, 4147 Georgetown Rd NE, $49,000. 

JBSM Investments LLC from Schmidt Randy A Sr & Jackie M, parcel 1305113 Georgetown St NE, $49,000. 

Kauffman Erik from Smishko George & Joani M, 3318 Chagrin Ave SW, $156,250. 

Patriot Development Company Ltd from Ohio Power Company, parcel 10013747 Waynesburg Dr SE, $23,730. 

Pitinii Frederick M from Keybank National Association, 408 Poplar Ave NW, $73,000. 

Smith Justin Lee & Janel Randi from Dyer Charles Joseph, 5319 Derby Cir SE, $205,000. 

Zamilski Edward from Kerns James E, 3196 Mariner’s Island Dr, $157,000. 

Jackson Township

Beard Michael E & Stacey J from Bennett Donald J & Jean M, 7657 Bermuda St NW, $150,000. 

Beard Michael E & Stacey J from Bennett Donald J & Jean M, 8067 Daytona St NW, $150,000. 

Bertram April from Perry David & Diane L, 3841 Saltmarsh Cir NW, $225,925. 

Connelly Sean & Marissa Hollinger from Ramold Gerald C Jr & Carrie A, 6199 Isley Rd NW, $589,900. 

Cooper Eric & Gorin Jennifer from Spidell Sandra S, 8040 Oakdale St NW, $155,000. 

Cronick Susan K Ttee from Gramoy Victor G Jr & Brenda K Trustees O, 5710 N Island Dr NW, $1,330,000. 

Cutcher Craig E from Cheng Chiu Hong, 6292 Youngdale Ave NW, $150,000. 

Drew Thomas & Kristin from Campanelli John M, 5151 Bundoran St NW, $205,000. 

Fernandez Marc Mas from Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Hugh, 7580 Peyton St NW, $153,000. 

Ferrante Anthony T & Debra Lynn from Rohrer Carole, 8711 Dublin Ridge Cir NW, $156,750. 

Fisk George E & Kristin M from Graham Curtis R & Carol, 3071 Blue Ash Ave NW, $498,000. 

Ghazali Kareem Hamed & Tong Jennifer from Stackhouse Gary S, 9672 Strausser St NW, $243,000. 

Hartzell Mark & Denise from Kuntz Joseph R & Sandra L Co Trustees, 8866 Serenity Dr NW, $555,000. 

J229:11 LLC from Cross Timberlands LLC, parcel 10014043 Strausser St NW, $800,000. 

Jarvis Alexander Carlyle & Allison Marie from James P Gesiotto and Sherri L Gesiotto T, 8229 Oxford Chase Cir NW, $1,195,000. 

Mathis James E & Chapman Michael R from Gramoy Lisa M, 7412 Greenview Ave NW, $91,500. 

Miller Michael P from Halverson Steven B & Rose L Halverson, 4555 Millheim Cir NW, $398,500. 

Rana Properties LLC from Tomich Darlene, 6517 Lake O Springs Ave NW, $310,000. 

Ressler Harold Jr & Wanda from Pfabe Dennis & Thoy, 9467 Emerald Isle St NW, $119,000. 

Roebuck James A & Patricia L from Vlahos Stephanie, 5421 Villa Padova Dr NW, $251,900. 

Schroer Properties of Nobles Pond Inc from Schroer Properties of Nobles Pond Inc, 7006 Fulton Dr NW, $90,000. 

Smith Adam A & Katrina N from Armentano Daniel & Michele C, 4195 Bryce Cir NW, $250,000. 

Spencer Holdings LLC from Young Patricia A, 6180 Island Dr NW, $210,000. 

Storm Damage Guru LLC from Burtt Joan L, 2885 Erie Ave NW, $62,700. 

Taylor Christopher L from Flanigan Raymond C & Terri L, 5833 Fulton Dr NW, $570,000. 

Vista Surgical Center LLC from Eyes on Stark Real Estate LLC, 4319 Executive Cir NW, $3,535,650. 

Lake Township

Boatfield Rodney F & Julie from Frye Jeffrey M & Christy A, 10733 Newbury Ave NW, $286,000. 

Coblentz Paul J & Diana J from Babik Richard P & Cecelia K TTES/RICHARD, 8600 Cleveland Ave NW, $350,000. 

Cockrell Theresa M from Schrock Margaret Etal, 2488 Serravalle St NW, $3,390. 

Codispoti Bailey James from Cunningham Jonathan D & Boca Wendy S, 11541 Peach Glen Ave NW, $226,000. 

Dewalt Patricia A Ttee from Schrock Margaret Etal, 2410 Serravalle St NW, $2,750. 

Geisomino Eric P & Melissa from Armbruster Andrew & Alyson, 12241 Titano Cir NW, $389,900. 

Gonzalez Francisco Ortiz & De Ortiz from Diffenderfer Bryce & Heather, 780 Northampton St NE, $420,000. 

Hernandez Martha Cristina Sus & from Ponce Pedro Sanchez & Nava Mayra Karina, 3250 Suffolk St NW, $330,000. 

Hill Gary A from Schrock Margaret Etal, 2458 Serravalle St NW, $3,400. 

Jre Homes LLC from Grubish Lawrence A, 11751 Geib Ave NE, $172,000. 

Mash Steven from Conrad Norman C III & Susan J, 8493 Deacon Ave NW, $465,500. 

Masters Kathryn from Kalkreuth Lorraine v, 9404 Huntshire Ave NW, $240,000. 

Matte Nicholas J & Angela from Mcnulty Brenton S & Cailtlin T, 202 Prospect Ave N, $228,000. 

Miller Howard R Jr & Marsha from Schrock Margaret Etal, 2440 Serravalle St NW, $2,760. 

Miller Stacy & Stamps Joshua R from Fuller Christopher R & Amanda R, 8290 Willowhurst Cir NW, $232,000. 

Pascu Scott Charles & Amy Renee from Schrock Margaret Etal, 2424 Serravalle St NW, $2,750. 

Sams Kayla L & Matthew D from Parnell Michael E & Nina A, 13151 Williamsburg Ave NW, $255,000. 

Schaack Kevin W & Ronni L from Schrock Margaret Etal, 2396 Serravalle St NW, $2,750. 

Schindel Jospeh R & Emily E from Walters Jill M, 11162 Newbury Ave NW, $270,000. 

Visuet Enrique Maya & Morales Malagon from Schrock Margaret Etal, 2474 Serravalle St NW, $3,100. 

Lawrence Township

Brady Cory A & Faith M from Lewis William K & Lori J, 14089 Marshallville St NW, $325,000. 

Nickajack Realty LLC from Frank Mark A Successor Trustee of the Wi, 4853 Penbrook St, $2,300,000. 

Nickajack Realty LLC from Frank Mark A Successor Trustee of the Wi, parcel 2400161 Manchester Ave NW, $2,300,000. 

Nickajack Realty LLC from Frank Mark A Successor Trustee of the Wi, parcel 2400163 Penbrook Ave NW, $2,300,000. 

Snyder Christopher J & Heidi & Leslie A from GBR Company Ltd, parcel 2617641 Akron Ave NW, $125,000. 

Lexington Township

Harrison Tammy Lynn & Ricky Allen from Morrison Marilee A, 11581 Salina Ave NE, $120,000. 

JPW Rentals LLC from Birr Donald T, 11430 Rockhill Ave NE, $18,500. 

Oneill Brenda from Oneill Brenda & Jack, 11721 Johnson Ave NE, $38,000. 


Arick Kellan T from Elmerick Steven D & Paula S, 1675 California Ave, $164,000. 

Boldon David A from Cook Kathleen J & Tomak J Ted Jr Co-Ttee, 1760 Washington BLVD, $250,000. 

Mosley Arnold & Charlotte from Jencar Developers Inc, parcel 3605809 W Chester Dr, $27,000. 

Sypolt Charles & Jane from Zelei Irmajane, 1218 Presidents St, $251,000. 

Weber Jeffrey C & Shannon from Baade Joshua S, 2021 Ashbrook St, $230,000. 

Marlboro Township

Abbott Jeremy from Unkefer Carla K, 8100 Alberta Beach St NE, $225,000. 

Davis Ethan Jacob & Ryleah Noel from Hall Caleb R & Micah M, 9095 St Peters Church Rd, $225,000. 

Gonzalez Jose Jr & Kelley E from Gingerich Aaron P & Kimberlee R, 6111 Tyro St, $230,000. 


Blile Steven C from Mosci LLC, 635 Tremont Ave SW, $71,000. 

Bradley Mark from Tersigni Jon A & Kimberly M, 364 Hamilton Ave NE, $170,000. 

Burton Benjamin William & Hunter Marie from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 4525 Brightleaf Ave NW, $224,985. 

Cain Robert Earl & Tracey from Bailey Steven L & Barbara M, 725 8th St SW, $148,000. 

Fraelich Jeremy M from Kandle Myma J Ttee, 322 23rd St NW, $120,000. 

Gorss Victoria Marie & from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 4547 Brightleaf Ave NW, $218,865. 

Jones Steven from Hoskinson Tim D, 706 Neale Ave SW, $80,000. 

Kurtz Joshua from Premier Homes Inc, 1630 Ledgewood BLVD NE, $193,500. 

Kurtz Joshua from Premier Homes Inc, 1700 Ledgewood BLVD NE, $193,500. 

Kurtz Joshua from Premier Homes Inc, 1720 Ledgewood BLVD NE, $193,500. 

Miller Aaron D from Moll Frank J VI, 3590 Kenyon Creek Ave NW, $231,700. 

Noggle Jeff & Karen from Page Bill & Michele, 1930 Augusta Dr SE, $380,000. 

Paumier Steve & Jessica from Ziegelhofer Michaeld & Suzanne L, 936 32nd St NW, $70,000. 

Rambold Gerald C Trustee from Bryant Jeffrey S & Maria E, 1050 Roosevelt St NE, $155,000. 

Riter Courtney from Fogle Jimmie R II, 2639 Lincoln Way W, $120,000. 

Shriver Andrew D & Tami M from Robinson Frederick G & Judith A, 1327 Meadowbrook Rd SW, $208,000. 

Snyder Katie from Pachmayer Al & Patricia, 817 Wales Rd NE, $120,000. 

Snyder Katie from Pachmayer Al & Patricia, parcel 615465 Roslyn Ave NE, $120,000. 

Spicer Bruce & Mackin Nicole from Weaver David A, 1286 Pebble Chase Cir NE, $165,000. 

Stiltner David W & Megan N from Oaks Steven, 1472 Woodforest St NW, $250,000. 

Sturm Timothy J & Catherine from Harriss Karen A, 1125 11th St NE, $75,000. 

Sullivan Erin Rae from Ehret Mary & James, 630 Sandy Ave NE, $186,500. 

Tschantz James M & Allen Lynn A from Sober Marc S, 1827 Wales Rd NE, $330,200. 

Vest Weis Properties LLC from Ruby 20 LLC, 3254 Ruby Ave NW, $987,500. 

Waynick Justin Mitchell & Molly from Griswold Gary H & Maureen E, 4942 Sippo Reserves Dr NW, $315,000. 

Nimishillen Township

K&K 230 Enterprises LLC from Rca Investments Ltd, 4175 Fargo Ave, $189,200. 

K&K 230 Enterprises LLC from Rca Investments Ltd, 6147 Louisville St, $189,200. 

Martin Gary Alan & Breanna Kaye from Wright Kirk M, 9067 Scott St, $160,000. 

Simpson William T & Cheryl M from Beisel Jenny L & Rode Dana Carol, 5874 Rosedale St, $185,000. 

Simpson William T & Cheryl M from Beisel Jenny L & Rode Dana Carol, parcel 3305049 Rosedale St NE, $185,000. 

Wilds Jacob E from Fuerst David, 6410 Westmore St NE, $186,500. 

Wright Christopher Dean & from Rishel George S & Hanh T, 6470 Pilot Knob Ave, $287,500. 

North Canton

915 Chapel LLC from Guest Camilla A Trustee of the Camilla A, 302 Sheraton Dr NW, $105,000. 

Aublyn Real Estate from Walker Dustin, 622 Viking St NW, $115,000. 

Briceland Colby & Carver Erin from Benchmark Properties of Ohio Ltd, 418 Everhard Rd SW, $293,000. 

Cohen Maecy L from Leonhard Michael J & Sarah P, 234 Glenwood St SW, $152,000. 

Dugan Aaron M from Carl Brandon S & Marissa, 106 Everhard Rd SW, $275,000. 

Finley Erika R & Justin R from Bartholomew James E Pamela D, 733 W Maple St, $170,000. 

Hennessy Leslie & Dustin P from Robertson Charles, 1619 Sperry LN SE, $460,000. 

Jensen Jeffrey P from Shaheen Christopher G, 1604 Harmony LN SW, $227,000. 

Martin 3 LLC from Froebel Roland K, 301 Lindy Lane Ave SW, $149,600. 

Mizener Aaron J & Rachel A from 1st Light Properties LLC, 1212 Sunford Ave SE, $115,000. 

Nuth Robert F & Victoria I Co-Trustees from Bradshaw Anthony L & Blair Julia A Ttees, 1571 Cambridge Ave SW, $155,000. 

Spurrier Alejandra Gabriela from Reink Susan K, 1470 Wilkshire Cir SW, $229,000. 

the North Canton Library Association from Magyar Bradley D & Sadie, parcel 9203127 Portage St NW, $180,000. 

the North Canton Library Association from Magyar Bradly D & Sadie, 317 Portage St NW, $180,000. 

Watts Karen L from Watts John S, 606 Witwer St NE, $105,000. 

Osnaburg Township

Baade Joshua S from Smith Jonathan R & Jayme A, 5949 Quarry Lake Dr SE, $270,000. 

Harper David Craig & Jennifer Susan from NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation DBA, 6071 Quarry Lake Dr SE, $319,525. 

Paris Township

Peck L Jessica from Watkins Mikki Lynn, 14000 Lincoln St SE #24, $6,200. 

Perry Township

A List Land Development LLC from Ramold Gerald C Sr & Ramold Gerald C Jr, parcel 10014105 Richville Dr SW, $539,000. 

A List Land Development LLC from Ramold Gerald C Sr & Ramold Gerald C Jr, parcel 4301820 Southway St SW, $539,000. 

BGK Enterprises LLC from Kennedy Michael L &Natalie, 6233 Richville Dr SW, $115,000. 

BGK Enterprises LLC from Kennedy Michael L &Natalie, 8248 Navarre Rd SW, $165,000. 

Brabson Tyler A & Stevens Renee M from Korpi Frederick P & Jessica R, 4650 Aurora St NW, $180,000. 

Bristow Max S from Saylor Kyle T & Ashleigh D, 4110 Richville Dr SW, $89,000. 

Burns Pamela K from Kovarik Barbara A, 619 Charldon Ave SW, $176,900. 

Dodge Gary Lee Jr & Ashley Kay from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 6960 Gauntlet St SW, $244,280. 

Douglass Macy D & Jason P from Larch Harley B Jr &Carla J, 5730 Darletta St SW, $245,000. 

Drake Melissa A & Charlie from Hill Kay E & Kevin K, 6500 Navarre Rd SW, $132,000. 

Eminger Douglas & Constance from All About Homes LLC, 4124 Meadowlawn Ave SW, $185,000. 

Gower Joshua & Ashley from Stark Michael T, 4107 Knolls Ave SW, $179,900. 

Hawks Shannon M from Ohio Restoration Solutions, 208 Austin Ave NW, $133,910. 

Heidal Anthony A from Bolam Alice M Aka Alice E Bolam, 6230 Dodge Rd SW, $165,000. 

Laney Charles J Ttee from Barnes Anna, 2524 Nottingham St NW, $183,600. 

Leo Barker Property Management LLC from Britton Robert A, 304 Kolpwood Ave NW, $60,000. 

MKM-MN Land Management LLC from Vmac Holdings LLC, 4815 Tuscarawas St W, $650,000. 

Montgomery Street Homes LLC from Divvy Homes Warehouse A LLC, 522 Proudley Ave SW, $137,913. 

Morrison Brandy M & Stuart from Wuchnick Douglas M & Josie M/TRUSTEES of, 4923 Quincy St NW, $172,000. 

NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation DBA from Dehoff Agency Inc, parcel 10013290 Lavenham Rd SW, $60,000. 

NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation DBA from R L Deville Holdings Ltd, 6897 Gauntlet St SW, $47,895. 

Oshell Andrew & Andrea from Vance Alexis S, 241 Mohawk Ave NW, $181,000. 

Pitman Robert from Humble Jimmie E Trustee / Cornelia R H, 2571 Barnstone Ave SW, $180,000. 

Sauls Steven Wiser & Aimee Carlin from Kress Stephen H & Deborah A, 3512 Crownpoint St NW, $211,000. 

Sebastian Wilsy & Joseph from Harmon Jason & Danielle, 1655 Bramblebush St NW, $315,000. 

Slider Scott A & Tonskey Emily from Dietry Eric & Abigail J, 974 Brockton Ave NW, $271,000. 

Sutherland Denise A from Hawn Eric M, 4915 Monticello Ave NW, $260,000. 

Warth Michael J from Schmidt George E Jr, 321 Elmford Ave SW, $95,000. 

Pike Township

Barton Zachary S & Hannah B from Mosberger Paul R & Kelly J, 8240 Ridge Ave SE, $195,000. 

Dramer Emily C & David K from Lasure William R & Linda L, 8778 Maplehurst Ave SE, $43,000. 

Kinsey David from Chumney Steven E, 3500 Gracemont St SW, $20,000. 

Kohlhaas Kyle & Christie J from Sayre Gary A Jr & Christine M, 2500 Haut St SW, $520,000. 

Saunier Blake from Canton Mobile Home Trailer Park Ltd, 3000 Center Dr SW, $25,000. 

Plain Township

Capeta Enterprises Ltd from Wesie Peggy, 6525 Blossomwood Cir NE, $100,000. 

Chance Robert D & Anne M from Ruby Linda D, 4200 Tannybrooke LN NW #14B, $129,000. 

Evey Eric J & Elise J from Krebs Brian T & Cassandra W, 2886 Limington St NW, $265,000. 

Hawker Rebecca L from Johnstone Dennis K, 2313 Cathy Dr NE, $64,000. 

Mashburn James D from Runser Nathan S, 4 Pinetree Ave NE, $143,000. 

Mashburn James D from Runser Nathan S, 6795 Pinetree Ave NE, $143,000. 

Metzger Arthur Joseph II & Emily from Utley Denise, 3210 Huntcliffe Rd NE, $399,000. 

Miller Cody & Robyn from Griffin Edward L & Gail D, 7829 Chatham Ave NW, $255,107. 

Milray Ian from MT Eaton Enterprises LLC, 4025 Cleveland Ave NW, $135,000. 

Miner Kelly Jo from NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation DBA, 1103 Fountain View St NE, $285,030. 

Miraglia Crystal from One Richmond Avenuecompany LLC, parcel 10011748 Will St NE, $118,000. 

Nero Matthew from Nero David A, 2509 Lakeside Ave NW, $150,000. 

Niewiadomski Edward P & Beth A from SRS Group LLC, 8124 Blue Spruce Cir NW, $75,000. 

NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation DBA from Mckinley Development Company Ltd, parcel 10013250 Stonegate Cir NE, $68,000. 

NVR Inc A Virginia Corporation DBA from Mckinley Edgewood Development Company LL, 1240 Fountain View St NE, $72,000. 

Portobello Properties LLC from Brown James W & Mary E, 2814 Midvale Rd NW, $150,000. 

Rea Building Corporation from Pollard William J III & Susan E Co-Ttees, 8158 Blue Spruce Cir NW, $80,000. 

Spehar Carl J & Heather J from Ebert Jeffery A & Kristin, parcel 5217251 Werner Church Rd NE, $71,000. 

Studer Seth from Owen Chad M, 4515 Lindford Ave NE, $190,000. 

Tenney James C from Common Julie A, 3225 Beverly Ave NE, $145,050. 

Young Chelsea Amanda & Michael Adam from NVR Inc D/B/A Ryan Homes, 7240 Pinetree Ave NE, $310,430. 

Zamilski Edward from Kerns James E, parcel 6000318 Mariner’s Island Dr, $157,000. 

Sandy Township

Bates Don A & Lisa M from Yukich Josephine, 190 Lynnwood Dr, $164,900. 

Petro John G & Amy C from Diebold Fredrick W & Diane S, 730 Minerva Rd, $375,000. 

Sugarcreek Township

Miller Willis I & Alisha from Miller Adam D, 404 Main St W, $134,000. 

MT Homes of Ohio LLC from the Apple Creek Banking Company, 101 Main St W, $85,000. 

Yoder Ronnie from Agri Soils Ltd, parcel 6703035 Sandusky Dr SW, $145,000. 

Tuscarawas Township

Cooper Brian E & Ferrick Erin C from William Bradley R & Brian R & Price, 11917 Moffit St SW, $144,000. 

Ferrell Derek Edward & Rachel Lynn from Huffman Jeffery D &Karen M, 1009 Miami Ave NW, $200,000. 

Ferrell Derek Edward & Rachel Lynn from Huffman Jeffery D &Karen M, parcel 7400770 Delmont Ave NW, $200,000. 

Forester James L from Sewell William D & Dorie S, 11905 Moffit St SW, $139,000. 

Hartman Paula J from Rink Kimberly L, 13095 Cloverleaf St NW, $164,000. 

Washington Township

Johnston Robert J & Maciag Kelsey A from Bauman Christopher M & Rebekah M, 13955 Louisville St NE, $142,750.



2768 Greenwich Rd, Palitto Amy M to Milosevic Nicholas J & Erika N, $275,000

7755 Darcy Dr, Davidyuk Lena & Elena to Adams Ryan L & Anna L Tapolcsanyi, $480,000

5490 Stags Leap Dr, Sharon Acres Inc to Spencer Mindi, $300,000

98 Johnson Rd, Brogan Barbara J to Nielsen Kirsten E, $140,000

1078 Ledgestone Dr, Tapolscanyi Anna L & Rebecca C & Michelle E to Duncan Laura &Cody, $265,000

420 Stephanie Cir, Bush Zachary & Katlyn to Malnight Joshua P & Laina C, $367,917

351 Tolbert St, Korb Matthew D & Lauren A to Shriver Bryan W & Tiffany K, $215,000

567 Greystone Dr, Cobb Jordan James B & Barbara Sue Byer & Bonny Cobb to Pagano Giovanni & Julie, $323,369

194 Deepwood Dr, Pons Kathleen M to Gollihue Kaitlyn, $94,900

187 Deepwood Dr, Mccurry Timothy N to Hanson Ashley J, $90,000

170 Cloverwood Cir, Crano Maria E to Calton Tyler John & Natalie Ann Samijlenko, $275,000

241 Euclid Ave, Taylor Gary L to Citizens Bank Na, $77,100

139 W North St, Hontert Paul R to Wise Richard T Jr & Christy M Vincent, $191,500

503 Heron Bay, Duncan Lisa Marie Trustee to Beal Mary L, $291,000

168 Gordon Ave, Young Kay L & Douglas J to Parham Andrew & Mindy Lee, $151,000

420 Dalton Dr, Granados Diego A Rojas & Liliana Berenice Martinez Luna to Harrison Donald II & Kelly, $300,000

552 Main St Unit H, Lilly Thomas C to Thomas Daniel E Jr, $110,000

1512 Buckhurst Run, Michaels Stephen C & Marie to Burke Thomas P & Susan M, $315,000

parcel 033-12C-24-026 Beacon Hill Dr, Gasser Builders Inc to Mills Brian & Christina A, $140,000

283 Tolbert St, Shriver Bryan W & Tiffany K to Blackburn Dennis R & Carol L, $190,000


858 Glenrock Dr, Chrisopulos Michael J & Michael R & Renee M Sandy to Schafer Sherrie G, $144,000

821 Substation Rd, Brown Bryan R & Katelyn D to Warden Stewart D & Tina M, $250,000

5101 Hartwell Ln, Pires Luis Fernando Soares & Maria Ciasca to Murphy Hope & Kenneth J II, $415,000

4575 Laurel Rd, Green Pointe Management LLC to Davic Enterprises Inc, $73,020

4349 Inner Circle Dr, Lowrey William G to Kelm Melanie, $50,000

54 Skyview Dr, Paoletta Patrick G to Allen Codi & Bertha Y Contreras-Vargas, $231,000

parcel 003-18A-14-002 Pearl Rd, Sermak Ronald A Trustee & Eric L Jones Trustee to Neo Panama Holdings LLC, $26,100

3198 Boston Rd, Parker Guy J to Chodkiewicz James Peter, $130,000

4225 Bennington Blvd, Blackburn Carol & Donald Esplin to True Freedom Ministry Inc, $44,000

680 Camden Ln, O’donnell Keith & Teresa Ann to Resendez Nathaniel L & Amanda L Kosturko, $290,000

4194 Glenbriar Dr, Drabik Gary & Karen to Gorey Jan, $300,000

757 Salem Ln, Krul Robert L & Teresa A to Blaha Daniel S & Jaclyn, $240,200

3498 Varmland Ct, Schneider Erik V to Bewley Lois E & Dennis P, $320,000

3752 Sandlewood Dr, Hotz Holly J to Petruski III Richard Anthony & Lisa S Chicke, $340,000

4705 Doral Dr, Smith Hope to Biery Antoinette, $224,000

3761 Nathan Ct, Turner Lisa M to Stayer Derek J & Halle M Dwyer, $156,500

2014 Glenmont Dr, Kanner Randolph M & Suzanne K to Farrell Francis P Jr & Christen R, $390,900

2052 Glenmont Dr, Benyo Frank J Trustee to Lynn Jeffrey T & Carol A Trustee of Jeffrey T & Carol Lynn Trust, $320,000

1919 Byron Dr, Perusek Carol to Lyttle Heather, $106,500

parcel 003-18A-14-004 Vac Maple Blvd, Sermak Ronald A Trustee & Eric L Jones Trustee to Neo Panama Holdings LLC, $850

85 Claremont Dr, Lesnak Robert M to Lawson Celia, $225,000

485 Judita Dr, Dawson Heather to Nasrallah Rmize Y & Robin S, $300,000


1980 Boston Rd, Boskocevic Dragica to Warner Joshua & Melissa, $258,000

2058 Hayden Dr, Edgewood Homes of Ohio LLC to Grobelny David G & Jennifer R, $725,000

1132 State Rd, Brown Bradley Mathew to Poddubny Richard W. & Karen E. Trustees of the Poddudny Family Trust, $440,000

parcel 016-03B-35-010 State Rd, Brown Bradley Mathew to Poddubny Richard W. & Karen E. Trustees of the Poddudny Family Trust, $440,000

1935 W 130th St, Frank Christopher M & Christy A to Bataran Petru, $200,000


parcel 019-13D-17-016 Crawford Rd, Finneran Brenda A to Banner Mark Molly, $415,000


4535 Vandemark Rd, Pantaleano Kasandra & Jerry III to Staylon Shaun & Karen Bennie-Staylon, $380,000

4561 Vandemark Rd, Pantaleano Jerry A III & Kasandra A to Staylon Shaun & Karen Bennie-Staylon, $380,000


8463 Rodgers Rd, Izworski Georgette I to Merriman Peter M, $322,500

8675 Harris Rd, Stanger Christina J to Stachler Jonathan S. & Sarah A., $455,000


148 Ledge Rd, Miller Victoria A & Tammie S Mcgivern to Lee Catherine, $635,000

148 Ledge Rd, Miller Victoria A & Tammie S Mcgivern to Lee Catherine, $145,000

1218 Wilbur Rd, Goch John & Kelly L to Ramy Michael, $371,800

7125 Ryan Rd, Zook Jeffrey A Co Trustee & Jennifer Zook Aquino Co Trustee to Sprosty James R & Gege N, $350,000

3457 Jessie Ann Cir, Olmstead Clint L & Melissa A Trustee to White James Mark & Nancy Jean, $630,000

5300 Genny Dr, Gall Peggy E & Peter D & Philip C to Rutherford Terry B Tina M, $128,000

3812 Foskett Rd, Moran Daniel & Kelly A to Hurst Laura K & Joseph Popiel, $330,000

4300 Weymouth Rd, Dowell Larry E to Stambaugh Trent, $264,000

parcel 026-06D-22-040 Falcon Ridge Dr, Olson Products Inc to Bateman Laura, $60,000

220 W Liberty St, Curran Rentals LLC to Hynes James J., $132,000

539 W Smith Rd, Pearson Robert Trustee to 539 W Smith LLC, $75,000

1050 Old Farm TR, Robinson Brandon & Megan to Hukill Shannon M, $215,000

507 W Smith Rd, Desnoyer Joseph W to Scott Stephanie M, $128,000

1038 N Jefferson St U-9, Ehren Jocelyn to Tollefsbol Tracey, $253,000

parcel 028-19C-20-236 Topsail Dr, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Vivacqua Daniel R & Russell F Petrus, $271,250

parcel 028-19C-20-235 Topsail Dr, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Fotheringham Amanda, $255,380

210 Newfield CL, Andrews Daniel L & Mary L to Parasolick James M & Tina, $289,000

parcel 028-19C-20-234 Topsail Dr, NVR Inc DBA Ryan Homes to Schneider Zachary J, $275,780

50 High Point Dr Unit 70, Patterson George K & Christie Miles-Patterson to Peterson Kenneth & Juanita, $204,000

450 Valley Dr, Podrasky Michael A to Johnson Katie & Connor Moroney, $218,000

1087 Greenwood Ct, Costello Amy C to Sagen Dale Craig & Hallie M, $405,000

4305 Lakeview Glen Dr, Doherty Christian J & Colleen to Portillo Christina Batista & Jason Parsons, $580,000

4553 Poe Rd, Walder David E & Karen M to Most Tobin R & Kelly L, $380,000

parcel 030-11A-25-012 Poe Rd, Walder David E & Karen M to Most Tobin R & Kelly L, $380,000

4692 Poe Rd, Berger Cheryl A to Meyer Lindsay, $155,000

4301 Antler Trl, Pilz Dana L & Jonathan L to Dulaney Karen M, $545,000

6757 Maplebrooke Trace, Gorey Jan to Cunningham Bruce P & Patricia A Wass, $315,000

7105 Wooster Pike, 3 South Self Storage LLC to PS Mid-West Two LLC, $2,650,000

6127 Summer Lake Dr, Wass Patricia A & Bruce P Cunningham to Schiavoni Rochelle & Melanie R, $600,000

4198 E Normandy PK Dr, Portillo Christina Marie Batista & Jason Parsons to Iring Roberta R, $208,000

5559 Diamond Creek Dr, Burke Thomas P & Susan M to Cossette Alan, $315,700

5650 Carsten Rd, Wightman Richard L & Krista Yohn to Wooster Partners LLC, $100,000

3601 Watkins Rd, Greco Building Group Inc the to Woods Taylor N & Zachary C Mckenzie, $88,900

303 N Huntington St, Carter Harvey H Jr to SFR3-020 LLC, $71,000

202 W Sturbridge Dr, Groat Shawn D & Bryn to Mack Donald Jordan & Sydney N., $310,000

59 Pinewood Dr, Hatzopoulos Tony M to Green Karen A, $160,000

1127 Brandywine Dr, Baddley Charles E Jr & Kristy to Sladky Robert F Jr & Linda M, $375,000

6827 Wooster Pike, Mitchell Lana B to Tiger General LLC, $198,000


126 Royal Crest Dr Unit K, Schaaf Thomas A & Nancy J to Morgan John & Katrina, $63,100

6053 Valley Quail Ct, New Enterprise Developers LLC & Shannondoah LLC to Novak Kathleen A & Richard A Yosick Sr, $52,000

126 Royal Crest Dr Unit J, Linden Tambrey L & Marcelle L Tammaro to Skidmore Robert C & Claudia M, $84,000

parcel 041-15B-30-011 Buffham Rd, Mcdermott James D & John R & Vicki L Hagar to Mcdermott John R, $16,667


206 N Main St, Yoss Ray & Kristi to Aldridge Nicholas P, $103,000

109 S Main St, Powell Joseph S to Williamson Jackie, $47,500

Valley City

7206 Crocker Rd, Campbell Kimberly Anne & Michael Scott Sherman to Westfall Michael L., $243,000

1205 Erhart Rd, Bulman Thomas E Trustee & Elaine F Bulman Trustee to Schlick Megan B Trustee of Megan B Schlick Trust, $380,000

6795 Center Rd, Leneghan Frank P to Leneghan Eileen A, $120,000


Canaan Township

3146 Steiner Rd, Troyer Stephen E to Holcomb Jason N & Michelle L S/T, $60,000

13-17-23 SWPT SE 1.00A CD 897 Steiner Rd, Troyer Stephen E to Holcomb Jason N & Michelle L S/T, $60,000

Chippewa Township

12383 Black Diamond Rd, Croft Richard L to Johnson Christopher James & April L Little Johnson S/T, $325,000

12675 Doylestown Rd, Gibbs John Martin to Kyler Kenneth Levi, $135,000

Congress Township

8761 W West Salem Rd, Red Rose Properties LLC to Martin Winford J, $140,000


WPT Lot 403 25′ MP 6 CD 602 Garden St, Burke Daniel R & Jennifer A Henry S/T to Javorsky Lisa N, $135,000

100 Garden St, Burke Daniel R & Jennifer A Henry S/T to Javorsky Lisa N, $135,000

E Side Lot 405 25′ MP 6 CD 833 Garden St, Burke Daniel R & Jennifer A Henry S/T to Javorsky Lisa N, $135,000


416 Main St, Rowley Zachariah C to Mcginty Patrick W, $130,000

218 Skyview Cir, Vonhofen Jessica M & Douglas A Fair S/T to Warner Brandon & Kelly S/T, $305,000


320 Catawba Path, Stevens Michael S & Pamela S Trustees to Bush Zachary & Katlyn S/T, $300,000

East Union Township

158 S Kansas Rd, Neuenschwander Matthew C & Aubrey K S/T to Raber Michael D & Kathryn L Keim S/T, $200,100

Franklin Township

4979 S Honeytown Rd, Dickerson Robert E & Sue E S/T to Turchyn Andrei V & Jessica S/T, $425,000

Milton Township

9095 Yoder Rd, Beery Chad E & Katie J S/T to Anliker Daren J & Kendra M S/T, $400,000

7845 Zigler Rd, Henico David P & Michelle S/T to Edgell Brandon J, $165,000

9031 Honeytown Rd, Stoller Robin & Joanne S/T to Merillat Eric D & Audrie R S/T, $120,000

8834 Krabill Rd, Ramsier Steven W & Karen S Trustees to Felden Michael A & Halley A S/T, $170,000


423 W Paradise St, Matz Frances A to Beck Aaron E, $87,500

821 W Market St, Catrone Michael L to Shoup Lyle E & Desiree A S/T, $110,000

1731 Blackberry Ln, WWM Properties Ltd an Ohio LLC to Amstutz Stevena & Janice A S/T, $250,255

Sec 26 Ept NW 15.051A MP 68 Paradise Rd, Renner Development Company LLC to Mcallister Ryan P & Karrie L S/T, $315,000

2326 Pebble Brook Path, Carlson Rodney K to Schmitt Terry L & Judith M Bates S/T, $299,900

Paint Township

16464 Harrison Rd, Fisher Richard A & Verna A S/T to D&M Property Holdings LLC, $60,000


132 E Sunset Dr, Jab Rentals LLC to Lofgren Beth Anne Trustee, $115,000

170 Oak Hill Dr, Haynes Lee R & Audrey J S/T to Corbacioglu Andra, $180,000

343 W Sunset Dr, Snyder Audra to Fortney Morgan, $110,000


S 1/2 Vac Aly Lot 14 Block F MP3 CD 385 Wood St, Martin Broc A to Deyo Michael S, $149,500

S 1/2 Vac Aly Lot 16 Block F 25′ MP 3 CD 386 Wood St, Martin Broc A to Deyo Michael S, $149,500

S 1/2 Vac Aly Lot 15 Block F 25′ MP 3 CD 387 Wood St, Martin Broc A to Deyo Michael S, $149,500

S 1/2 Vac Aly Lot 18 Block F 25′ MP 3 CD 388 N Prospect St, Martin Broc A to Deyo Michael S, $149,500

S 1/2 Vac Aly Lot 13 Block F 25′ MP 3 CD 389 Wood St, Martin Broc A to Deyo Michael S, $149,500

405 N Prospect St, Martin Broc A to Deyo Michael S, $149,500

Sugar Creek Township

11-16-06 Empt SE 4.486A CD 1816 Bair Rd, Hann Nancy Beth to Weaver Michael A & Laurie J S/T, $270,000

11-16-05 NWPT SW 10.492A Bair Rd, Hann Nancy Beth to Weaver Michael A & Laurie J S/T, $270,000

11-16-05 NWC SW 2.008A, Hann Nancy Beth to Knutson Joseph, $276,100

11-16-05 NWC SW 2.129A, Hann Nancy Beth to Knutson Joseph, $276,100

11-16-05 NWC SW 2.131A, Hann Nancy Beth to Knutson Joseph, $276,100

Wayne Township

4134 Lytle Dr, Bonnis Allen J & Mary C S/T to Zutavern Charla R & John M S/T & Aaron J Baird & Kalina Z Baird Trustees, $165,000

3024 Evergreen Dr, Gram Holdings LLC to Lindeman Zachary E & Kimberly A S/T, $64,900

West Salem 

21 Chestnut St, Pinson Melody Ann to Red Rose Properties LLC, $165,100

Pt Ept Lot 221 5′ MP 6 CD 826 Middle St, Pinson Melody Ann to Red Rose Properties LLC, $165,100


244 College Ave, Zitko Charles M to Hoffman Kelsey M, $132,000

360 Palmer St, Stroud Roger A & Melodie L S/T to Henning Abby J, $115,000

1715 Harold Ave, Schmucker Caleb to Clayton Paige Mary & David James Zakowski S/T, $182,500

1438 Hickory Ln, Bell Travis A & Rebekah E S/T to Kearney Patrick & Julia Williams S/T, $289,900

13-16-27 SMPT SE 1.373A MP 166 CD 1022 Hickory Ln, Bell Travis A & Rebekah E S/T to Kearney Patrick & Julia Williams S/T, $289,900

2618 Wetherington Ln, Weaver Custom Homes Inc to Beechy Thomas L II & Joann S/T, $188,495

2618 Wetherington Ln, Weaver Custom Homes Inc to Mcculloch Carolyn, $203,861

1934 Eddy Way, Walter Duane E to Williams Karen, $129,900

WPT Lot 3374 MP 83 CD 1420 Arbor St, Mathew Shawna N & Timothy A S/T to Mcdowell Morgan L, $175,000

819 Arbor St, Mathew Shawna N & Timothy A S/T to Mcdowell Morgan L, $175,000

819 Arbor St, Mathew Shawna N & Timothy A S/T to Mcdowell Morgan L, $175,000

SPT Lot 3377 16.67′ MP 83 CD 1423 Arbor St, Mathew Shawna N & Timothy A S/T to Mcdowell Morgan L, $175,000

1163 Quinby Ave, Starlin Shawn & Natalie to Jarvis Kayla N & Russell K Hinds S/T, $250,000

SPT Lot 2703 25′ W 1/2 Vac Alley MP 94 CD 1583 Quinby Ave, Starlin Shawn & Natalie to Jarvis Kayla N & Russell K Hinds S/T, $250,000

4727 Melrose Dr, Beckles Jessica J & Cedric J to Hakim Michael & Madeleine S/T, $265,000

Wooster Township

2611 Batdorf Rd, Berry Kandie S to Robbins Jane A, $180,000

2791 Secrest Rd, Royal Morgan Estates LLC to Jenkins Kevin R & Courtney D S/T, $125,000

2511 Batdorf Rd, Rutt Sean T & Kimberly M S/T to Daugherty Cody M, $178,000

4325 Secrest Rd, Schuch Claudia Swoger Trustee to Miller Mervin A & Mattie E S/T, $775,500

13-15-13 WMPT NE & Empt NW 23.416A Secrest Rd, Schuch Claudia Swoger Trustee to Miller Mervin A & Mattie E S/T, $775,500

1266 Julia Cir, Nadelin Home Repairs LLC to Snyder Todd J & Kaitlyn A S/T, $250,500



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