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Grand County real estate transactions, April 10-16 | – Sky-Hi News

Real estate transactions totaled $17,692,900 across 24 sales for the week of April 10 to 16.

Property Address: 213 West Eisenhower Drive, Byers Peek Townhomes

Description: 1,988-square-foot, three-bedroom, three-bath townhome on 0.01 acres of land.

Seller: David and Mary Carr

Buyer: Christopher, Michelle, Ryan and Martha Carr

Price: $525,000

Property Address: 104 Meadow Trail

Description: 3,199-square-foot, four-bedroom, three-bath, single-family residence on 0.217 acres of land.

Seller: Geoffrey and Lauren Slater

Buyer: 3190 17th Street LLC

Price: $1,750,000

Property Address: 222 Crosscut Drive, Sawmill Station Townhomes

Description: 1,896-square-foot, two-bedroom, 3.25-bath, single-family residence on 0.033 acres of land.

Seller: Gregory J. Goldenhersh Living Trust and Autumn D. Brockman Living Trust

Buyer: Allison Roberts

Price: $1,000,000

Property Address: 103 Sagebrush Trail

Description: 3,955-square-foot, three-bedroom, 2.75-bath, single-family residence on 0.26 acres of land.

Seller: David and Marcielle Sardinta

Buyer: Mid-State Properties LLC

Price: $1,299,000

Property Address: 207 GCR 8307/Silver Lining Circle

Description: 3,228-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bath, single-family residence with garage on 1.0 acres of land.

Seller: 207 Silver Lining Circle LLC

Buyer: Patrick Alan Britt Revocable Trust

Price: $1,300,000

Property Address: 408 Park Avenue

Description: 960-square-foot, two-bedroom, one-bath, single-family residence on 0.165 acres of land.

Seller: Rhea Ann Gallager

Buyer: Cheryl and Anthony Ryba

Price: $318,000

Property Address: 212 GCR 702/Village Drive, Beaver Village Condominiums

Description: 1,010-square-foot, two-bedroom, 2.2-bath condo.

Seller: Michael and Rebecca Conger

Buyer: Jake and Sonia Kornblatt

Price: $725,000

Property Address: 375 GCR863/Ridge Road

Description: 1.05 acres of vacant residential land.

Seller: Robert Ray

Buyer: Sally Wadyka and Craig Holm

Price: $230,000

Property Address: 200 GCR 8344/Bryant Boulevard, Eagle Ridge on the Summit Winterset Condo

Description: 1,928-square-foot, three-bedroom, 2 1/2-bath condo.

Seller: Gregory and Deirdre Bell

Buyer: Alexander Logemann and Helen Rogers

Price: $925,000

Property Address: Winter Park Drive, Fraser-Crossing-Founders Pointe Condominiums

Description: 443-square-foot, zero-bedroom, one-bath condo.

Seller: Daron Spaulding and Cameron Huggins

Buyer: Whitney and Daniel Rabern

Price: $375,000

Property Address: 352 GCR 413/Arapahoe Road

Description: 1.0 acres of vacant residential land.

Seller: Clyde Alley

Buyer: Michael and Gayla Darrah

Price: $165,000

Property Address: 490 Kings Crossing Road, Silverado II Condo

Description: 1,029-square-foot, two-bedroom, two-bath condo.

Seller: Adam Block

Buyer: Conor and Elizabeth Dea

Price: $500,000

Property Address: 101 Timber Court

Description: 2,864-square-foot, three-bedroom, three-bath, single-family residence on 0.07 acres of land.

Seller: Michael Poland and Lisa Noelle Winter Thomas

Buyer: Landon and Kara Hoover

Price: $1,230,000

Property Address: 108 Sawyer Circle

Description: 2,300-square-foot, three-bedroom, 3.75-bath townhome on 0.038 acres of land.

Seller: Roger H. Ganser Trust

Buyer: Jason Keene and Myda Luu

Price: $1,150,000

Property Address: 1600 GCR 514/Lupine Lane

Description: 3,205-square-foot, four-bedroom, 3.5-bath, single-family residence on 0.043 acres of land.

Seller: Pole Creek Divide LLC

Buyer: Deirdre and Gregory Bell

Price: $1,150,000

Property Address: 274 GCR 44221/Soda Springs Ranch Road

Description: 1,687-square-foot, two-bedroom, 1.75-bath condo.

Seller: Bernita Shanks

Buyer: Keith and Holly Stratman

Price: $385,000

Property Address: 450 Elk Track Circle

Description: 3,256-square-foot, three-bedroom, 2.25-bath, single-family residence on 0.082 acres of land.

Seller: Daniel and Shane Parkinson

Buyer: Adam Hageman

Price: $1,150,000

Property Address: Boardwalk Plaza Condominiums

Description: 606-square-foot, one-bedroom, one-bath condo.

Seller: PLK LLC

Buyer: NDTCO TSTE, Darrel Adolf Roth IRA

Price: $419,900

Property Address: 102 Base Camp Circle

Description: Base Camp Townhomes Lot 9

Seller: BC Townhomes LLC


Price: $800,000

Property Address: No address

Description: Base Camp One Condominiums Lot 4

Seller: BC Townhomes LLC


Price: $1,100,000

Property Address: 3361 GCR 2415/Bighorn Park Road

Description: 1,858-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bath, single-family residence with garage on 2.15 acres of land.

Seller: Thomas and Marilyn Rohlas

Buyer: Robert Crone

Price: $615,000

Property Address: 126 GCR 4035/Brook Road

Description: 0.26 acres of vacant residential land.

Seller: Baby Moose Investments LLC

Buyer: Matthew and Maria Brown

Price: $106,000

Property Address: 7103 Northstar, Kicking Horse Lodges

Description: 635-square-foot, one-bedroom, one-bath condo.

Seller: Jonathan Goss

Buyer: Molly Malarsie and Travis Ketelsleger

Price: $300,000

Property Address: No address, Val Moritz Village

Description: 1.08 acres of vacant residential land.

Seller: Debra Thurston and Bryce Romig

Buyer: Dana and Matthew Jackson

Price: $175,000




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