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When it comes to utilizing state-of-the-art blockchain technology to ensure the security and integrity of the documents associated with a real estate transaction, Mir Ali Asgary, the CEO and broker of record of Ontario’s Creiland Consultants Realty, didn’t hesitate before turning to ShelterZoom.

At the same time, Asgary realized that he was helping both his team members and growing client base become more familiar and comfortable utilizing technology that will be as common in the coming years as two-step verification and online banking are today.

As the leader of the tech-driven firm, which prides itself on being a digital trendsetter in the global real estate industry, Asgary is proud to offer clients secure services on the blockchain network to remit lease or real estate purchase payments. He also offers ultimate flexibility by allowing clients to use cryptocurrency as well as traditional fiat as legal tender.

“We were fortunate to come across ShelterZoom’s DocuWalk platform for contract drafting, negotiations and execution of documents,” says Asgary, who goes on to explain that with DocuWalk, standard PDF agreements can be uploaded in a blockchain contract format so that they can easily be shared with the counterparty to sign and execute.

Drilling down further, Asgary also takes advantage of the company’s Document GPS platform to share attachments via email on the secure blockchain platform.

“The exchange of email documents is a daily routine in our business, and thanks to the Document GPS product, agents are able to share confidential files within their email platform,” says Asgary. Better yet, the product allows for better control as far as sharing documents with the intended recipient. Once received, the document can be downloaded, opened in view-only mode or shared with others as needed.

In short order, agents began using Document GPS to send confidential files such as off-market opportunities and listing/commission agreements as well.

While Asgary qualified ShelterZoom as the firm’s partner of choice when it was time to find a digital partner that would provide a blockchain platform, he understands the importance of taking the time to help those who may not be as tech savvy get their heads wrapped around the technology.

“We try to guide those who understand and are more comfortable with that level of technology, but we know there will be pushback from others who are not, so we’re working closely with ShelterZoom to develop ways to reduce the amount of steps associated with the process of utilizing blockchain,” says Asgary, who can’t say enough about ShelterZoom’s proactive approach to advancing their technology and improving their user interface.

“At present, we’re determining how best to advise our clients on the merits of this new technology and starting to suggest an alternate solution for day-to-day business,” says Asgary. “While Web 2.0 solutions are no longer state of the art in privacy and protection, Web 3.0 technology serves to solve this problem.”

In the relatively short amount of time that Asgary’s company has been working with ShelterZoom, everyone involved has been meeting the learning curve challenges head-on.

“We’re excited about our partnership with ShelterZoom,” concludes Asgary. “With their technology, we’re providing our clients Web 3.0-compliant real estate solutions and further protecting their privacy and security.”

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