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Eastern area real estate transactions for the week of May 23, 2021 – TribLIVE


GMS Global Investments LLC sold property at 827 Greensburg Pike to Desire White Price for $176,000.


Thien Le Nguyen sold property at 70 Locksley Drive to Karthik and Grace Hariharan for $263,970.


Vivian French sold property at 708 Cherry Blossom Court to Loretta Riddle for $249,900.

Matthew Elzer sold property at 312 Church St. to Colin Smith and Lindsey Herd for $215,000.


Justin Arner sold property at 304 Garland St. to Renee Schaefer for $221,000.

Eric Holtzman sold property at 430 Greendale Ave. to Harvey and Roberta Lyn Borovetz for $319,000.

Pamela Slatt Fagelson sold property at 116 Lincoln Ave. to Benjamin Clark and Morgan Walbert for $306,000.

Forest Hills

Estate of Alfonso Raucci sold property at 316 Glasgow Road to Alex and Jennifer McTighe Rompala for $170,000.

Evelyn Lehan sold property at 3758 Greensburg Pike to Cynthia Baca for $98,500.


Matthew Bell sold property at 204 Brandywine Drive to Phillip McKinney and Jessica Hyland for $329,000.


Thomas Will Exr sold property at 813 Cottonwood Drive to German Alberto Jaramillo and Angela Marcela Ramirez for $149,000.

Morgan Elizabeth Hamby sold property at 4209 Ivanhoe Drive to Katherine Oravec for $222,000.

Maplecrest LLC sold property at 321 Nelson Drive to Nvr INC for $83,000.

Kisasonak Realty Services Inc. sold property at 811 Patton St. Ext. to Marvel Holdings Trust for $75,519.


Gerald Ellson sold property at 3317 Carriage Circle to Stanley and Carol Oslosky for $421,000.

Saba Raees sold property at 7001 Lyons View Court to Ian and Aditi Lowry for $445,000.

GFH Holdings LLC sold property on North Hills Road to Numa Development LLC for $10,000.

Aryanna Berringer sold property at 3617 North Hills Road to Jason Fullen and Lauren Coulter for $365,000.

James Roncace sold property at 3678 School Road to Hasan Odom for $310,000.

Arthur Anderson sold property at 2777 Spring View Court to Megan Murphy for $312,000.

North Huntingdon

Shawn Kreuzberger sold property at 1021 Third St. to Phillip and Dolores Lazzaro for $195,000.

Norman Gross trustee sold property at 10774 Collins Ave. to John Anthony Estvander and Heather Eathorne for $23,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $73,706).

Kymberly McCarty sold property at 8917 Delaware Ave. to Matthew and Carla Marie Bell for $590,000.

Thomas Bazzone sold property at 1768 Haflinger Drive to Daniel and Stacie Parker for $405,000.

Robert Gilmartin sold property at 1080 Hahntown Wendel Drive to DiCerbo Nama Properties LLC for $48,000.

Joseph Shuster sold property on Lucia Lane to Donald Tarosky Jr. and Jessica Turik for $27,500.

Alexander Pishko sold property at 14341 Marybelle Drive to Thomas Grivna and Kristie Beck for $137,000.

Estate of Frank Lombardo sold property at 13743 Redwood Drive to Daniel Best for $182,500.

RWS Land Co. Inc. sold property at 9206 Riley Way to Dennis and Denise Yeager for $65,000.

Estate of Duane Brokenbek sold property on Riverview Road to Gregory Xavier Bonner Jr. for $272,000.

Bryan Simpson sold property at 2000 Shaw St. to David and Jamie Bruce for $184,000.

Diana Haden sold property at 2221 Thomas Drive to James Pawling for $215,000.

Willow Glenn Development Co. sold property at 3114 Warwick Drive to Pradeep Hemmanur and Anjali Mandayam Comar for $65,000.

Estate of Gerald Likar sold property at 14250 Wayne Drive to Dehn and Mariah Unterzuber for $209,900.

RWS Development RC LTD sold property at 1299 Weber Court to Joshua and Tammy Kopper for $539,550.


Girth LLC sold property at 631 Maple Way to John Kijowski for $232,000.

Penn Hills

Estate of Clarence Connors sold property at 848 Cedarwood Drive to TRS Property Services LLC for $53,359.

Virginia Carole Fischer sold property on Coal Hollow Road to TOC Management LLC for $8,000.

Joe C Land Properties LLC sold property at 290 Coal Hollow Road to TOC Management LLC for $6,000.

Homer Leacock sold property at 3025 Crab Hollow Drive to Jazzy Rentals LLC for $14,000.

Triangle Funding Group LLC sold property at 7114 Doak St. to BWB Holdings LLC for $31,000.

Natan Hamisha sold property at 230 Erhardt Drive to TYT Real Estate Investments LLC for $17,000.

Ralph Santucci sold property at 5528 Front St. to SFR3 LLC for $40,000.

Beach 26 Partn. LLC sold property at 5620 Front St. to Sfr3-020 LLC for $35,600.

Home Team Properties LLC sold property at 1013 Hamil Road to Amber Suber for $110,000.

David Hines sold property at 12019 Harvard Drive to TNA Investments LLC for $63,000.

Jeffrey Wareham sold property at 10913 Highpoint Drive to Terence Euqene Turner for $146,000.

William Antonucci sold property at 430 Jefferson Road to Triple Alpha Heights LLC for $85,000.

Natural Home Solutions LLC sold property at 124 Lansdowne Drive to Cody William McClintock and Carly Rose Ellison for $150,000.

Shelter & Property LLC sold property at 401 Lee Drive to Scalior Properties LLC for $103,500.

Shelter & Property LLC sold property at 405 Lee Drive to Scalior Properties LLC for $103,500.

Michael Pickens trustee sold property at 624 MacFarlane Drive to Jeanine Gimbert for $109,700.

Anthony Traficante sold property at 75 N Joslyn Drive to Ahmad Franklin for $60,000.

Leo Schrantz sold property at 1060 Old Coal Hollow Road to Hollis Homes LLC for $20,000.

Shalini Haridoss sold property at 317 Orin St. to Andrew Lamansky and Kathleen Monin for $102,000.

MS Asset Recovery LLC sold property at 707 Parkway Ave. to Triple Alpha LLC for $65,555.

Mikester Management LLC sold property at 6850 Royal Drive to Keith Daniel Ohm and Hailey Marie Porter for $155,000.

Erika Ross sold property at 1446 Stanley Drive to Kevin Beckham for $140,000.

Richard Loduca sold property at 125 Sycamore Drive to 2669 LLC for $50,000.

Leia Williams sold property at 5742 Verona Road to Jonathan Douglas and Danielle Pater for $92,000.

MD Trade LLC sold property at 6963 Verona St. to Julio Cesar Landaqverde and Dunia Villalobos for $25,000.

Penn Township

Charles Hughes III sold property at 170 Altman Road to Joshua Knapp and Brittani Goerner for $226,000.

William Good sold property at 201 Anthony St. to Richard and Joan Snyder for $107,000.

Blackthorn Investors LLC sold property at 1038 Blackthorne Drive to Robert Vucelich for $42,500.

Blackthorn Investors LLC sold property at 1038 Blackthorne Drive to Bedrock Developers LLC for $60,000.

Nicco LaQuatra sold property at 2119 Claridge Elliott Road to Jade Pedder for $220,000.

Barney Kistler sold property at 1020 Crab Apple Court to George and Cindy Oravec for $483,571.

Wendy Slywczuk sold property at 1005 Garrison Lane to Christopher Price and Fionnuala McGarry for $210,000.

Donald S Fabyonic Construction Inc. sold property on McWilliams Road to Brian and Karen Cole for $45,000.

Emily McKim sold property at 4077 Route 130 to SFR3-000 LLC for $110,000.

Blackthorn Investors LLC sold property on S School Road to NVR Inc. for $120,000.

Jody Martz sold property at 113 Thomas St. to Wendy Martz for $40,000.


Sharon Ann Shimp sold property at 2047 Holiday Park Drive to Neehar LLC for $85,000.

Gary Riddle sold property at 126 Lebeouf Drive to Elizabeth Ann Yorio for $96,000.

Ashley Nave sold property at 119 Pine Court to Anthony John and Tara Lynn Moser for $91,373.

Frank Acquaviva sold property at 500 Reep Road to Dennis Acquaviva for $175,000.

James Davis sold property at 104 Ridge View Road to Anthony and Claire Marovelli for $320,000.

Estate of Charles Yanosh sold property at 129 Shady Ave. to Pais Nation Property Group LLC for $53,000.


Zane Stevens Vaughn sold property at 2013 Delaware Ave. to Timothy Horton Johnson for $302,500.

Estate of Lois McHenry sold property at 2008 Locust St. to Wild Plum Properties LLC for $70,000.

Kathleen Vivian sold property at 1990 Monongahela Ave. to Burklove Properties LLC for $50,000.


Robert Cromer sold property at 315-317 Fifth St. to Westmoreland County Land Bank for $1,140.

Karen Joy Chintella trustee sold property at 99 Belleauwood Blvd. to Holly Winans for $184,900.

Raymond Crothers sold property at 601 Brinton Ave. to Max and Michael Levy for $130,000.

Turtle Creek

Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency sold property at 823 Elizabeth St. to Greatttt Homes LLC for $34,000.

Estate of Jame Lucas sold property at 1509 Maple Ave. to James Lucas for $28,000.

Terrence Macdonald sold property at 1609 Mobile Ave. to Araminta Janai Dendy for $80,000.


Estate of Donald Buzzelli sold property at Ridge Ave. to Edward and Denise Cortinovis Jablonski for $7,500.


Elizabeth Gazen sold property at 751 Greensburg Pike to Roots Property Solutions Inc. for $33,611.

Marco One L.P. sold property at 127 Linhart St. to Darby Phillips for $53,200.

Matthew Douglas Booher sold property at 139 Powell St. to George Lightcap IV for $21,000.

Estate of George McKean sold property at 937 Rita Drive to Robert and Samuel Ferry for $114,500.


Iris Davoodi sold property at 1410 Franklin Ave. to TR & M Management LLC for $60,000.

Jose Acevedo sold property at 737 Hill Ave. to Bollinger Rei LLC for $45,000.

Earnest Manghan Jr. sold property at 1501 Laketon Road to Aditi Mody and Hardik Parekh for $66,000.

Estate of David Boeringer sold property at 1537 Marie St. to CMG Contracting Inc. for $15,000.

John Migliozzi sold property at 936 Savannah Ave. to Miller Graham McCormick and Cazzie David for $450,000.

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