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Eastern area real estate transactions for the week of Aug. 8, 2021 – TribLIVE


Donald Urban sold property at 21 Heritage Court to Noelle Riley for $350,000.


Glenn Gates sold property at 101 Edgewood Ave. to Susan Barnett and Clarence Steiner for $100,000.

Susan Mead sold property at 151 Gordon St. to Margaret Clugston and Timothy Martin Madle for $211,000.


Estate of Thelma Mae Taylor sold property at 2703 Hamilton Ave. to Kara Campbell for $20,000.

Forest Hills

Carol Kaucic sold property at 133 Avenue A to Michael Brooks for $205,000.


Daniel Williams Jr. sold property at 1422 Pennsylvania Ave. to John Chabala for $733 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $9,461).

ADK Ventures Inc. sold property at 9399 Route 30 to JPMorgan Chase Bank NA for $700,000.


First National Bank PA sold property at 40 Observatory St. to Rhonda Adamson for $40,000.


Beau Hodder sold property at 277 Heather Drive to Cheryl Leow and Caleb Rondeau for $189,900.

Alan Klein sold property at 4205 Ivanhoe Drive to Beacon Hill Rental LLC for $200,000.

Donna Marie Ciarinski sold property at 309 Mcmasters Drive to Iris Conception for $148,000.

Estate of Janet Rutter sold property at 134 Pagoda to Jayme and Patrick Matkozich for $585,000.

Denise Cumpston sold property at 1501 Pleasantview Drive to Anthony Verdiglione for $37,000.

Jeffrey Zurisko sold property at 433 Raspberry Drive to Jamie and Jarrett Harrison for $172,000.

Estate of Edward Rosemeyer sold property at 116 Ridgeview Drive to Kaylan Moore for $260,000.

Megan Galmoff sold property at 353 Shady Ridge Drive to Melissa Kott and Joseph Santinoceto Jr. for $145,000.

Haopeng Wang sold property at 562 Shumaker Drive to Jens Petter Holt-Jenson for $262,000.

Michael Selembo sold property at 225 Victoria Drive to Cheryl Daniels for $140,000.

Donald Simmons sold property at 209 Villa Manor Drive to Alex and Farrah Penn for $450,000.


Acres Development Group L.P. sold property at 4045 Acres Court to Anthony and Amanda Scarpo for $279,000.

Ernest Horton sold property at 6041 Apache Lane to Matthew and Larissa Cogley for $330,000.

Gary Knapp sold property at 5170 Ashbaugh Road to William and Kathleen Bell for $405,000.

Bert Krushinski sold property at 434 Edgetree Lane 32B to Nicholas Finoli for $182,000.

Ernst Weiss sold property at 3255 Fawnway Drive to Jill Strittmatter for $455,000.

Estate of Eelen McGuigan sold property at 4857 Hobaugh Ave. to Charles Tragesser Jr. and Christine Tragesser for $144,000.

Jacqueline Jones sold property at 2924 Jones Farm Court to William and Elaine Petrakis for $250,000.

Glenda Bureau sold property at 5722 Kennedy Ave. to Erin Welch for $136,000.

Eileen Corsale sold property at 3427 Mayer Drive to Ronald Brownfield for $280,000.

John Prizner Jr. sold property at 390 Nature Trail Lane to Catherine Campbell for $195,900.

April Marie Kline sold property at 5005 Nottingham Court to Matthew and Haley Marie Dancho for $465,000.

Matthew Nelson sold property at 6050 Sinan Drive to Joel and Elyse Perry for $195,000.

North Huntingdon

Sandra Tokosh sold property at 780 Colonial Manor Road to Brittany Ann Karl and Michael Williams for $164,900.

Linda Bodman sold property at 2361 Coulterville Road to Excalibur Realty Management for $135,000.

Kyle McCormick sold property at 1790 Craig Drive to Gregory and Holly DeLuca for $255,000.

John Stefanik sold property at 9041 Dogwood St. to Joseph and Samantha Stickle for $254,000.

Sara Onusko sold property at 2036 Haflinger Drive to Matthew John Petro Jr. and Kassandra Petro for $355,000.

Scott Johnson sold property at 3120 Hawk Drive to National Residential Nominee Services In for $371,500.

National Residential Nominee Services In sold property at 3120 Hawk Drive to Jaga Koirala for $371,500.

Estate of Joan Walker sold property at 1169 Hedy Lynn Drive to RP2ALL LLC for $167,000.

Paul Funyak sold property at 12259 Herold Drive to Cullen Price for $239,000.

Philip Anselmino sold property at 1508 Jennifer Court to Joseph and Amanda Giacobbi for $365,000.

CVF LCF Mortgage Loan Trust I sold property at 702 Leger Road to David James Balog and Stacy Bell for $6,000.

Debra Higgins sold property at 371 Niagara Drive to Amanda and Jeffrey Mospan for $230,000.

Joe Ball sold property at 10531 Old Trail Road to Kate Pawling for $179,900.

Matthew John Petro Jr. sold property at 10919 Old Trail Road to Steven Rose for $191,000.

Gary Bollinger sold property at 360 Skellytown Road to Life Site Inc. for $1,279 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $12,208).

J. Scott McWalter sold property on Sunset Ave. to Mark and Sandra Squillace for $510 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $5,341).

J. Scott McWalter sold property on Sunset Ave. to Mark and Sandra Squillace for $485 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $4,731).

Willow Glenn Development sold property at 3003 Trafalgar Court to John and Deborah Winebrenner for $98,000.

Sherry Deberardinis sold property at 941 Whitehead Lane to RP2ALL LLC for $136,000.

Pasquarelli Property Management LLC sold property at 1230 Woodridge Drive to Jack and Nicol George trustee for $683,140.

North Irwin

Karl Heller sold property at 100 First St. to Aaron Shimp and Breeanna Bertolina for $20,000.


Federal National Mortgage Assn. sold property at 421 Fifth St. to David and Gina Altiere for $322,500.

P & B Operations Inc. sold property at 418 Delaware Ave. to Karosh LLC for $350,000.

Elissa Caligiuri sold property at 8 Greenwich Court to Constance Kitt for $170,500.

Penn Hills

Michael Tendick sold property at 840 Seventh St. to Shane and Brianna Polka Goodman for $158,000.

John Miller sold property at 10023 Calvin St. to Sinavy and Sochet Sao for $125,000.

Estate of Kenneth Edward Grimmett sold property at 7927 Chaske St. to Hays Jeffrey Dawson for $30,000.

Paul Bachner sold property at 115 Cristie Drive to Jeremy Grant for $199,000.

Richard Lacy sold property at 2818 Graham Blvd. to Richard Lacy and Claire Betsy Sable for $43,035.

Ryan Tuchin sold property at 352 Greenway Drive to H Dent Properties LLC for $89,461.

Estate of Dorothy Finch sold property at 562 Grove Road to Alexandria Hasbrouck and Patrick Nordby for $130,000.

Estate of Richard Adams sold property at 143 Hershey Road to MM Capital Group LLC for $70,000.

Mae Fannie sold property at 973 Hulton Road to James and Janet Syre for $160,000.

Joseph Stickle sold property at 11831 Joan Drive to Clarence Branch and Caitlin Campbell for $172,000.

Carmella Cuomo sold property at 362 Laurie Drive to Christopher Young for $170,000.

Estate of Clarence Robert Mathewson sold property on Lime Hollow Road to Estate Home Builders Inc. for $24,396.

Clare Bridge Jefferson Township L.P. sold property on Lime Hollow Road to Bernard and Charles Behrend for $24,396.

Raymond Bloch Foundation sold property at Lime Hollow Road to Apartment Network Inc. for $20,000.

Neville Lawrence sold property at 7864 Mark Drive to Eamon McNamee for $125,000.

Boris Levin sold property at 640 Newport Drive to Glenda Mayo for $125,000.

David Saville sold property at 414 Old Hickory Drive to Jada and Steven Shirriel for $225,000.

Leonard Kushner Jr. sold property at 1732 Outlook Drive to Regina and Stanley Dudczak for $200,000.

Estate of Ronald Russell sold property at 139 Pennoak Drive to Triple Alpha Heights LLC for $105,555.

Michael Calabrese sold property at 217 Saylong Drive to Keyway Homes East One LLC for $54,221.

TPL Income Property Corp. sold property at 172 Suncrest Drive to Deneen Gloria Anderson for $121,900.

Penn Township

Nancy Vargo sold property at unknown address to Joshua Robert Wentroble and Katie Marie Brooks Kramer for $90,000.

David McDavitt sold property at 162 Autumn Drive to Jared Lee Mitchell and Robin Lynn Vogel for $240,000.

Terry Harrison sold property at 51 Dover Road to Matthew and Marissa Uricchio for $332,500.

Russell Stubock sold property at 281 Durst Road to Adam and Megan Kukic for $555,000.

Nicholas Zdolshek sold property at 343 Hemlock Road to Edward and Joan Nicolette for $363,000.

NVR Inc. sold property at 1060 Moria Court to Neal Smarra for $320,910.

SFG2 Group L.P. sold property at 107 Royal Oaks Court to Donald Jay and Carol Ann Smith for $89,000.

John White sold property at 3420 Route 130 to Jacob Chappell for $167,400.

Joanne Thomas sold property at 3412 State Route 130 to David and Marissa Koloski for $255,000.

Barney Kistler sold property at 1005 Sweetgum Court to Jeff and Joan Dierdorf for $435,694.

NVR Inc. sold property at 1073 Wedgewood Drive to Bernard and Eileen Bromberg for $464,695.


James Wagner sold property at 557 Fifth St. to Steve Remai for $50,000.


Maronda Homes LLC sold property at unknown address to Allison and Gary Sargent for $374,983.

Maronda Homes Inc. sold property at unknown address to Christine McRandal and John Phillips Wiegand for $398,266.

Maronda Homes LLC sold property at unknown address to Susan Webb and William Paul Pykosh for $321,827.

Jesse Worsk sold property at 104 Barking Road to Brett and Susan Bloxdorf for $317,000.

Robert Shafer sold property at 136 Black Hills Road to Anthony Zuchelli for $180,000.

Susan Huet sold property at 404 Lynn Ann Drive to Chareese and Shad Henderson for $349,900.

Arthur Pedrinelli Jr. sold property at 724 Surfside Drive to Tiffany Nicole Bonnell and Kevin Richard Iwanski Jr. for $295,000.

Brian Myler sold property at 172 Winchester Drive to Christopher David and Jacquelynn Marie Moyer for $325,000.


Tabu Hurt McClung sold property at 7660 Highland Ave. to Na Lin and Edward Milam for $20,010.

Michael Koshute sold property at 1238 Lancaster Ave. to Frederick Nelson Lindsley and Kerri Randles for $380,000.

Dylan Jacobs sold property at 7461 Schoyer Ave. to Brandon Blumenfeld and Cassandra Malis for $240,000.

Stephen Ilnicki Jr. sold property at 7338 Trevanion Ave. to Evan Burlew for $328,250.

Point Park Capital LLC sold property at 2300 Woodstock Ave. to JML Prime Rental LLC for $385,000.


David Marco sold property at 285 E Edgewood Ave. to Brian and Mindyl Bickerton for $155,285.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. trustee sold property at 100 Shady Lane to X Pro Real Estate Co. LLC for $45,000.

Turtle Creek

Jayson Reagan sold property at 917 Maple Ave. to Davkel Properties LLC for $35,000.


Stanley Dudczak sold property at 442 Parker St. to Justin Dudczak for $118,750.

MC 4 LLC sold property at 436 Wildwood Ave. to Brandon Holdings LLC for $540,000.


Estate of William Stewart sold property at 118 Gardenia Drive to Kylee Angulo for $125,000.

Estate of Joseph Kuhner sold property at 817Rear Thompson St. to Theodore Keller for $40,000.


Sofia Berinstein sold property at 408 Hay St. to Connie Cantor and Arthur Donsky for $299,900.

Penn Hill Investments LLC sold property at 2020-2022 Lindsay Road to Flow PA Properties LLC for $945,000.

Blom & Byrne LLC sold property at 2124 Royal St. to Leisure Life Management LLC for $65,000.

Jean Karlos Carrion sold property at 1213 Sherman St. to Leon Rose for $27,000.

Lovett Sundries LLC sold property at 606 South Ave. to Soap Box Properties LLC for $49,818.

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