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Dominica offers real estate investment options that come with second citizenship – GlobeNewswire

Roseau, Nov. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Buying into real estate that is linked with investment migration programs is one way investment-minded families are opening themselves up to a world of possibilities for where they can live, work, study, and retire.

The Commonwealth of Dominica is owner to one of the world’s best-rated citizenship by investment programmes which was established in 1993. The programme offers globally renowned brands as part of its government-approved real estate offering.

Offshore real estate is a reliable asset class that continues to demonstrate decades-long returns and enables affluent individuals to protect and increase their wealth while diversifying their portfolios. When purchased through an investment migration programme, like that of Dominica, these assets come with citizenship rights, providing families with access to new markets, more secure healthcare systems, top-tier educational institutions, and a suite of investment and personal opportunities for present and future generations.

The potential gains from investment migration–linked real estate over the lifetime of the investment are threefold: the core value of the asset, rental yields, and global access and mobility—the ultimate hedge against market, regional and political volatility.

Moreover, geographical diversification through alternative citizenship can offer distinct lifestyle and business advantages. The pandemic and ongoing geo-political strife have shown the benefits of having an alternative location to base yourself in or relocate to if necessary. The transition to remote work in the past two years has also made it much easier for many families to live and work wherever they choose.

As many investors have already discovered, investing in international real estate is smart, but investing in investment migration–linked real estate is even smarter.

Real estate options in the Commonwealth of Dominica

To qualify for Dominica citizenship by investment via the real estate route, you must purchase pre-approved property worth at least US$200,000. The investment must be held for three years from the date your citizenship is granted and can only be resold under the citizenship by investment programme after five years.

Many real estate properties are approved by the government, offering you options such as villas, hotels, luxury resorts, eco-lodges, and condos. Some of the most popular real estate locations are Portsmouth, Soufriere, Salisbury, and around the capital Roseau.

Dominica has been preserved from mass tourism which is why the real estate market is mostly composed of family villas and beautiful hotels amongst the lush rain forests. 

Government-authorised property projects offer different options such as buying shares in hotels and luxury resorts. These sorts of commercial properties provide an incredible opportunity to own great rental return schemes, without having to bother with property management.

Top projects for real estate investment in Dominica

Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski Dominica is a five-star resort nestled within one of Dominica’s pristine national parks and lush ecosystems is the ideal base from which to explore the natural beauty of the Caribbean Island. The hotel opened in 2019 and has 151 rooms.

It is only 34kms away from the airport and offers a secluded paradise with a spa, four restaurants and bars, an art centre, two tennis courts, four swimming pools, a gym, a high-tech conference centre, and a wedding hall.

The Residences at Secret Bay, named as Travel and Leisure’s No #1 Resort in the Caribbean, Bermuda, and The Bahamas for 2022, is one of Dominica’s most luxurious offerings.

Known for its remote locale, hyper-personalized service, private accommodations with plunge pools, chef-driven epicurean culinary experience, island-to-table dining and no menu concept, and wellness offerings, Secret Bay has won the hearts of thousands and hundreds of people seeking an under-the-radar luxury hideaway.

The resort has been praised for its ability to effortlessly capture the luxury of time as it consists of numerous green and eco-friendly initiatives.

Tranquility Beach Resort – Curio – A Collection by Hilton, currently under construction and is authorised citizenship by investment project which celebrates privacy and individuality as the hallmarks of these fully-serviced premium vacation villas and residences.

Tranquility Beach Resort offers custom-designed villas and residences that embrace the perfect space to enjoy the simpler and finer things of life – family, friendship, and the beauty of island living and nature at its best.

Jungle Bay is a nature-inspired luxury escape that brims with pure cliffside beauty. It is an ideal spot for those who want to commune with nature and discover themselves – offering a dynamic collection of adventure, spa pampering, wellness, Yoga, gourmet cuisine, local culture, and history.

Jungle Bay maintains a significant commitment to sustainable tourism in Dominica. Everything from the resort’s design to operations is considered in line with responsible tourism and environmental awareness. The resort strives to manage waste, energy use, and other techniques to ensure limited disturbance of the ecosystem and reduce environmental and social impacts in all areas through continuous monitoring and evaluation.

How to apply for citizenship by investment

The first step in your citizenship by investment process in the Caribbean is choosing an authorised agent. Citizenship by Investment Unit does not deal directly with the public regarding applications. However, it channels all applications through approved and partnered agents who handle the entire process for you, including advising on everything from filling in relevant paperwork, what copies you need of which documents, and any doctor’s appointments that need to be coordinated.

In this stage, agents also vet the applicants, and if cleared, their applications are forwarded to the country’s CBI Units for additional due diligence. All Caribbean CBI Units use external due diligence firms where an applicant is vetted by agencies like Interpol and the JRCC to review their credentials against the respective organisation’s databases.

Once applicants pass the vetting process, they make the appropriate investment. After the funds have cleared, the government issues the individual with a certificate granting immediate citizenship to the investors. Barring a few minimal outstanding fees, your citizenship by investment process is complete. Now, new economic citizens can apply for their passports through the respective passport office.



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