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Dan River Region real estate transfers –

City of Danville

Recorded Oct. 4

  • Truman R. Moore Jr. and Lisa P. Moore to Truman R. Moore Jr., lot eight, section K. 234 Shamrock Drive, and Dublin Court, no money transferred.
  • Phyllis Marie Coleman to Clarence Brown and Jabrielle McDuffie, lot 20 A, 531 Rosemary Lane, $159,000.
  • Jessica N. Grimes to J&K Property, lot 30A, section N., 138 Hampton Drive and Brightwell Drive, $80,000.
  • Michael Shane Spicer and Allison M. Spicer to Pedro Javier Llamas Valadex (Pedro Javier Llamos-Valadee), 65 feet, lot eight, section C, 124 Naples St., $147,000.
  • Betty T. Ellis to Shea A. Biggs, lot one, 2203 Spencer St. and Ficklen Avenue, $45,300.

Recorded Oct. 5

  • Nicholas J. Piccolo to Brownz, lot 49 A, 117 & 119 Marshall Terrace, $170,000.
  • Martinsville Home Buyers to Stanley Baird, 116 Campbell St., $39,000.
  • Trung Tran to Desmond L. Wilson, lot 14, section five, 143 Brookview Road, $184,000.
  • HLRE Holdings to All In One Properties, parcel one: lot A, 421 Parker Road, $60,000.
  • William E. Griffin to William E. Griffin and Janice B. Griffin, Hanks Lane, no money transferred.
  • William E. Griffin to William E. Griffin and Janie B. Griffin, Hanks Lane, no money transferred.
  • Mark Delane Eanes and Virginia Brooke Eanes to Miguel A. Segura Espinal and Arianni M. Acosta, 820 Rutledge St., $5,000.

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Recorded Oct. 7

  • Judith M. Thomas to Golden Dove Investments, partial lot two H, 347 Little Creek Road, $70,000.
  • Judith M. Thomas to Golden Dove Investments, 75 feet, lot nine, section L, 144 Westmore Drive, $80,000.
  • W.J. McMann Jr. to Nexus Realty, 50 feet, lots 35-36, 155 Doolittle St., $35,000.
  • David W. Abbott and Mark Irvin Fitzgerald to James P. Senter and Ginger P. Senter, lot nine, section one, 206 Shoreham Drive, $400,000.
  • SMMU to Natasha Hanhan, partial lot 42, John Street and 499 Middle St., $14,000.
  • SMMU to Kevin Guaman Miles, 50 feet, lot nine, 120 Winslow St., $37,000.
  • Lalor M. Earle to Baker Williams, lot two, section one, 119 Canterbury Road, $205,000.
  • A.S. Pugh Inc. to K&K Capital Investments, lots one-six, 408 and 414 North Main St., $300,000.
  • Mark B. Holland, executor of estate of David B. Childress, deceased) to Ollism Penn II and Malvina Sandridge-Penn, lot 12, section B, 415 Vicar Road, $250,000.
  • Jesse Leroy Swann to Trustees of New Bethel Baptist Church, 40 feet, lot 59, Stokes Street, no money transferred.
  • Judith M. Thomas to EPI Rentals, 75 feet, lot 23, section J, 331 Cumberland Drive, $60,000.
  • Joanne W. Williams (Joanne W. Abbott) and Mary Annette Willis to Duane Hundley, 239 Iris Lane, $360,000.



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