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Commercial Real Estate Hall of Fame: Next Realty’s Eteri Zaslavsky – REJournals –

Each year, Midwest Real Estate News elects a new class to its Commercial Real Estate Hall of Fame. Here’s a look at one of our new inductees, Eteri Zaslavsky, managing director of Next Realty in Skokie, Illinois.

Eteri Zaslavsky, managing director with Next Realty in Skokie, Illinois, has built a thriving career in commercial real estate, no matter what role she’s taken on in the business.

How successful has Zaslavsky been? Before joining Next Realty, Zaslavsky originated commercial real estate loans and completed more than $550 million in transaction volume at Allstate Investments. Earlier in her career, she worked for the capital markets group of JLL, where she represented clients in the disposition of more than $725 million in real estate assets.

Since joining Next Realty in 2006, Zaslavsky has spearheaded the company’s investment strategy, completing several important transactions for the firm, including fee simple acquisitions, note purchases and financings. Zaslavsky has recently expanded her role to focus on investor relations and raising capital for Next Realty’s future investment funds.

Zaslavsky is that rare person who has found the ideal career, one that challenges and excites her and one for which her skills are perfectly suited.

“I have been fortunate to have worked with some amazing people from whom I have learned a tremendous amount,” Zaslavsky said. “From putting together my first Argus and Excel models, to learning new markets to networking and sourcing acquisition opportunities, it all boils down to loving the business. My current role at Next Realty allows me to combine these skills and apply them to what we do. Every day has been a new challenge and adventure.”

Like all successful CRE pros, Zaslavsky takes her position seriously. She knows just how important her work is to her clients.

“Being a good steward of investor’s capital is a big honor and responsibility,” Zaslavsky said. “Our investors are individuals who we know personally. They are our friends and family and our extended network. They entrust us with their personal capital. It is our responsibility to invest it wisely.”

Even with the care that Zaslavsky takes, there are times in the investment world in which things may not proceed as planned. That leads to the greatest challenge that Zaslavsky faces: dealing with unforeseen circumstances.

“In most instances, we have been able to regroup and apply creative solutions that resulted in positive outcomes,” Zaslavsky said. “We are always striving to make the appropriate decisions that will protect and grow our investors’ capital.

Another major reason for Zaslavsky’s success? She never stops learning. This CRE veteran says that she constantly takes lessons from her past and current experiences to better serve her clients.

“From my first position conducting underwriting and valuation at JLL to joint-ventures and structured finance at The Tuckerman Group to debt capital markets at Allstate Investments, I now apply all of these skills to the acquisitions process at Next Realty,” Zaslavsky said. “Working closely with the Next Realty team, we have developed a well-defined strategy for pursuing and evaluating investment opportunities and executing our business plans. Having a comprehensive view of the business has contributed to my approach, outlook, and success.”

When Zaslavsky isn’t serving her clients, she prefers to spend time with her family — and her large extended family — traveling, eating good food and shopping. She is also an expert at the classic family game Rummikub. (Although Zaslavsky’s 10-year-old daughter will tell you that she is the real expert in the Zaslavsky family.)

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