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Clinton County real estate sales – Wilmington News Journal, OH

This list of recent real estate transactions within Clinton County is provided by the Office of Clinton County Auditor Terence G. Habermehl and transcribed by News Journal staff.

Shirley Allen to Cowman FRLT, 92 East Fork Road in Green Township, 101.8 acres, $800,000.

Kenneth D. Deaton to Jimmie Williams and Jacob Ingersoll, 215 West Baldwin Street and one more West Baldwin Street property both in Blanchester, $93,600.

Danny Dean Morris to Jennifer and Mark McCarty, 5200 Ash Grove Avenue and one more Ash Grove Avenue property both in Blanchester, $155,000.

Arthur Alvin Harper II to Alexa G. Sams, 4680 State Route 350 in Vernon Township, 0.7 acre, $24,600.

Edward P. Lippincott Sr. to Edward Lippincott II, 319 Louise Street in Wilmington, $140,000.

Jeffrey Pallian to Randall M. and Pamela K. Lamb, 23 Third Street and 104 West Street both in New Vienna, $41,500.

Lynne J. Cooper / Trustee to Patrick J. and Kathryn S. Ryan, 9998 State Route 73 and 10174 State Route 73 and one more State Route 73 property all in Green Township, total of 151.7 acres, $1,050,000.

Clara F. Polley to Keith and Denielle Kidder, 1968 Clarksville Road and another property on Clarksville Road in Adams and Vernon Townships, 1.4 acres, $220,000.

Big Red Post LLC to Patsy Rolfe, 4940 State Route 72 North and three more State Route 72 properties all in Wilson Township, $150,000.

Andrew J. Ziegler to Benjamin Waits and Samantha Danielle Ziegler, 7276 Fairground Road in Blanchester, $147,000.

Jennifer Jarrell ⅓ interest and Kimberly Schoner ⅔ interest to Steven A. and Jennifer Jarrell, 353 Tar Pike in Marion Township, 2 acres, $25,000.

Fred C. and Carolyn M. Matthews to Mark A. and Susan M. Kratzer, 177 Paddock Place, $420,000.

David McGreevy ½ interest and Edna McGreevy ½ interest to Eric A. and Tonya Miller, 861 State Route 72 in Richland Township, 7.9 acres, $338,000.

Norman L. Johnson to Steven and Cheryl Powell, 436 North Mulberry Street in Wilmington, 0.3 acre, $40,000.

Barton Family Living Trust to Uriel Garcia, 7410 Fairground Road in Blanchester, $129,500.

First National Bank of Blanchester to Joseph Ross, 1255 Nauvoo Road in Vernon Township, 1 acre, $50,000.

Ted and Rebecca Hall LT and Cook Realty Trust to Clark Farm Enterprises Inc., 2280 Melvin Road in Wilson Township, 143.3 acres, $1,287,000.

Robert E. and Edwina R. Dean to Matthew D. McCarren, 349 North Howard Street and 355 North Howard Street both in Sabina, total of 0.24 acre, $87,000.

Kenneth C. Pack to Justin Lee Schwartz, 2690 Pansy Road in Vernon Township, 6.9 acres, $279,000.

Christopher J. and Leslie J. Chance to Benjamin K. and Alyssa J. Hartley, 93 Cowan Creek Road in Vernon Township, 6.5 acres, $300,000.

Jeremy S. Yankey to Jason and Elizabeth Knisley, 1044 State Route 72 South in Richland Township, 2 acres, $171,100.

John & Kay Murphy FRLT to Sean R. and Erin Skimming, 539 Starbuck Road in Union Township, 2 acres, $264,900.

John B. and Sandra L. Wellman to Melanie and Mark Newberg, 4989 Second Creek Road in Marion Township, 14.5 acres, $460,000.

Samantha Oeder to Corenna D. Oeder and Jordan M. Howard, 216 Fancy Street in Blanchester, 0.5 acre, $185,000.

Mark Wade Hall and Marilyn Louise Williamson and Susan Elaine Watson and Diana Lynn Slettum and Barbara Ann Houser to Randy Jr. and Katelyn Neville, 390 Creek Road in Adams Township, 5.1 acres, $235,000.

Reed & Peelle LLC to Rigoberto and Crystal Perez, 55 East Locust Street in Wilmington, $100,000.

John Shoemaker to William A. Gray, 360 Virginia Circle in Wilmington, $136,000.

Robert M. Pumpelly to Nathaniel R. Denniston, 383 West Sugartree Street in Wilmington, 0.2 acre, $63,000.

Blanchester Friends Housing Inc. to Westminster Court I partnership, 901 Cherry Street and another Cherry Street property both in Blanchester, total of 6.8 acres, $1,623,000.



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