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Change is the most constant and reoccurring phenomenon we will face in our lives. It is frequent, never-ending, unforgiving, unbending, untimely, and we are rarely prepared for it.  It just happens.

Change can come in the middle of the night or in the middle of the day. It has no particular day of week or time of the day.  Any day, at any time, and any moment will do.  It just happens.

Change does not consider what is going on in our life. It does not matter if you are doing well or doing poorly.  It doesn’t matter if you are in good health or bad health. It doesn’t care if you are busy or doing nothing at all.  It just happens.

Change has no respect of persons. It does not care about your gender, race, color, or sexual orientation. It doesn’t care if you are married or single. If you have children or no children. If you are rich or poor, working or unemployed. It just happens.

Change is coming for you, so get ready because Change does represent the status quo, or it would not be called Change. Now would it? Change must be embraced, loved, anticipated, and enjoyed because of the new challenge it represents.

You want Change to be the status quo.  Change represents daily opportunities, that the universe brings to you, that are always changing; and with Change comes Fear and Hope.  You choose.

If you choose to be Fearful because you may not be able to handle the change that Change brings, then change it is going to eat you alive from the inside out.  You will lose confidence, cower, and shrink back in the face of Change and lose Faith and give up.

If you choose to be Hopeful because you embrace Change and are allowing it to empower you, to keep pushing even harder than you did before Change showed up, you will succeed, and your Faith will propel you to even greater things.

What Fear and Hope have in common is Faith. Fear lacks Faith.  Hope represents an abundance of Faith. Change is the activator. Change is the catalyst. Change is the common denominator of Fear and Hope and forces us to deal with Change and to see Change one way: Fear or Hope. Change is woven into the fabric of our lives and cannot be avoided. It is like the weather, or darkness, or sunlight. Change is the air we breathe. We cannot escape it except through death, and many choose death instead of Change. Fear and Hope are immutable participants in our lives and remind us of the ever-present reality of Change.


Eric Lawrence Frazier MBA
President & CEO
The Power Is Now Media, Inc.

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