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Bethel Park real estate transactions for the week of July 18, 2021 – TribLIVE

Estate of Patricia Blockinger sold property at 337 Allandale Drive to Jack and Patricia Moore for $270,000.

Peter Dugdale sold property at 5996 Bethelman Ave. to Christine Hirsh and Elizabeth Roth for $293,000.

Joseph Ramusivich sold property at 196 Bluestone Drive to Kenya Thomas for $365,000.

Michael Facchiano Jr. sold property at 5409 Brightwood Road to Jennifer Sniegocki for $230,000.

Thomas Lucas sold property at 5388 Elm St. to Andrew and Kayla Fluder for $94,000.

Amanda Van Wagner sold property at 522 Fruitwood Drive to Garrett and Samantha Sekanick for $265,000.

Estate of Monica Ann Politti sold property at 1027 Highfield Road to Stephen Mackowick for $179,900.

Matthew Thurner sold property at 4946 Linda Drive to Ann Guttendorf for $233,900.

George Nave sold property at 3663 Maplevue Drive to Christopher and Lisa Burke for $220,000.

Dino Cehic sold property at 723 McMurray Road to Benjamin and Emily Immel for $189,900.

John Buch sold property at 2794 Milford Drive to Joseph and Samantha Piqueria for $225,000.

Estate of Jeffrey Scott sold property at 345 Pinehaven Drive to Matt Sniegocki for $223,000.

Estate of Ronald Relosky sold property at 1514 Stoltz Road to Elizabeth Pagano for $291,794.

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