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In 2005, Treasure Davis began selling real estate in Colorado Springs. Working hard on her own, it wasn’t until 2011 that she partnered with another agent. Fast forward to today — 11 years later — her company has grown to one of the community’s most well-known firms housing 15 agents and employing 10 administrative staff members.

Nick Juhl, Business Development Manager, said Davis’s vision wasn’t building a team in the beginning, but working her way through the 2008 recession. The company grew into what Juhl describes as a “Navy Seal team of Realtors” because of Davis’s leadership and training.

From the outset, Davis was adamant that all the systems, processes and procedures be written down clearly so that every agent and staff member would be able to produce the same service and the same experience for every client.

While Juhl says that often it’s the name, Treasure Davis, that helps get deals done, the reality is clients can be assured of a level of expertise and care that is unmatched in the industry.

“One of the biggest differences between us and other Realtors,” Juhl said, “is that we run the company more like a structured business with standard operating procedures and there is accountability, and we follow rules and guidelines.”

It is this clear vision and consistency, Juhl says, that explains why the company has been nominated for a Best Workplaces Award.

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“From my perspective, it’s the culture … humble, hungry and smart,” Juhl said. “People work really hard. You want to come into work because the people are incredible. We work cohesively as a team, and we have the camaraderie to share ideas. We want to know an employee feels appreciated and likes what they do and who they are working for.”

In 2021, the team closed sales on 413 homes. The sheer amount of work entailed necessitates breaks. Davis and her leadership team make sure to celebrate with events, dinners and a team trip once a year.

Juhl has his own direct experience with the company’s flexibility and desire to place people in a position they can shine. When Juhl started at Treasure Davis in December 2020, it was as an agent. As he was trying to absorb everything that Colorado has to offer the schedule of an agent was not conducive to this desire for exploration. Juhl left the company and was job hunting when Davis’s staff approached him about a 9-5 office job. Since then, he’s gone from inside sales to agent development to business development.

“They are amazing at taking care of their people,” Juhl said. “We have a leadership team of five people, and everyone has a voice in the company and no one gets shut down.”

Care for people extends from the company itself into the wider community. Volunteering is close to Davis’s heart.

“Once a month, or once a quarter,” Juhl said, “we get out into the community. It’s about going out and helping people. Whether it’s packing 550 bags for Care and Share or stuffing backpacks. We want to serve the community and we believe in the community. We take any opportunity to give back because it fills our bucket.”



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