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Best Real Estate Attorney: Kelly Kucera | Best Of The Best | – Victoria Advocate

In Kelly Kucera’s first year as a real estate attorney in Victoria, she handled roughly 100 closings. In 2021, with the real estate market on overdrive, that number ballooned to 1,600.

As the sole attorney in her office, Kucera’s dedication to her clients has earned her the distinction of best real estate attorney in the Crossroads for the second consecutive year.

“Some people want a whole lot of detail,” Kucera said. “They want you to go through every single step. And some people just want to show up and sign their papers. So you have to be able to tell the difference.”

As a real estate attorney, Kucera works with all the parties to a property transaction, including the realtor, lender, surveyor, and title company, to ensure the process runs smoothly. The bulk of her clients — roughly 85% — are residential homebuyers, but she also works with commercial clients.

To accommodate her growing practice, Kucera is opening a second office at 4800 N Navarro St. this spring, along with her original office on the third floor of One O’Connor Plaza in downtown Victoria.

Even as demand among homebuyers grows, Kucera remains committed to making herself available to each client, often working long days in order to close a purchase.

“When I’m not on vacation, I’m available,” she said.

A Victoria native, Kucera said it remains immensely satisfying to help couples sign the dotted line on their first home.

“Watching people leave just so happy to own their first house, that always gets me,” she said. “They’re so joyful, and having them reach that milestone in their life, it never gets old.”

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