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Kristina Vega

Kristina Vega

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Connections

1624 Summit St.

Crown Point


As the real estate market has heated up over the past year, more and more buyers have been looking for an agent to guide them through the process of finding their dream home. And in Northwest Indiana, many have been placing that responsibility in the hands of veteran agent Kristina Vega, who has been connecting buyers and sellers in the area for more than 13 years.

A background in athletics leads Vega to see even real estate as something of a sport, which is why she believes many of the same things that lead to success on the field are equally applicable when it comes to working with homebuyers — constant communication and working as a team toward a common goal.

“Keeping a direct line of communication open with my clients is extremely important,” she says. “I’m very hands-on from start to finish, arming myself with as much knowledge as I can about multiple aspects of a deal in order to cultivate the best game plan for my clients and execute it like I’ve only got one shot to win.”


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