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Berkshire region real estate sales March 14 – March 20, 2021 –


68 Columbia St: US Bank NA Tr of Adams to Big Name Investments LLC, $72,900 on 03/17/2021

127 Columbia St: David Oshman and Kamonkwan Tongmusick of Adams to Xing Li, $170,000 on 03/15/2021


211 Captain Whitney Rd: Andrew G. Ziegler and Margi Coggins of Becket to Eric Sebesta and Stephanie Giglia, $332,000 on 03/16/2021

226 Huckleberry Ln: Michele L. Pettibone of Becket to Debra A. and Michael J. Davis, $305,000 on 03/15/2021


329-339 S State Rd: William T. and Holly E. Ogden of Cheshire to Stephen F. and Karen B. Blazjewski, $295,000 on 03/19/2021


102 Cross Rd: Eddy Marcia A Est and Jamie Choquette of Clarksburg to Eric J. and Melissa Rustin, $165,000 on 03/15/2021


631 North St: Douglas A. Crane and Elizabeth Lind-Crane of Dalton to Charlotte L. Crane, $99,910 on 03/16/2021

351 Orchard Rd: Justine E. Donovan of Dalton to Meghann Donovan, $170,000 on 03/16/2021

226 Park Ave: Perras FT and Arnold M. Perras of Dalton to Park Ave Apartments LLC, $2,500,000 on 03/15/2021

237 Park Ave: Perras FT and Arnold M. Perras of Dalton to Park Ave Apartments LLC, $2,500,000 on 03/15/2021

Great Barrington

22 Elm Ct: Navaporn Zivasatianrach of Great Barrington to Trevor Regensburg, $299,000 on 03/16/2021

403 Monterey Rd: Sylvia J. Borsody of Great Barrington to Randi and Todd Lewis, $345,000 on 03/15/2021


Corey Rd Unit 2: Cecile Roth of Hancock to C R. Galvez-Padilla, $270,000 on 03/19/2021

Corey Rd Unit E: Timothy and Elizabeth Schmidt of Hancock to John and Coleen Schneider, $130,000 on 03/19/2021

861 Jjs Ldg Unit 861: Bruce D. and Susan A. Ruehl of Hancock to Rooms Of Destiny West LLC, $460,000 on 03/18/2021


495 Williamstown Rd: Donald T. and Mary L. Whitaker of Lanesboro to Billie J. and Tammy S. Bevens, $320,000 on 03/17/2021


125 George St: Harold R. Dupee of Lee to Janice Y. Lee, $296,500 on 03/17/2021

235 Spring St Unit 1b: Mary Seppala of Lee to Cynthia Stone and Michael Carmon, $172,500 on 03/18/2021

235 Spring St Unit 1a: Mary Seppala of Lee to Cynthia Stone and Michael Carmon, $172,500 on 03/18/2021

19 Stringer Ave: Jeffrey and Kellie Monteleone of Lee to Vince E. Borden, $180,500 on 03/16/2021

20 Summer St: John J. Gregory of Lee to Carolyn J. Duprey, $175,000 on 03/19/2021


16 Church St: Church Street Inn LLC of Lenox to Lenox Collection LLC, $2,600,000 on 03/15/2021

316 East St: James Farr and Nancy Visco of Lenox to James Farr, $142,500 on 03/19/2021

14 Sedgwick Ln Unit 14: Arthur S. and Vicki H. Loring of Lenox to Mark S. and Joan R. Silverman, $1,150,000 on 03/19/2021

84 Yokun Ave: Ethan and Jamie Berg of Lenox to Sunnyridge NT and Lori A. Robbins, $705,000 on 03/18/2021

North Adams

64 Frederick St: David Galipeau of North Adams to Richard A. Doucette and Sonia Domkarova, $150,000 on 03/15/2021

105-107 Front St: US Bank NA Tr of North Adams to Damion Baily, $19,000 on 03/16/2021

976 Notch Rd: Brian Oneil of North Adams to 196 Marine LLC, $1,450,000 on 03/18/2021

990 Notch Rd: Baby Bean IRT and Brian T. Oneil of North Adams to 196 Marine LLC, $200,000 on 03/18/2021

38 Wesleyan St: Matthew L. and Wendy W. Hopkins of North Adams to J3 Properties LLC, $125,731 on 03/16/2021


358 Harrington Rd: Kenneth and Amy Arlein of Otis to Hilary Harley, $699,000 on 03/17/2021

168 Towhee Trl: Michael R. and Melissa Karp of Otis to William Dewy Cantler RET and William D. Cantler, $395,000 on 03/19/2021


60 Boylston St: Shane M. Parrott of Pittsfield to Aj M. Steele, $173,000 on 03/16/2021

86 Center St: Lois L. Williamson of Pittsfield to Lupe D. Torres and Oscar O. Vizcardo, $25,000 on 03/17/2021

170 Cheshire Rd: Brittany M. Howe of Pittsfield to Miguel Hernandez, $178,000 on 03/16/2021

1201 Churchill St: Trevor P. and Laura E. Volastro of Pittsfield to Heather D. White, $888,000 on 03/15/2021

11 Crane Ave: George A. and Dorothy P. Aslan of Pittsfield to Matthew A. Baker, $140,000 on 03/19/2021

64 Exeter Ave: Rachel Strout of Pittsfield to Margaret E. Malumphy, $181,900 on 03/15/2021

468 Fenn St: US Bank NA Tr of Pittsfield to 272 Corbin Realty LLC, $64,000 on 03/19/2021

48 Henry Ave: Micaela Shove of Pittsfield to Matthew P. Broderick, $128,000 on 03/15/2021

229 High St: Michael M. and Courtney A. Addy of Pittsfield to David Hutchinson and Bridget Sisk, $730,000 on 03/18/2021

454 Hubbard Ave: Santina M Walto T and Deborah A. Sorensen of Pittsfield to Bryan Ruscetta, $125,000 on 03/18/2021

24 Kearney Ave: Modular Bldg Systems Inc of Pittsfield to Thomas F. and Carol L. Obrien, $180,000 on 03/18/2021

143 Onota St: Eugene Mamut of Pittsfield to Ivan Saldana, $93,000 on 03/16/2021

46 Pleasure Ave: Jose F. and Doraima Goncalves of Pittsfield to Mario Kelsey, $195,000 on 03/19/2021


10 S Beech Plain Rd: David Perlman of Sandisfield to Colin and Ana Gillingham, $562,992 on 03/16/2021


12 Manitauk Hts: A B Bakst RET 2008 and Anita B. Bakst of Stockbridge to Eva L. Ward and Cale S. Rathbun, $275,000 on 03/16/2021


131 Main Rd: Main Road RT and Marie F. Cernik-Dawn of Tyringham to Bryce B. Dubois and Sandra Victorino, $100,000 on 03/16/2021

207 Main Rd: Catha G. Rambusch of Tyringham to Jillian Bergman, $895,000 on 03/19/2021


52 Lime Rock Sta: Jennifer L. Bauman of Canaan to Jeffrey R. Bauman, $40,000 on 03/17/2021

52 Lime Rock Sta: Lisa Bauman-Downs of Canaan to Jeffrey R. Bauman, $40,000 on 03/17/2021


70 Beech Hill Rd: Paul Grobman of Colebrook to Andrea Ryder, $510,000 on 03/16/2021


478 E Hyerdale Dr: 201907 WY 26 LLC of Goshen to Robert D. Dahlin and Charles A. Hix, $565,000 on 03/15/2021

261 Hageman Shean Rd: Scott F. Thibault of Goshen to 261 Shean LLC, $275,000 on 03/15/2021

6 North St: Joann Livolsi of Goshen to Amanda Sharp, $385,000 on 03/17/2021

102 Weldon Ct: David G. and Susan R. Gould of Goshen to Erin A. Oneil, $405,000 on 03/15/2021

New Hartford

40 West Rd: Christine D. Bronson of New Hartford to Roger D. and Jill A. Parent, $230,000 on 03/16/2021

North Canaan

70 Church St Unit D4: William A Wallace Sr T and William A. Wallace of North Canaan to Nikki R. Fellows and James F. Graham, $153,000 on 03/17/2021

42 Moses Mead Rd: Daniel S. Cherneff of North Canaan to M Mccandless-Evans and Westford J. Cosgrove, $110,220 on 03/16/2021

42 Moses Mead Rd: Peter R Cherneff RET and Peter R. Cherneff of North Canaan to Margaret Evans and Westford J. Cosgrove, $549,780 on 03/16/2021

11 Railroad St: Greggory D. and Nancy A. Tidd of North Canaan to 11 Railroad Street LLC, $200,000 on 03/18/2021


323-a Main St: Jacqueline H. and Rodney S. Merwin of Salisbury to Womens Support Services, $575,000 on 03/19/2021

29 Preston Ln: Terry J. and Melissa A. Bellanca of Salisbury to Lindsay and Ian Lear-Nickum, $840,000 on 03/15/2021


15 Williams Rd: Marilyn M. and Lisa A. Hart of Sharon to Jodi Besket and Leslie Blatt, $360,000 on 03/15/2021


52 E Center St: Tap House Group LLC of Torrington to William Kelsey, $130,000 on 03/17/2021

505 Harwinton Ave Unit 17: Timothy J. and Shauna Barrett of Torrington to Bryan Tapia, $103,000 on 03/15/2021

253 Highland Ave: Cassidy B. Stone of Torrington to Jaclyn E. Alessio, $149,000 on 03/17/2021

136 Hillside Ave: Patricia A. Duchene and Tara Monroy of Torrington to Mohagany Santiago, $170,000 on 03/17/2021

306 Hillside Ave: Noepolitan Properties LLC of Torrington to Joshua J. Deletka, $169,900 on 03/17/2021

140 Mill Ln Unit 140: Elizabeth R. and Raymond R. Smith of Torrington to Diane R. Nericcio, $134,000 on 03/15/2021

79 New Harwinton Rd: Knotowicz John L Est and Stanley E. Knotowicz of Torrington to Todd Camire, $40,000 on 03/16/2021

30 Ryan Ter: Shaw Linda J Est and Danielle E. Julian of Torrington to Chelsea E. Kinsella and John J. Waters, $150,000 on 03/15/2021

14 Saint Andrews Close Unit 14: Hannah Trivaudey and Edison Alvarez-Borja of Torrington to Janice M. Crystal, $126,000 on 03/18/2021

165 Sharon Ave: Berti Michael J Est and PHH Mortgage Corp of Torrington to PHH Mortgage Corp, $1 on 03/15/2021

10 Simmons St: Carmella M Marchell IRT and Gerald A. Marchell of Torrington to Janet Trudel, $192,000 on 03/16/2021

13 Sunset Ln: Musso Contracting Inc of Torrington to Mona J. Cesario, $209,000 on 03/12/2021

92 Tall Tree Ln: Cynthia S. Wasilonsky and Citibank NA of Torrington to Citibank NA, $1 on 03/15/2021

146 Torringford West St: Lexi Group LLC of Torrington to Crystal Huezo, $195,000 on 03/18/2021

419 Trailsend Dr Unit 419: Robert Hudson of Torrington to Acorn Hills LLC, $110,000 on 03/19/2021

67 Visconti Ave: Cheryl A. Yurchick of Torrington to Isaac A. Martinez and Martha Barrera-Cardenas, $150,000 on 03/15/2021

1229 Winsted Rd Unit 96: Thomas Landry of Torrington to Michael Demazza, $118,500 on 03/15/2021


5 Fruit St: Samuel Demonstranti of Winchester to Michael T. Palazzo, $189,000 on 03/16/2021

266 Gilbert Ave: Adam M. Battelstein of Winchester to Denis Taveras, $164,000 on 03/11/2021

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