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Berkshire region real estate sales June 20 – June 26, 2021 –


21 Richmond St: Russell F. and Pamela S. Duval of Adams to Richard M. and Janet T. Barlow, $195,501 on 06/21/2021


38 Black Arrow Way: Litke John R Est and Jeanne P. Litke of Becket to Kimberly A. Logan, $290,000 on 06/22/2021


168 Church St: Mark J. and Tina M. Lancia of Cheshire to Tyler Lancia, $190,000 on 06/25/2021


92 Central Ave: James E. Lennon and Mary B. Curro of Dalton to Michael and Kristin Graeff, $100,000 on 06/25/2021

31 Edgemere Rd: Daniel Mack of Dalton to Kristina Ahearn, $188,000 on 06/21/2021

68 Falls Brook Ter: John J. and Judith N. Stoklosa of Dalton to Todd K. Burner, $705,000 on 06/25/2021

59 Orchard Rd: Kurtis R. and Heather K. Allain of Dalton to Richard J. Derose, $330,000 on 06/24/2021

Great Barrington

7 Cone Ave Unit C: Kimberly A. Logan of Great Barrington to Mary Plummer, $250,200 on 06/22/2021

12 Copper Beech Ln Unit 12: 12 Copper Beech Lane RT and Joseph E. Schwartz of Great Barrington to Linda S. Hensel, $610,000 on 06/25/2021

27 Kirk St: Wendy A. Scott of Great Barrington to Douglas R. Brown and Lindsey E. Berkowitz, $320,000 on 06/21/2021

14 Lake Ave: John and Sue Corcoran of Great Barrington to Kathleen M. Kelley, $782,500 on 06/24/2021

23 Lake Buel Rd: William R. Swotes of Great Barrington to Patricia E. and Jorge Azze, $385,000 on 06/25/2021

8 Locust St: Pamela M. Dupuis and Amy Katz of Great Barrington to Katherine Wallick, $381,500 on 06/21/2021


73 Lebanon Mountain Rd: Keith M. Olson of Hancock to Carl M. Olson, $90,000 on 06/22/2021


18 Gulf Rd: Choknowski Edwin J Est and Frances Zurrin of Lanesboro to Anthony B. Choknowski, $109,000 on 06/24/2021


81 Chanterwood Rd: Janet Mann of Lee to Harold and Elizabeth Koenigsberg, $620,000 on 06/21/2021

25 Cone Ave: Andrew J. and Melissa E. Minkler of Lee to Sandra P. Arias-Torres, $282,000 on 06/21/2021

290 E Center St: Ryan K. and Edna M. Macdowell of Lee to Ashley Alter, $350,000 on 06/23/2021

300 Mandalay Rd: Bradley J. and Macomee L. Devos of Lee to Michael and Deborah Singer, $394,000 on 06/21/2021

2 Park St: Stratton Marita D Est and Richard D. Stratton of Lee to 2 Park Street NT and Albert A. Bravo, $558,000 on 06/25/2021


14 Tucker St: Stephen A. Marceau of Lenox to Nina Wishengrad and Keith W. Langsdale, $329,900 on 06/25/2021

501 Walker St: Walton Wilson and Barbara C. Sims of Lenox to Henry Fulford, $499,000 on 06/24/2021

North Adams

136 Veazie St: Tallage Lincoln LLC of North Adams to Future Lifestyle Invs LLC, $50,000 on 06/22/2021

409 Walker St: Susan Sucharzewski and Janice Buck of North Adams to Adam S. and Allison L. Galambos, $210,000 on 06/22/2021


317 Pine Rd: H&Valerie Dulude RT and Harley J. Dulude of Otis to Richard A. and Carrie S. Plasse, $989,000 on 06/23/2021


31 Austin Ave: Michael S. Finneran of Pittsfield to Brian W. Beckett and Lauren M. Russo, $266,000 on 06/21/2021

25 Dodge Ave: Daniel J. and Nikki L. Martin of Pittsfield to Joshua and Annamarie Yerkes, $355,000 on 06/25/2021

363 E New Lenox Rd: Nicholas J. and Kelly A. Mears of Pittsfield to Timothy J. Obrien, $256,000 on 06/24/2021

1315 East St: Louis A. and Joy C. Costi of Pittsfield to Hibrid LLC, $350,000 on 06/24/2021

131 Elaine Dr: Joseph F. and Janet W. Buffis of Pittsfield to Paul W. and Diana K. Dalton, $539,000 on 06/23/2021

57 Emerson Ave: Christopher T. Wall and Kelsey R. Bain of Pittsfield to Laura J. Evans and Joseph P. Xamountry, $275,000 on 06/24/2021

36 Highland Ave: 36 Highland Avenue NT and James J. Dimise of Pittsfield to Daniel R. Lausier and Jennifer M. Spagnuolo, $180,000 on 06/22/2021

133 Holmes Rd: Michael and Diane J. Faucher of Pittsfield to Gail S. Belmuth, $430,000 on 06/24/2021

34 Leona Dr: Michael Merriam of Pittsfield to Joseph F. and Janet W. Buffis, $325,000 on 06/23/2021

71 Maplewood Ave: Hope I. Sullivan of Pittsfield to Daniel Fedullo and Victoria Fiorini, $150,000 on 06/24/2021

50 Marlboro Dr: Timothy S. Koch of Pittsfield to Paul and Lindsay Ketchum, $288,750 on 06/21/2021

164 Melbourne Rd: Joel W. Miller of Pittsfield to Robert Maltempo, $109,900 on 06/23/2021

133 Pine Grove Dr: Monica A. Mccauley of Pittsfield to Luciene Costa-Pereira, $267,500 on 06/25/2021

95 Ridgeway Ave: Brent M. Boos of Pittsfield to Robert Tharion, $207,900 on 06/21/2021

9-11 S Atlantic Ave: Kriti LLC of Pittsfield to South Atlantic LLC, $886,000 on 06/23/2021

22 S Atlantic Ave: Patricia A. Nally of Pittsfield to Krystal Bartley, $75,000 on 06/25/2021

117 Seymour St: Michelle A. Kruger and Judith M. Tierney of Pittsfield to MKR 42 LLC, $167,500 on 06/23/2021

629 West St: Jean M. Fitzsimmons of Pittsfield to Don Sedberry, $280,000 on 06/21/2021


271 View Dr: Andrew M. and Barbara S. Hochberg of Richmond to Joel F. and Tora F. Huntington, $605,000 on 06/25/2021


1151 Ashley Falls Rd: Bloodworth Pamela M Est and Penelope Bloodworth of Sheffield to Carol Wachs and Jerry E. Clements, $430,000 on 06/25/2021


2 Brookside Ln: Gerald M. and Carole T. Goldberg of Stockbridge to Audrey E Prashker RET and Audrey E. Prashker, $1,215,000 on 06/23/2021


27 Thistle Path Unit 27: Raymond L. and Karen S. Goldsteen of Williamstown to Judith A. Locke and David L. Chenail, $329,000 on 06/23/2021

315 White Oaks Rd: Brownie&Blue NT and Katherine B. Myers of Williamstown to William K. and Sophie E. Jannen, $738,000 on 06/23/2021

537 White Oaks Rd: R C&L A Anderson RET and Robert C. Anderson of Williamstown to Gabriel and Kristen K. Perez, $517,500 on 06/25/2021


71 Old New Hartford Rd: Paul Taylor of Barkhamsted to Melissa Mcneil, $160,000 on 06/21/2021

78 Wallens Hill Rd: Paul D. and Sharon E. Foxx of Barkhamsted to Angela M. Skornia and Joshua A. Weinstein, $310,000 on 06/22/2021


7 Bunnell Street Ext: Eric Wawrzyniak of Colebrook to Mary and Jerry Wawrzyniak, $312,000 on 06/21/2021

New Hartford

243 Cedar Ln: Eric and Jennifer Dalpe of New Hartford to Kerry Guilfoyle, $60,000 on 06/23/2021

133 Lakeshore Dr: Ryan V. and Tia Williams of New Hartford to Felice B. and Lawrence P. Wilson, $400,000 on 06/22/2021

218 Southeast Rd: David L. and Heleen S. Maloy of New Hartford to Jason and Lindsay Gagnon, $460,000 on 06/24/2021


36 Blackberry St: Travis Layton of Norfolk to Colin Meyer and Meghan Knell, $25,000 on 06/22/2021

35 Maple Ave: Julia H. and Kim C. Scharnberg of Norfolk to Nancy J Belden RET and Nancy J. Belden, $359,500 on 06/23/2021


38 Bunker Hill Rd: Kristine E. Jennings of Salisbury to Jennifer Kobylarz and Markus Baenziger, $1,100,000 on 06/23/2021

377 Millerton Rd: Long Shadow LLC of Salisbury to Old Oak Hill LLC, $775,000 on 06/21/2021


229 Amenia Union Rd: Stephanie J. Chase of Sharon to Allison M. Chase, $135,000 on 06/21/2021

34 Jackson Hill Rd: Donna Saliter of Sharon to Kondaur Cap Corp and Matawin Ventures T Series, $1 on 06/21/2021

69 King Hill Rd: DIAC LLC of Sharon to Kerry A. Rooney, $215,000 on 06/23/2021


26 Barton St: Norman E. and Linda L. Hawley of Torrington to Kristakyn Brackett, $155,000 on 06/21/2021

27 Cook St: Lauren B. Henderson of Torrington to Bryan and Christopher Ziegler, $202,000 on 06/23/2021

157 Doman Dr: Kathleen M. Silva of Torrington to Merlyn S. Santana-Bobonagu and Paloma E. Nunez-DeLewon, $178,000 on 06/23/2021

1189 E Main St: Sharon A. Ducci of Torrington to Elisha Judson, $170,500 on 06/24/2021

16 Evergreen Rd Unit 16: Brian Bartholomew of Torrington to Tina L. Muller, $141,500 on 06/24/2021

481 Harrison Rd: Cynthia G. StJohn of Torrington to Andrea L. Evans, $230,000 on 06/25/2021

505 Harwinton Ave Unit 8: Rebecca J. Budny of Torrington to Amanda J. Rossi, $95,000 on 06/21/2021

36 Hitchingpost Dr: Lindsey K. Mccarthy of Torrington to Christopher R. and Renee Roy, $215,000 on 06/23/2021

198 Ledge Dr Unit 198: Kristen A. and Gregory D. Kilmer of Torrington to Taylor Hanex, $185,000 on 06/22/2021

839 Main St Unit 14: Christopher Gueniat of Torrington to Thomas Morelli, $72,000 on 06/21/2021

33 Monroe St: David Anctil of Torrington to Nicola Francis, $155,000 on 06/23/2021

165 New Harwinton Rd: Mary S. and Stephen J. Birmingham of Torrington to Joseph Skridulis, $220,000 on 06/21/2021

43 Norton St: Will R. Malave of Torrington to Marie E. White, $190,000 on 06/24/2021

28 Oregon St: Dimauro Josephine A Est and David C. Dimauro of Torrington to Chantelle Dallaire, $165,000 on 06/22/2021

65 Penny Ln: Joseph and Erika Garrison of Torrington to Keia Pisani, $340,000 on 06/23/2021

103 Perkins St: Kenneth Copija of Torrington to Theresa Hoadley, $200,000 on 06/21/2021

80 Red Mountain Ave: Shpend Shehu of Torrington to John F. and Jennifer A. Arcelaschi, $140,000 on 06/21/2021

124 Red Mountain Ave: Carlos O. Gonzalez of Torrington to Giselle Nunez, $165,000 on 06/23/2021

69 Rosen Ave: Daniel Crameri of Torrington to Sharon A. Ducci-Reed, $141,000 on 06/21/2021

817 S Main St: Gold Development LLC of Torrington to Charlie Rabassa, $180,000 on 06/23/2021

61 Spring St: Janet Almstedt of Torrington to Levi Mckone, $159,900 on 06/23/2021

97 Whipporwill Ln: Liza Albreada and Kenneth Dayfield of Torrington to Justin Frazier, $425,000 on 06/21/2021

68 Wilson Ave Unit 212: Melanie A. Rzewnicki of Torrington to Chris A. Coe, $78,000 on 06/21/2021

144 Woodbine St: Kim Marchand of Torrington to Michael D. Stevens, $217,500 on 06/21/2021

45 Woodland Rd: David A. Petit of Torrington to Lisa Sahraoui, $186,000 on 06/23/2021


22 Coe St: Aaron J. Lapinski of Winchester to Steven M. Zink and Abbigale N. Karrick, $250,000 on 06/18/2021

93 High St: Pricilla Newcomb of Winchester to Miguel A. Castillo, $139,000 on 06/15/2021

151 Losaw Rd: Frank J. and Denise K. Fulco of Winchester to Christopher T. Murphy and Betty C. Witherspoon, $562,000 on 06/24/2021

500 Main St: 500 Main Winsted LLC of Winchester to Impetus Properties LLC, $725,000 on 06/22/2021

267 Rockwell St: Patterson Real Estate LLC of Winchester to Kaycon Properties LLC, $195,000 on 06/24/2021

94 Strong Ter: Gerard O. and Fidelis M. Langan of Winchester to Francis Duggan and Susan Quigley-Duggan, $190,000 on 06/21/2021

174 Wallens St Unit A3: Mary and John Finn of Winchester to Russell J. and Gail E. Young, $215,000 on 06/16/2021

14 Wheeler St: Barkan Holdings LLC of Winchester to Stephen S. Thomas, $280,000 on 06/21/2021

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