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Berkshire County Real Estate Transactions for Aug. 8-12 | Real-estate | – Berkshire Eagle

Real estate transactions for the week of Aug. 8-12:


Paul M. and Vicki L. Richardson sold property at 82-84 Friend St., Adams, to Mandy Lee Shephard, $145,000.

Guy R. Cariddi sold property at 40 Commercial St., Adams, to 97 Commercial Street LLC, $25,000.

Bryan Phillips sold property at 10 Crandall St., Adams, to Janice L. Bordelon, $193,000.


Suzanne F. Rosenberg, now known as Suzanne Auriel Beth Fischbein Merritt, sold property at 16 Whites Hill Road, Alford, to Neal S. Simon and Joyce M. Kleinberg, $1,150,000.


Richard W. Krantz sold property at 132 Sir Walter Court, Becket, to Kyle G. and Katie C. Litscher, $1,000.

Libia Holohan sold property at Friar Tuck Drive, Becket, to Shane L. and Gabrielle Johnson, $12,000.


Rita Clarke sold property at Windsor Road, Cheshire, to Shawn P. and Lora L. McGrath, $36,000.

John J. and Xiao Rong Kelly sold property at 192 Willow Cove Road, Cheshire, to Worbert Development LLC, $280,000.


HLP Realty Holdings LLC sold property at 24 Wheeler Ave., Clarksburg, to Marlene Champagne, $209,000.

Lisa A. Mendel and Teresa A. Prezioso sold property at 400 North Houghton St., Clarksburg, to Sofija Belobrkovic and Marin Ivankovic, $161,900.


John J. and Jean A. Thibodeau, formerly known as Jean A. Soucy, sold property at 180 Pleasant St., Dalton, to Shana Spratt and Jerimiah Lusa, $432,500.

Deborah J. Baker, trustee of the William A. Cullett Jr. Testamentary Trust, sold property at 18 Pine St., Dalton, to Michael R. Welch and Sarah Kenney, $248,000.

Joseph A. Gaudette and Donald P. Perreault sold property at 45 Grange Hall Road, Dalton, to James and Ashley Schmidt, $379,900.

Great Barrington

Kathleen Triem sold property at 12 Pothul Drive, Great Barrington, to Michael E. Lacombe and Annalynn Lacombe, $235,000.

Charles E. Race, Philip T. Race and Patricia C. Race, trustees of Sixteen Quarry Street Realty Trust, sold property at 16 Quarry St., Great Barrington, to Patricia C. Race and Dawn M. Tesorero, $240,000.

Asher Goldman-Israelow sold property at 34 Castle Hill Road, Great Barrington, to Seth Grosshandler and Kim B. Wainwright, $1,300,000.

Sarah A. Stiner aka Sara A. Stiner sold property at 231 East St., Great Barrington, to Timothy James Butterworth, $375,000.

Bear Mountain 148 Properties LLC sold property at 148 Maple Ave., Great Barrington, to 148 Maple Avenue LLC, $1,450,000.


Patrice A. Dermody sold property at 39 Potter Mountain Road, Lanesborough, to Stephanie L. Wade, $220,000.


Toole Properties 2006 Inc. sold property at 25 Mollie Way, Lenox, to MHH Lenox 445 Holdings LLC, $13,000,000.

Marybeth Mitts, Kathleen McNulty Vaughan, Olga Weiss, Frederick Keator, Julie DiGrigoli, and Chris Fenton, trustees of the Town of Lenox Affordable Housing Trust, sold property at 8 Hynes St., Lenox, to Megan McIntyre, $230,000.

Brushwood LLC sold property at 70 Pittsfield Road, Lenox, to MMH Lenox 70 Holdings LLC, $25,000,000.


Timothy Douglas Oberg and Rachel Anna Oberg sold property at 19 Fox Hill Road, Monterey, to Timothy Carson and Myrna Carson, $481,000.

Mary Gail Biebel, personal rep. of the Estate of Roy Hudson Carwile, sold property at 464 Main Road, Monterey, to Donald G. Pierce and Kyle L. Pierce, $450,000.

Barbara M. Bell Lachaud-Richard, Suzanne E. Bell Long, Rebecca L. Bell McGrath, John M. Bell, and Robert M. Bell sold property at 93 Brett Road, Monterey, to Vern M. Kennedy and Lisa M. Melnyk, $850,000.

North Adams

Bruce K. Carlow sold property at 71-73 Furnace St., North Adams, to LETO Commercial Group, $275,000.

Kateryna Latypova, personal rep. of Anna Zhilinskaya, sold property at 18 Chase Ave., North Adams, to LETO Commercial Group LLC, $159,000.

Adelia C., Gail and Robert Foote sold property at 435 Walnut St., North Adams, to Jeffrey W. White and Meaghan K. Desilets, $304,000.

Craig D. and Nellie A. Gifford sold property at 94 Prospect St., North Adams, to Amalio M. Jusino, $154,900.


Ernest G. and Elizabeth A. Lowell sold property at 707 Dimmock Road, Otis, to David A. Plonsky, $475,000.


Ellies Holdings LLC sold property at 220 East Windsor Road, Peru, to Joseph A. Gaudette and Donald P. Perreault, $387,500.

David D. Price and Deborah L. Shapiro sold property at 24 Andes Road, Peru, to Brandon Michael MacDonald and Cassandra Lyn Redd, $355,000.

Marc DelGrande and Nancy M. Klose sold property at Lakeview Road, Peru, to Craig V. Brooks, $4,000.


Joey Santos sold property at 52 Bishop Parkway, Pittsfield, to Monika F. Giacoppe and Robert V. Stone, $359,900.

Amanda Nardini sold property at 345 Hancock Road, Pittsfield, to Barbara Orville, $280,000.

Jane F. Reusche, trustee of the Jane F. Reusche NT, sold property at 2 Alcott Lane, Pittsfield, to Lance G. Hopkins and Kathleen M. Hopkins, $440,000.

Alan S. Gold sold property at 515 South St., Pittsfield, to Govinda Estates LLC, $160,000.

Meryl Joseph sold property at 15 Bartlett Ave., Pittsfield, to Patricia Tung and Josef Simon, $400,000.

James R. Gallager, James F. Gallagher, Cheryl G. Cucino, Colleen G. Gallagher-Harmon, and Pamela A. Groves sold property at 173 Brighton Ave., Pittsfield, to Franklin A. Payano Herrera and Yolanda Isabel Delacruz, $250,700.

Dawn M. Desnoyers, William J. Desnoyers II and David M. Desnoyers sold property at 93 Doreen St., Pittsfield, to Austin William Wise, $230,000.

Carin Rhodes sold property at 62 Dickinson Ave., Pittsfield, to Rafael J. Lluberes and Lorena I. Rodriquez-Lluberes, $242,500.

John J.C. and Ellen M. Kelly sold property at 79 Backman Ave., Pittsfield, to Blake A. and Bridget J. Poore, $246,200.

Pinnacle Property Operations LLC sold property at 424 Partridge Ave., Pittsfield, to Matthew A. and Michele Auriemma, $125,000.

Bishow Aryal and Kripa Gautam sold property at 17 Juliana Drive, Pittsfield, to Yagya A. Prasad Tiwari and Jyoti Pandey, $449,000.


Robert W. Dahlen, trustee of the Leslie Teicholz Revocable Trust 2011, sold property at 2190 Dublin Road, Richmond, to Berkshires Vallman LLC, $1,950,000.

David R. Potter, trustee of the Potter NT, sold property at 263 Shore Road, Richmond, to Stephen A. Marceau and Marcia Arooth, $250,000.


Carol Anne Wolf and Ana Maria Garcia sold property at 307 Shadow Lane, Sandisfield, to Kristina Wadman Oswald, trustee of Kristina Wadman Oswald Realty Nominee Trust, $419,000.

Eugene Bernier Jr., Thomas Bernier and Lizabeth Bernier sold property at 4 Clark Road, Sandisfield, to Willard R. Platt III, Shirley Beauchaine, Robert Platt, Lois Platt, Sara Platt, and Daniel Platt, $7,500.

William A. Riiska sold property at 101 New Hartford Road, Sandisfield, to 101 New Hartford Road LLC, $1,344,000.


Sarah Tyler, trustee of the Sarah Tyler Revocable Living Trust, sold property at 22 Goodrich St., Stockbridge, to Wesley E. and Karen E. Beadle, $535,000.

Jessica Simon Prince sold property at 5 Lake Drive, Stockbridge, to Jeffrey and Debra Meyers, $421,000.

Stanley Z. Shapiro and Roberta S. Shapiro, trustees of the Shapiro Family Nominee RT, sold property at 2 Lake Drive, Stockbridge, to James Killinger and Elga Jefferis Killinger, $800,000.


Caitlin M. Bartholomew sold property at 14 Stonebridge Way, Tyringham, to Michael R. Nock and Chelsea M. Beatty, $525,000.


Kenneth T. and Nancy E. Walls sold property at 136 North Washington State Road, Washington, to Gary L. and Kathleen M. Hamel, $390,000.


Nancy Sheridan Kojima, trustee of the Nancy Sheridan Kojima RVT LVT, sold property at 2167 Green River Road, Williamstown, to Katherine Hand and Matthew Brogan, $705,000.

Matthew M. and Stephanie A. McMahon sold property at 31 White Oaks Road, Williamstown, to Kelly Shaw, $395,000.

Marianne Nelson sold property at 2189 Green River Road, Williamstown, to 2189 Green River Road Eat LLC, $677,000.

Cynthia Helena Way sold property at 20 Lindley Terrace, Williamstown, to Sarah P. Voisin, $580,000.

FT — Family Trust LLC — Limited Partnership LT — Life Trust NT — Nominee Trust RET — Real Estate Trust RT — Realty Trust RVT — Revocable Trust

The real estate transactions are provided by the Middle Berkshire, North Berkshire and South Berkshire Registry of Deeds offices.



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