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Berks County real estate transactions for Oct. 23 – Reading Eagle

Editor’s note: Some of the transactions do not include a transfer price because no money was exchanged for the property. All deeds are recorded in the Berks County recorder of deeds office and are a matter of public information. There is a delay between when the deeds are filed and their publication. Transactions are based on a file created by the recorder of deeds. For questions, call 610-478-3380 or send email to
Alsace Township
Agnes I. Noll Estate and Noll Family Trust to Betty A. Woodell and William C. Woodell, Spies Church Road.
Amity Township
John E. Hintz and John R. Hintz to Jennifer Hand and Jerry Hand, 111 Monocacy Creek Road, $355,000.
Nicole Katzenbach to Lyndsey Marie Stofko and James David Ickes and David Ickes, 3 3rd St., $195,000.
Dawn M. Nettles to Josiah V. Becker, 848 Monocacy Creek Road and Monocacy Creek Road, $126,345.
Mark Joseph Yelenoc to Justin Saracco, Pennsylvania Ave. and 36 Pennsylvania Ave., $160,000.
C. Lee Wanner to Ddj Capital LLC, 88 Race St., $55,000.
Bern Township
L. A Kehres Building And Remodeling Inc. to Kevin S. Bowers and Deborah L. Bowers, White Oak Lane, $130,000.
Ronald M. Stuhrmann to Gail Sames, 514 Martin Ave., $250,000.
Earl E. Graeff and Mildred M. Graeff to Evan B. Kinzey and Katherine De Crescenzo, 25 Washington St., $250,000.
Wade J. Keener and Lynda J. Keener and Scott A. Keener and Cynthia L. Keener to Big Spring Car Wash LLC, Rte 183 and 130 W. 2nd St., $345,000.
Bethel Township
Kevin T. Schwenk to Melissa Schwenk and Jay Freed, 9600 Old Rte 22, $1.
Jason Palaro and Christina Palaro to Christina Palaro, 3181 Camp Swatara Road, $1.
Richard E. Fiset and Margaret M. Fiset to Maureen Barron and Hali Westbrook, Demmon St., $120,000.
Gustaaf F. Hoos to David Large, 115 W. Main St., $26,000.
Michael P. Johnson and Janet M. Johnson to Michael L. Schoenly, 535 E. 2nd St., $152,500.
Karen M. Rothenberger and Karen M. Rhoads to Karen M. Rhoads and Randy S. Rhoads, 217 W. Philadelphia Ave., $1.
John L. Boyer Estate to Caleb J. Landis and Rachael A. Landis, 614 Rhoads Ave., $175,000.
Eric J. Wiediger and Stephanie E. Wiediger to Elizabeth Pitre, 209 E. 3rd St., $180,000.
Carl Staude Jr. and Linda Staude to Ryan David Heun and Erin Kathleen Kearney, 528 E. Philadelphia Ave., $220,000.
Stuart M. Spohn And Grace B Spohn Living Trust to Grace B. Spohn Family Trust, 312 Front St.
Brecknock Township
William K. Beck to Christopher Michael Foxhill and Cherise Christine Beck-Foxhill, 1548 Alleghenyville Road and Alleghenyville Road, $155,000.
Caernarvon Township
Stephen S. Couch to Ali Bicer and Selma Bicer, 22 Oxford Drive, $510,000.
Linda A. Dickinson to Debra A. Whisler, 600 Country Lane, $220,000.
Centre Township
Barbara R. Gorney to Peter Gorney, 195 Irish Run Road, $1.
Daniel Joseph Romberger and Erin Michelle Romberger to Joseph E. Harclerode and Holli J. Harclerode, 714 Tilden Road, $380,000.
Eric Shane to Pamela Harris, 1010 Yarn Court, $257,500.
Colebrookdale Township
Michael J. Sobel to Gladys Dellon, 700 Ironstone Drive, $130,000.
Ralph H. Miller Estate to Kevin M. Miller, 14 Sunrise Drive, $240,000.
Kevin M. Miller to Kevin M. Miller and Valerie A. Miller, 14 Sunrise Drive, $1.
Cumru Township
Peter A. Chiarelli to John G. Graczyk, 10 F Fairway Road, $145,000.
Andrew J. Philipczak Jr. Estate to Kaylum D. Reppert and Emily J. Remp, 1014 Crestview Ave., $205,000.
Cumru Township
Joyce A. Perella to Brendan West and Caitlin West, 2 Birdsong Court, $365,000.
Charles T. Wentzel to Marleen Uribe and Roberto Uribe Hernandez, 1 F Fairway Road, $138,000.
Beverly A. Ruffner to Woodrow M. Twiford, 117 Beverly Ave., $170,000.
Joann C. Oboczky to Stacey L. Jordan, 19 Pine Woods Court, $239,900.
Christopher L. Weiss to Brook E. Ziegler, 1033 Bedford Ave., $235,500.
Sandra A. Apsokardu and Sandra Sontag Sterner to Mark And Barbara Suckle 2006 Trust FBO Kalise Trey Aplicano, 2480 Welsh Road, $290,000.
Patricia Ebling and Scott Ebling to Kathleen Bower, 12 Tanglewood Drive, $208,000.
Douglass Township
John L. Bauman and Rosemarie G. Bauman to Carlos A. Pineda and Marlene I. Davila, 113 Poole Hill Road, $123,600.
David L. Burdan and Betty Jane Burdan to David L. Burdan and Betty J. Burdan and Amanda C. Burdan and Melissa E. Debus, 460 N. Sunrise Lane, $1.
Earl Township
David L. Burdan and Betty Jane Burdan to David L. Burdan and Betty J. Burdan and Amanda C. Burdan and Melissa E. Debus, 460 N. Sunrise Lane, $1.
Exeter Township
Frank J. Sudock Estate to Dina M. McAfee, 11 E. 34th St., $300,000.
Wilbert Febo Jr. to Property Connect LLC, 3705 Moyer Ave., $115,000.
Joanne Zeiber and Joanne Zieber to Tina Bowers, 885 Pomander Ave., $315,000.
Joseph L. Becker and Karla B. Becker to Hector R. Vargas, 4591 Prestwick Drive, $397,000.
Fern E. Bieber Irrevocable Trust to Tiffany Bayly and Matthew Striplen, 821 Lorane Road, $244,000.
Franco Grande to Joanna Stasiak-Grande, Santa Maria Drive, $1.
Jimmy Acosta and Johanna D. Trejos-Acosta to Zhi Ping Yang and Joseph McKeever, 2001 Quail Hollow Drive, $225,000.
Ovidiu A. Dobrovolschi to Jimmy Acosta and Johanna D. Trejos Acosta, 4539 Hillside Road, $366,500.
Jacob R. Leonowitz to Paula D. Brito, Azalea Way, $182,000.
Gregory G. Oreilly to Angel Shute and James Shute, 4480 Pheasant Run, $227,000.
Linda Brown Estate to Pamela A. Mullins, 3502 Orchard View Road, $215,000.
Ahmad Houir and Wardeh Houir and Abdul Jalil Ahmad and Fatima Ahmad to Abdul Jalil Ahmad and Fatima Ahmad, 520 Pintail Lane.
Berks At Pathfinder Meadows LLC and Berks New Homes LLC to Nicholas Boyd and Victoria Bouchard Boyd, 28 Crooked Court, $442,360.
Craig S. Breneiser and Lisa Lynn Breneiser to Tuan Lam and Kristine H. Nguyen, 140 W. 48th St., $260,000.
Terrance A. Dodge and Janet A. Dodge to Terrance A. Dodge, 81 Sycamore Drive.
Sydor Family Trust to Stephen Cox and Erica Rauch, 15 Estates Drive, $410,000.
Steven Rodriguez and Kristin Rodriguez to Daniel Shane and Olivia D. Shane, 740 Moonflower Ave., $322,000.
Berks At Pathfinder Meadows LLC and Berks New Homes LLC to Christopher L. Weiss and Nicole L. Weiss, 7 Crooked Court, $437,215.
J. Timothy Cronrath to Lilly P. Eldridge and Ethan M. Reed, 114 W. Elm St., $185,000.
Greenwich Township
Phyllis M. Christman Estate and Anita Louise Christman to Anita Louise Christman, 524 Christman Road.
Aaron B. Dietrich to Angelo Mejia, 305 Chestnut St., $269,000.
Marie E. Kamp to Abigail Bowman and Jonathan Stephen Pawlewicz, 15 Grandview Tc, $145,000.
Kay A. Henn-Kaufman to Kay A. Henn-Kaufman Irrevocable Trust, 703 Hawk Ridge Drive.
Hereford Township
Kris A. Erdman and Christine M. Erdman to Kris A. Erdman, 10 Five Points Road, $1.
Jefferson Township
Genevieve V. Iswalt Estate to Paul E. Moyer and Lucinda J. Moyer, Batdorf Road, $145,000.
Grubb Family Trust to Colby Investments Inc., 1541 Fayette Ave., $100,000.
Sabino Martinez Ramirez to Sabino Martinez Ramirez and Maria Erika Martinez Ramirez, 1414 Crowder Ave., $1.
Josephine Deissler to Steven Scholl, 1804 Hancock Blvd., $90,000.
Mark S. Groff to Jp Morgan Chase Bank National Association, 942 Upland Ave., $104,000.
Kristina E. Theres to Amber R. Hadley and Richard J. Hadley, 21 S. Maple St., $194,000.
Paul Burkholder to Aqueelah Yates and Clarence Yates Jr., 330 W. Walnut St., $107,500.
Keith Katzgrau and Donna Katzgrau to Felicia Ortiz, 31 E. Main St., $169,900.
Marisol Perez Cadena to Empowering 3803 Ltd, 3803 Kutztown Road, $37,500.
Douglas R. Loy to Liebra A. Loy, 3407 McKently St., $1.
Lester G. Stufflet Jr. and Lester G. Stufflet to Kathleen Marie Rhoads, 1624 Crystal Rock Road, $170,000.
Brian R. Kominsky to Brian R. Kominsky and Alissa Kominsky, 424 Degler Ave., $1.
Longswamp Township
Kate M. Musser and Kate Marie Beans to Jonathan Munoz and Keyshla Perez Henriquez, 23 Barclay St., $201,500.
Lower Alsace Township
Gerald L. Martin Estate to Stephan A. Martin and Kelly A. Martin, 24 Exeter Road, $42,900.
Terry S. Folk to Kristen Marie Lam and Todd M. Folk and Kristen Marie Knickerbocker, 707 Brighton Ave.
Berks County Conservancy Properties Inc. to Berks Nature, Neversink Mt, $1.
William S. Kaufmann Estate and Virginia S. Kaufmann Estate to Berks County Nonprofit Development Corporation, 424 Friedensburg Road, $165,000.
Lower Heidelberg Township
Berks At Glen Ridge Estates LLC and Berks New Homes LLC to Eric F. Glass and Katherine L. Blessing Glass, Shrewsbury Court, $682,174.
Maidencreek Township
Catherine E. Walkovic and Ann Bolek to Alexis J. Avila Garcia, 171 Cornerstone Drive, $330,000.
John Gregg Caldwell and Desiree R. Caldwell to Renee Hellert and Lori Valykeo, 418 Acer Drive, $375,000.
Jason A. Thomas to Landis Properties Ii LLC, 424 Golden Drive, $330,000.
Marion Township
David R. Patrick to Anatoliy Grinev and Ludmila N. Grinev, 26 S. Jonathan Drive, $324,900.
Maxatawny Township
Jennifer L. Totten to Maria F. Ortiz Soto and Courtney Ann Moyer, 131 Bowers Road, $250,000.
Thomas James Industries LLC to Richard James Carel and Chelsea Tabler, 44 Main St., $265,000.
Eugene W. Showalter to Benjamin W. Showalter and Rachel S. Beissel, 407 Sycamore Road, $165,000.
Mount Penn
Nara Azar and Bazie Azar to Corina E. Light, 2598 Grant St., $192,000.
Berks County Insurance Group Inc. to Larry J. Pergola Jr. and Beverly Ann Pergola, 2609 Filbert Ave., $150,000.
Christine E. Lindahl to Amanda S. Stief, 125 N. 25th St., $1.
Barclay J. Wilson and Waynette L. Wilson to Barclay J. Wilson, 31 Butter Lane.
Muhlenberg Township
Leonard L. West and Linda J. West to Maryanne R. Wadsley and Michael M. Wadsley, 522 Vesta Place, $189,000.
Fiorino Grande to Anton Kucherivskyi and Anastasiia Kucherivska, Antonio Drive, $464,900.
Frederick L. Robitzer to William E. Goodman, 416 Pennsylvania Ave., $145,000.
Nicholas E. Carrier and Meredith L. Carrier to Nicholas E. Carrier, 429 Raymond St.
Joel Tambo to Joel Tambo and Olga Kozlovskaya, 1012 Felix Court, $1.
Eric K. Talford and Julian Talford to County of Berks, Crystal Rock Road, $1.
Gladys Dellon to Felicia N. Pryor, 1033 Daisy Drive, $265,000.
James R. Hartman to Ankpur LLC, 3400 Plaza Drive, $1,300,000.
Christina E. Hall Estate to Carmen Gonzalez, 4109 Kinder Drive, $300,000.
James R. Pauley to Nicholas A. Rodriguez, 226 Jefferson St., $154,000.
Bradley L. Foster and Holly J. Foster to Jorge Morales, 118 Park Ave., $100,000.
Windsor Industries Inc. to Township of Muhlenberg, 401 Darby Ave., $275,000.
Jsck Properties LLC to Martin Herrera Mejia and Zuleyka M. Fargas Adorno, 511 Raymond St., $215,000.
Oley Township
Rhodes Family Trust to Michael D. Rhodes, 58 Blacksmith Road, $1.
Susan J. Gotwals to William L. Gotwals and Leigh A. Gotwals, 453 Mine Lane, $300,000.
Robert L. Richard to Andrew L. Richard, 635 Covered Bridge Road, $1.
Penn Township
James M. Bogert to Ian Salerno, 54 Hill Road, $330,000.
D. R Horton Inc-New Jersey to Nicholas P. Vanleuven and Taylar N. Vanleuven, 461 E. 4th St., $385,640.
Kenneth Mitchell and Lala Mitchell to Johnson L. Alexander, 844 N. 12th St., $65,000.
Clare Inc. to Zachary Kling, 236 Linden St., $145,000.
Daniel V. Decarlo and Nunziata T. Decarlo to Nunziata T. Decarlo, 812 Farr Place, $1.
Jose Ramirez to Harmony Rental LLC, 258 Jameson Place, $20,000.
Pablo Baez to Maria N. Baez, 414 N. 6th St., $1.
Gerardo A. Vargas and Severina A. Vargas to Severina A. Vargas, 114 Noble St.
Severina A. Vargas and Gerardo Vargas to Severina A. Vargas, 1116 N. 13th St.
Gerardo A. Vargas to Severina A. Vargas, 1029 Washington St.
Gerardo Vargas to Severina A. Vargas, 341 Spring Garden St.
William J. Stoyer to Jose A. Taveras and Kirsys Taveras, 1010 Pike St., $90,000.
Luis Jimenez to Pa Flipbros LLC, 350 N. 9th St., $100,000.
Lillian Wails Estate and Michael Wails to Katrina Flores, 419 Bell Al, $1.
William E. Goodman to John Rea, 630 S. 10th St., $30,000.
Berks County Conservancy Properties Inc. to Berks Nature, 659 S. 17th St., $1.
Berks County Conservancy Properties Inc. to Berks Nature, 131 Schuylkill Ave., $1.
Natividad D. Garcia Castillo and Guillermo A. Santos to Guillermo A. Santos, 400 N. 5th St.
Reading Housing Authority to Juana J. Collado, 331 Elm St., $244,000.
Jose A. Perez and Jose Argenis Perez-Liriano to Jose Argenis Perez-Liriano, 845 N. 11th St., $1.
Ramona J. Goris to Pamela Y. Lopez Hernandez, 401 S. 5th St., $135,000.
Elite Realty Holdings LLC to Jerson Iran Luisa Mancebo, 457 W. Oley St., $170,000.
J. & J Apartments to Aaron J. Rahim and Anaiah R. Rahim, 550 Wunder St., $90,000.
Pedro M. Lebron to Rivera Fam Rentals LLC, 317 Wunder St., $58,000.
Jenny Duran Cortorreal and Jenny Duran Cortorreal to Rafael Martes Fernandez, 1037 Douglass St., $122,000.
Eliseo Ortiz and Robin Dimmich to Alfonso Gil Disla and Belki Gonzalez Javier, 1268 Muhlenberg St., $87,465.
James A. Sgro to Charles Beadencup, 1149 N. 12th St., $60,000.
Pamela R. Tanger to Jose Osvaldo Cabrera Francisco Sr. and Anayeli Cabrera, 1407 Linden St., $180,000.
Kevin Mohn to Rass Properties LLC, 1034 Spruce St., $76,000.
Bruce W. Carter Jr. to M3-2 Realty LLC, 202 N. 11th St., $135,000.
William M. Davis and Deborah A. Davis to Ysmael Aquiles Castillo and Josefina Diaz De Castillo, 405 Spring St., $120,000.
Terrell L. Weaver Estate to Yasmin Tejeda Feliz and Yasmin Tejeda Feliz and Yasmin Tejeda-Feliz, 135 Elm St., $125,000.
Martha Garcia and Maltha Mercedes Soliman to Norverto Disla, 1210 Green St., $110,000.
Daniel S. Stoltzfus Jr. to Velija Curovic, 415 N. 2nd St., $52,000.
Your Dream Home LLC to Silvio Espinal, 1413 Hampden Blvd., $170,000.
York Terrell and Nancy Terrell to Jace Realty LLC, 1039 Cotton St., $33,000.
William D. Seidel and Carolyn D. Seidel to Underr Construction LLC, 910 Lehigh St., $182,500.
Ambrosio Uribe to Ramiro Godoy Santos and Roslin Liliana Galindo Hernandez, 714 N. 10th St., $40,000.
Highland Real Estate Group LLC to Steve Figueroa, 531 Weiser St., $10.
Eliana Alcantara to Natividad De Leon, 622 Maple St.
Michael J. Reppert to Jairo A. Soto-Quiroz, 539 Upland Ave., $195,000.
Reading Civic Opera Society to North 10th St Reading LLC, 122 N. 10th St. and 127 Moss St. and 129 Moss St., $175,000.
Aurora J. Lopez to David Guillerno Lopez, 527 Moss St., $100,000.
Alyssa Negron and Luis O. Huertas Cirino to Nicole Ortiz and Jose Ortiz, 447 Linden St., $55,000.
Mozelle E. Jackson to Terry A. Bossler, 913 Summit Chase Drive, $175,000.
Richmond Township
Samuel S. Zimmerman to Kenneth B. Weaver and Ruth Ann Weaver, 326 Dryville Road, $600,000.
Donna L. Barlet to Olivia B. Barlet, 44 Walnuttown Road, $1.
Robeson Township
Bella Mae Spatz Estate to Jakob Ketterer, 1831 Golf Course Road and Golf Course Road, $1.
Jeremy E. Printz Estate to Victoria Lynn Powell and Mary F. Hursh, 33 Printz Road, $191,500.
Joel D. Talys and Sharon M. Talys to Beverly A. Smith, 132 E. Ruth Ave. and 132 A E. Ruth Ave., $210,000.
Jean A. Holzman Estate to Albert J. Groff Jr., 108 E. Ruth Ave., $150,000.
Nena M. Evans Estate and Nena M. Gustafson Estate to Thomas Evans, 300 W. Penn Ave.
Adam M. Ray to Eric Ray and Nicole Ray, 16 S. Elm St., $86,869.12.
Rockland Township
Alfred Readinger Estate to Cody Musser and Kate Musser, 31 Kutz Road, $170,000.
Stacey A. Boltz and Stacey A. Sassaman to Richard W. Fries Jr., 230 E. Elm St., $250,000.
Peter R. Focht and Gwyn M. Focht to Shahriar Rahman, 201 E. Lancaster Ave., $330,000.
Kyle J. Moyer and Kevin D. Breeden to Jeannette Caban-Gonzalez and Carmelo Casiano-Ayala, 353 S. Wyomissing Ave., $185,000.
Matthew Miller to Sean M. Plylaharn and Jazmin M. Plylaharn, 518 Gregg St., $200,500.
Brooke Drury and Evan Drury to Joshua Carlos Prat and Lyndsey Prat, 69 Tulip Court, $289,900.
Elainea H. Weitzel to Katherine Schopplein, 50 2nd St., $1.
Jemco Capital LLC to Kristina Ortiz and Jemetrius Shell, 343 S. Wyomissing Ave., $214,000.
US Bank National Association and Mastr Asset Backed Securites Trust 2006-Nc3 Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates Series 2006-Nc3 to Brandon Hills, 335 Madison St., $125,500.
South Heidelberg Township
Robert E. Grullon to Teresa Grullon, 15 Prospect Drive, $260,000.
Richard Chad Lewis and Allyson M. Lewis to John Robert Hintz and Ariel M. Hintz, 111 Crestview Drive, $352,500.
Joey A. Mills and Sherry E. Mills to Mills Family Living Trust, 14 Preston Road.
Spring Township
Anne Marie Baumann Estate to Michele Feehery and Robert T. Feehery, 2707 Avon Ave., $265,000.
Zenon R. Oslinski and Jadwiga Osolinski to Evan P. Manning and Claire M. Manning, 347 Spohn Road, $330,000.
Jean Graeff and Marilyn Hoffman to Marilyn Hoffman, 1929 Garfield Ave., $1.
Bona Family Trust to Matthew V. Vidas and Barbara A. Schmitt, 2600 Reedy Road, $315,000.
Zenaida Balaguer-Irizarry and Edwin Gonzalez to Marvin J. Batista Reyes and Jose M. Batista Fana, 2417 Penn Ave., $200,000.
Jeffrey A. Niedrowski and Lynn M. Niedrowski to Margaret Anne Nace, 104 Woodside Ave., $190,000.
Amanda K. Orth to Janet Ann Gerard and Theresa Marie Russell, 301 Elmwood Ave., $245,000.
Bonita Good Estate to Alexander William Lamanna and Lauren Elizabeth Eckel, 14 Leland Ave., $305,000.
Berks County Redevelopment Authority to Berks Housing Opportunities Inc., 1805 Portland Ave., $150,000.
Adrienne Montgomery and Raymond M. Krastin and Scott Montgomery to Kayla R. Miller and Matthew D. Miller, 45 Howard St., $305,000.
David A. Mack and Christy L. Mack to Mauro Alexander Pouerie Mercedes and Patricia Alfonseca Santana, 1790 S. Mountain Drive, $349,777.
Betty M. Schannauer Estate to Cjiw Properties LLC, 1923 Old Lancaster Pike, $190,656.
Betty M. Schannauer Estate to Cjiw Properties LLC, Old Lancaster Pike, $23,040.
Betty M. Schannauer Estate to Cjiw Properties LLC, Old Lancaster Pike, $22,464.
Steven K. Baksic and Marla H. Baksic to Charles P. Getz and Aubrey R. Edwards, 831 Redwood Ave., $365,000.
Union Township
Richard K. Hawley Jr. to Wilmington Savings Fund Society Fsb, 2295 E. Main St., $2,439.
Washington Township
Eastern Berks Fire Department to Royal Marlowe and Margaret Marlowe, Old Rte 100 and Old Rte 100, $400,000.
Teresa M. Beyer to Ashley A. Phillips, 38 Victoria Drive, $487,500.
Victoria Marie Shanley and Shane Shanley to Carol D. Martin and Edward F. Lawler Jr., 62 Victoria Drive, $350,000.
Brent J. Lord to Christine Lesperance, 27 Elm View Court, $161,000.
Windsor Township
Morgan A. Bright and Katherine E. Bright to James Worrilow and Emily Schleicher, 151 Pennsylvania Drive, $430,000.
Robert T. Carl to Tracy Stroschein, 217 Mill Spring Road, $295,000.
Candace E. Kaucher and Calvin E. Kaucher to Calvin E. Kaucher, 225 S. 4th St., $1.
Mohamad M. Khalaf to Pedro Jose Pichardo Tapia, 20 Wingert Road, $285,000.
Donna M. Rodriguez to Brian P. McCarty, 1801 Cambridge Av A-21.
Reading Redevelopment Straw Party LLC to Boiler House Island LLC, 801 R Hill Ave., $400,000.
Daniel S. James and Beverly J. James to Andrew Blackburn and Anna Schrader, 612 N. Wyomissing Blvd., $191,410.
Multiple municipalities
Agnes I. Noll Estate and Noll Family Trust to Patsy L. Keim and Michael L. Keim, 200 Reiff Road.
Berks County Conservancy Properties Inc. to Berks Nature, Loeper Road, $1.
Jeffrey A. Walmer and Katherine J. Walmer to Paul D. Hoffman and Janice M. Hoffman, 250 Christmas Vilg Road, $630,000.
Edmond J. Evans and Dolores M. Evans to Steven Rodriguez and Kristin Rodriguez, 171 Lobachsville Road, $595,000.
Scott A. Barrell and Toni R. Barrell to Daniel Clarence Heinrichs and Alicia Emily Minnich, 297 Poplar St., $335,000.
Parcel 9 Straw Party LLC to Boiler House Island LLC, 25 Innovation Way, $75,000.



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