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Berks County real estate transactions for Feb. 20 – Reading Eagle

Editor’s note: Some of the transactions do not include a transfer price because no money was exchanged for the property. All deeds are recorded in the Berks County recorder of deeds office and are a matter of public information. There is a delay between when the deeds are filed and their publication. Transactions are based on a file created by the recorder of deeds. For questions, call 610-478-3380 or send email to
Alsace Township
Joshua A. Mogel to Q. Consularis LLC, Buck Run Road, $36,600.
Amity Township
Joseph F. Paglia and Michelle M. Paglia to Andrew Paglia and Natalie Paglia, 219 Ivy Lane, $1.
Brett Cole and Mallory Sloss to Brett Cole and Mallory Cole, 506 Glenwood Drive.
Kevin T. Eisley and Ashley L. Eisley to Emily Ellen Strawser and Jesse Strawser, 4982 Thornbury Cr, $342,500.
Kyle E. Gery to Old Swede LLC, 1903 Old Swede Road, $1,275,000.
Robert D. Savory and Jill A. Savory to Steven Scholl, 109 Martin Lane, $391,000.
Robert Persicketti Jr. and Amanda L. Persicketti to Amanda L. Persicketti, 201 Cedar Run Drive, $1.
David Dittus to Steven Forster and Carla Forster, 16 Cherry St., $225,000.
Bern Township
Maria S. Kouvaris and Maria S. Madigan to Colin Wyatt and Connie Wyatt, W. Shore Drive, $2,500.
Carlos M. Reyes and Josefa G. Manzueta to Elida Paulino Nunez, 321 Seitz Road, $265,000.
Empire Group of Reading Pa Inc. to Courtnie E. Nein, Seidels Run, $85,000.
Bethel Township
Patricia M. Bowman and Patricia M. Carlucetti to Terry Lerch and Eric R. Lerch, 8045 Lancaster Ave., $180,000.
Richard H. Wells and Robert J. Yeager to Ramar Land Corporation, 655 Brown Road and 650 Brown Road, $10,000,000.
Michael Adams and Connie S. Adams to Rodney M. Martin and Lorelle A. Martin, 543 Brown Road, $220,000.
Randy J. Yerger Estate to Matthew Dean Martin and Judith Lynelle Martin, Camp Swatara Road and Camp Swatara Road and Camp Swatara Road, $172,500.
Mollie A. Eddinger to Mollie A. Eddinger, 625 E. Philadelphia Ave., $1.
Brecknock Township
Francis Molfetta and Carol Molfetta to Cf Molfetta Trust, 5025 Red Oak Lane, $1.
Todd B. Lengle and Rachel P. Lengle to Justin T. Jacobs and Heather Jacobs, 5042 Red Oak Lane, $480,500.
Centre Township
Brandon L. Weiss and Stacy L. Weiss to Jacob Lesher and Courtney Clauser, 550 Penny Road, $550,000.
Kevin B. Kelly and Regina M. Kelly to Amy E. Alway and James B. Samford, 13 Tiny Road, $220,000.
Colebrookdale Township
Patricia A. Fry Estate to Allison Workman and Scott Workman, 665 S. Reading Ave., $351,000.
Craig Levan to Robert E. Burkle, 420 Mill St., $134,000.
Cumru Township
Lynette Ann Downey Estate to Douglas D. Downey, 48 E. Muirfield Drive.
Kathleen Zeh and Rodolphe Melson to Margaret Ernst, 328 Funston Ave., $198,500.
David J. Dolan and Debra A. Dolan to Katherine Cinesi, 2 Alpine Drive, $500,000.
District Township
Erik Wergeland Estate to Millstone Holdings LLC, 224 Landis Store Road, $256,000.
Douglass Township
Joseph B. Costira and Brian T. Costira to Joseph B. Costira and Terry Lynn Costira and Brian T. Costira, 111 Township Line Road, $1.
Jeffrey L. Rothman and Heather L. Johnson to Heather L. Rothman and Jefferey L. Rothman, 27 College St.
Earl Township
C. S Garber & Sons Inc. to Hafer Holdings LLC, 7928 Boyertown Pike, $300,000.
Shanesville Pub & Grill LLC to Giuseppe Picone, 1636 W. Philadelphia Ave., $240,000.
Exeter Township
Maureen H. Dietrich to Emily K. McComb, Faber Road, $120,000.
Flordeliz Rodriguez-Rosario to Clint Goulden, 1409 Vine St., $130,000.
Theodore Mohn Jr. Estate to Jennifer A. Hart, 500 Lincoln Road, $365,000.
David W. Peifer to Citizens Bank NA and Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania, 351 Fairview Chapl Road, $75,000.
Greenwich Township
Jacob E. Heiter and Shannon L. Heiter to Z. Team5 LLC, 1556 Krumsville Road, $125,000.
June E. Kramer Revocable Living Trust to Oscar Cline and Melanie M. Cline, 207 State St., $159,000.
Jeffrey W. Bowers and Karen D. Bowers to Jeffrey W. Bowers And Karen D Bowers Family Trust, 146 S. 3rd St., $1.
Nancy F. Boyer to Franchesca M. Zimmerman, 250 Washington St., $117,000.
Devon A. Emmick and Kristin Emmick to Eric Stump, 251 State St., $145,000.
Steven Scholl to Nathanael Gandhy Foreste Sr. and Anna Kaye Foreste, 506 Chestnut St., $350,000.
Mae E. Berger to Dennis H. Madeira and Bobbe-Jean S. Madeira, 555 N. 5th St., $1.
Jefferson Township
Glenn A. Lesher and Cheryl L. Lesher to Stanley Sensenig and Lydia Sensenig, 50 Dry Hollow Road and Dry Hollow Road, $670,000.
Mark A. Buckingham and Tammy M. Buckingham to Dustyn W. Gabel and Rachel R. Gabel, 6 Metera Drive, $530,000.
Barbara A. Smith to Lisa D. Smith and Robert A. Smith Jr., 6 Bricker Road, $200,000.
Bradley Miller to Juan R. Hernandez, 1440 Brooke Blvd., $222,000.
Michael M. Mendoza and Caitlin-Anne Mendoza to Michael M. Mendoza, 1115 Fern Ave., $1.
Patricia A. Flanagan to Saul Sanchez and Diana De La Rosa Sanchez, 1650 Kenhorst Blvd., $290,000.
Lisa I. Lachina to Lisa I. Lachina, 1214 Fern Ave.
Harry H. Herman Jr. Estate to Brenden George Whalley and Nancy Lee Diamond, 234 Constitution Blvd., $237,000.
Pedro Marrero Jr. to Anthony Kowlessar, King St., $100.
Longswamp Township
Patricia V. Wenrich to Elizabeth Sheyka, 234 Walker Road, $170,000.
Lower Alsace Township
Stephanie E. Schwingen to April Faust, 604 N. 26th St., $187,000.
Mark J. Braun to Catherine A. Myers and Clayton B. Myers, 917 N. 26th St., $270,000.
Propertynet LLC to Maurice Leavell, 615 Carsonia Ave., $176,500.
Lower Heidelberg Township
Frank C. Gabell and Elma A. Gabell to Nikolas Capitano and David Capitano, 3 Park Place Drive, $405,000.
Thomas B. Sculley Jr. and Bonnie S. Sculley to Stephen Vincent Glascoe and Linda Marie Glascoe, 136 Starr Road, $665,000.
Cecilia A. Mellon to Randen Dunlap and Angela Dunlap and Deborah Rohrbach, 106 Pennsylvania Ave., $460,000.
Louis Thun Children Real Estate Trust to David M. Wolfskill and Cindy A. Wolfskill, Faust Road, $8,000.
Glenridge Estates LLC to Berks At Glen Ridge Estates LLC, 1071 Ryebrook Road, $104,000.
Maidencreek Township
Albino Grande and Beniamino Grande to Beniamino Grande, 661 Walnut Tree Drive, $1.
Francis R. Jakobsen and Mary Ellen Jakobsen to John A. Zimmerman and Grace Zimmerman, 969 Maidencreek Road, $655,000.
Harry T. Gordon and Nancy Y. Gordon to Nancy Y. Gordon, 514 Harvest Drive.
Lin Yang to Daniel R. Ciamaichela III and Laura T. Ciamaichela, 101 Lindbergh Ave., $180,000.
Joseph L. Fryzol and Margaret P. Fryzol to Basement Creations LLC, 106 Hill Road, $177,700.
Marion Township
Dale R. Hirschbock and R. Dale Hirschbock to Oleksandr H. Bielia and Lesia Bielia, Shady Cabin Cr, $19,000.
Suzanne Zimmerman to Julianna J. Zimmerman and Suzanne Zimmerman, 255 N. Church St., $1.
Cory C. Postell to Jonathan Luciano and Kryssia G. Luciano, 27 Reed St., $150,000.
Mount Penn
Tanisha Figueroa and Aaron Taylor to Esthephany De La Cruz De Arias, 104 S. 20th St., $90,000.
Muhlenberg Township
Michal S. Kurtz to Ricky Martinez Santiago, 621 Hartman Ave., $175,000.
Joseph Paul Gentile to Linda Kostan, 805 Tuckerton Road.
Gerald K. Pannabecker Sr. And Claudette C Pannabecker Living Trust to Raed Binsaeed, Georgia Road, $3,600.
Charleny Bueno and Jacqueline Flete-Domenech to Jacqueline Flete-Domenech, 5114 Allentown Pike, $1.
Grey Stone International Corporation to Blu Stone LLC, 218 Jefferson St., $1.
Dale Weyandt to Roy Uribe, 5106 Mohave Road, $65,000.
Danelly Gonzalez-Mendez to Yaquelin B. Fernandez, 315 Raymond St., $160,000.
Chelsea L. Coffin to Craig Alan Storrs Jr. and Amanda K. Storrs, 430 Fairview St., $165,000.
Penn Township
Rose M. Jacoby to Brandon L. Weiss and Stacy L. Weiss, 4371 Irish Creek Road, $1.
Robert R. Frey Jr. to Craig R. Snyder and Susan G. Snyder, 274 Ernst Road, $254,500.
Pike Township
Vb Us Reit LLC to Vb Us Reit LLC, 174 A Mine Road, $661.22.
Jose Julio Figueroa-Rivera Jr. to Delcy M. Nunez, 139 Walnut St., $129,900.
Edwin Cintron to Jose Leon, 1043 Windsor St., $15,000.
Lkm Properties LLC to Musa Draga, 343 Linden St., $48,500.
Tom Wessner and Kay Haring Trust to Lesleigh McGann, 411 Douglass St., $125,000.
Juan J. Irizarry to Javier Irizarry, 518 S. 17th St., $83,000.
Steven Barry Smith and Marie T. Smith to Jasmin Villanueva, 1224 Robeson St., $129,900.
Marian E. Pounder to Hal I. Bond and Maria L. Bond, 1401 College Ave., $285,000.
Clayton H. Evans Estate to Goodrents LLC, 1029 N. 10th St., $50,000.
Joseph C. Stoyer Estate to Goodrents LLC, 748 R Locust St., $1,500.
Carmela V. Schmidt to A2z Realty LLC, 1539 Mulberry St., $78,500.
Rpc Global Inc. and Song Kee Yeo to Leonardo Gomez, 210 Maple St., $64,600.
Armando A. Rubio Luna to Julio Banegas, 353 W. Douglass St., $85,000.
Kerry Hudson Jr. to Fratellanza LLC, 1161 Cotton St., $40,000.
Confesor Burgos Luciano and Elizabeth Velez Bonilla to Elizabeth Velez Bonillala, 627 Pear St., $19,000.
Daniel Bernard and Misael Antonio Marmolejos to Benito F. Bernard Marte, 1039 Greenwich St., $70,000.
Orlando Valdez and Gaudy Fonfrias to Jasmin Villanueva, 410 N. 2nd St., $95,000.
Hpd Flip 2019 LP to Luis Campanur Sanchez and Adriana Alvarez Galvan, 2231 Berkley Road, $40,000.
Nancy S. Avila to Juan B. Genao, 110 Spring St., $157,000.
Bradley A. Myers and Emily S. Myers to Anibal Enrique Peguero and Iris M. Delacruz, 1562 Cotton St., $57,000.
Christopher M. Carvajal to Ismenia Morel Arias, 105 W. Buttonwood St., $126,500.
422 S. 15th St Land Trust to Jm Diamond Enterprises LLC, 422 S. 15th St., $58,000.
424 S. 17th St Land Trust to Jm Diamond Enterprises LLC, 424 S. 17th St., $65,000.
Maria Milagros Morales Febles and Liliana Febles Gonzalez to Maria M. Morales Febles, 309 Hoskins Place.
Edgar S. Gutierrez Macias to Victorias Real Estate LLC, 1236 Green St., $7,000.
Scott M. Becker to Russell J. Naspinsky and Stephene A. Naspinsky, 1312 Orchard Road, $190,000.
Frank Manzella to Lisandra Pacheco, 632 N. 10th St., $59,000.
Sangha Brothers LLC to Christian Baldera, 431 S. 15th St., $240,000.
Milton Suazo to Terra Nova Trade LLC, 1251 Buttonwood St., $76,000.
Luis Hernandez to Carmen Espinoza De Hernandez, 1045 Mulberry St., $1.
Mauro Fiorentino to Alexus Santiago, 312 Mulberry St., $5,000.
Clark E. McHenry and Andrea M. McHenry to Freedom And Restoration For Everyone Enslaved, 730 McKnight St., $164,000.
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Posch Acquisitions LLC, 114 Windsor St., $116,200.
Jason C. Fox and Denise J. Fox to Roy E. Good Jr. and Doris J. Good, 524 S. 18th St., $65,000.
Jason Fox and Denise Fox to Roy E. Good Jr. and Doris J. Good, 544 S. 16th St., $65,000.
Theodore Steinruck and Elaine M. Steinruck to George A. Hulse and Rudilania Hulse, 520 S. 18 1/2 St., $68,000.
Manuel Perez and Jessica Perez to Marlene Marta Alba, 159 Douglass St., $190,000.
Robert Paul Scheetz Estate to Jonathan Padilla and Juana Ozoria, 209 W. Oley St., $10,000.
Musa Sayem Biswas to Angel Soto, 713 Warren St., $217,000.
Rebecca J. Williams to Sangha Brothers LLC, 410 Carroll St., $106,000.
Layla Garcia Flores to Maria Membreno, 1123 Muhlenberg St., $90,000.
Maritza Guerrero-Manzueta to Jose F. Manzueta, 741 Summit Chase Drive, $150,000.
Jose Castillo to Rosa Fabre Hernandez, 1302 N. 11th St., $125,000.
Angel Soto to Rafael Antonio Roman and Alexis Torres Ponce, 1203 Chester St., $140,000.
Ricardo J. Estime and Julie Estime Boisrond to Carmel G. Jean and Pierre Gesner Jerome, 545 N. 11th St., $118,400.
Wilmington Savings Fund Society Fsb and Nationstar Hecm Acquisition Trust 2020-1 to Jemco Capital LLC, 124 Kenhorst Blvd., $161,000.
Marvin Zimmerman to Patacia N. Pierre, 129 Belvedere Ave., $88,000.
Robeson Township
Katrina Mealey to Kyle E. Martin, 495 Golf Course Road, $245,000.
Michael J. Grater to Sangha Brothers LLC, 371 Oakbrook Drive, $183,000.
John M. Fleming Trust Agreement to Alan S. Champ, 88 Rock Hollow Road, $376,000.
Alecia M. Fick to Alecia Batezel, 300 W. Ruth Ave.
Rockland Township
Iain M. Macmillan IV and Heather Macmillan to Benjamin Lusen and Christina Faust, 14 Essig Drive, $290,000.
Patrick Edward Tarpey to Mark Schmehl and Trisha Schmehl, 110 Maple Ave., $278,000.
Jane Marie Zellers Estate to Bank of America Na, 343 S. Wyomissing Ave., $125,000.
Jonathan Whitaker to Jayson A. Call Rivera, 108 New Holland Ave., $192,000.
Harry K. Fry Jr. and Keith D. Malone to Amber N. Lesher, 50 Hendel St., $105,000.
Robert T. Noecker and Elsa Betts to Robert T. Noecker, Apple Lane, $500.
Lyndsey A. Roesch and Lyndsey A. Mazaika to Johnny R. Munoz, 901 Main St., $165,000.
Sinking Spring
Michael T. Pawlewicz and Sharon R. Pawlewicz to Pawlewicz Family Irrevocable Trust, 175 Ashley Road.
N. K James Hong and Yung Hong to Jason Schwalm and Sara Schwalm, 4453 Penn Ave., $1,310,000.
New Roads Real Estate Group LLC to Juan Jose Lopez, 227 Elwyn Ave., $280,000.
South Heidelberg Township
Daniel Allan Weller Estate to Mary Rita Weller, 93 Preston Road, $1.
Donna M. Golding and Robert J. Kerwin to Jean E. Brown and Raymond S. Brown Jr., 347 Preston Road, $380,000.
Peter Prydybasz and Jan Prydybasz to Arthur Facemire and Jeannie Facemire, Wild Forest Drive, $100,000.
David M. Wolfskill and Cindy A. Wolfskill to David M. Wolfskill and Cindy A. Wolfskill, 5008 Penn Ave., $1.
David M. Wolfskill and Cindy A. Wolfskill to David M. Wolfskill and Cindy A. Wolfskill, Lincoln Drive and 5008 Penn Ave., $1.
Spring Township
Carmelo Vazquez Jr. to Ajiththa Pusparajah and Kageepan Kandasamy, 112 Marie Drive, $321,000.
Richard G. Richards to William John Humphreys Iv, 1102 Old Fritztown Road, $245,500.
Ryan McCardell to Benjamin L. Ruffer and Cassidy R. Ruffer, 2226 McKinley Ave., $200,000.
Mildred M. Mahoi to Tyrone L. Copeland and Paula P. Copeland, 100 Cheshire Court, $219,900.
Grey Stone International Corporation to Blu Stone LLC, 124 Coventry Lane, $1.
Mary Anna Dalske to Jane M. Wiedinmyer and Robert L. Wiedinmyer, 416 Westbury Drive, $359,900.
Richard J. Conrad and Deborah A. Conrad to Richard J. Conrad, 813 Ironstone Lane, $1.
Stephen L. Haage and Denise A. Haage to Sangha Brothers LLC, 2709 Temple Drive, $278,000.
Jeffrey A. Trayer and Carmel L. Trayer to Al Hassan Conteh and Mildred Mahoi, 903 Connor Court, $383,800.
Anne Marie Spayd Estate to Kerry Michael Gring, 1603 Whitfield Blvd.
Jason R. Muller to Israel Gonzalez, 2223 Reading Ave., $185,000.
Michael P. Damico Jr. and Linda Damico to Michael P. Damico Jr. and Linda Damico, 2533 Joshua Drive, $1.
Gerard T. Oneil and Betty Ann Oneil to Jose Raul Tejada Rodriguez and Madelyn Jonnely Silva, 513 Lawrence Ave., $237,000.
Tilden Township
David J. McDonough and Melissa A. McDonough to Amanda L. Fritchman and Michael J. Fritchman, 112 Jalappa Road, $349,900.
Eleanor R. Desantis and Ezio F. Desantis to Jose Luis Alvarez-Disla and Genesis Manon Pichardo, 126 S. Callowhill St., $256,000.
John Charles Hess and Betty Mae Hess to Kjo LLC, 24 S. Callowhill St., $100,000.
Tulpehocken Township
Mount Aetna Developers Inc. and Alden Homes At Cornwall Inc. to Peter Harewood and Rachel Harewood, 16 Clover Drive, $393,316.
Connie A. Bennetch to Andrew H. Hoover, Host Road, $38,000.
J. Dennis Earl Martin and Jeanne H. Martin and Dennis E. Martin to Sheldon L. Martin and Heather D. Martin, 7698 Lancaster Ave., $250,000.
Washington Township
Beverly A. Melcher to Tyler W. Richard, 225 Kulps Road, $25,000.
Emma Jane Trout to Virginia L. Gehret, 1433 County Line Road, $325,000.
Jason P. Schermerhorn and Erin L. Percinsky-Schermerhorn to Erin Percinsky-Schermerhorn and Cindy Lue Percinsky, 151 W. Wilson Ave., $1.
Thomas A. Troup and Gloria J. Foley Troup to Courtney Strickler, 229 Werner St., $195,000.
Carl D. Hoppman Sr. Estate to Carl D. Hoppman Jr. Trust, 237 E. Gaul St., $1.
Allen R. Moyer Jr. and Allen R. Moyer Sr. Estate to Andrea Giannotti, 410 W. Penn Ave., $140,000.
Joan M. Lutz to Florian Sutu, 36 E. Washington Ave., $126,000.
West Reading
James G. Cardi Sr. and Aurora C. Cardi to Lester Rodriguez and Nancy Maria Rodriguez, 216 Olive St., $190,000.
Dale Weyandt to Enrique Ramirez-Acero and Rosalba Ramirez, 33 N. 2nd St., $89,900.
Sanitary Mausoleum Trust and Wells Fargo Bank National Association to Sanitary Mausoleum Trust and Wells Fargo Bank National Association, 1725 Penn Ave.
Gerard Chatel and Evelyn Chatel to Jill Henry, 113 Grandview Blvd., $500,000.
Dennis J. Mauro to Dennis J. Mauro and Erin A. Mauro, 1517 Garfield Ave., $1.
Spyridon A. Papademetriou and Jacqueline R. Papademetriou to Jacqueline R. Papademetriou, 1559 Dauphin Ave.
Stanley J. Papademetriou and Diane M. Papademetriou to Luanne Bell, 15 Tewkesbury Drive, $365,000.
Michael Blake Molinaro to Michael Blake Molinaro and Karen A. Molinaro, 1432 Cleveland Ave., $1.
Robert M. Keith Jr. to Richard Tomlinson and Cynthia Tomlinson, 7 Junco Drive, $566,000.
Multiple municipalities
Vb Us Reit LLC to Vb Us Reit LLC, List Road and 614 Old Wyomissing Road, $165,754.80.



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