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Berks County real estate transactions Dec. 5 – Reading Eagle

Editor’s note: Some of the transactions do not include a transfer price because no money was exchanged for the property. All deeds are recorded in the Berks County recorder of deeds office and are a matter of public information. There is a delay between when the deeds are filed and their publication. Transactions are based on a file created by the recorder of deeds. For questions, call 610-478-3380 or send email to
Albany Township
Casey J. Kunkel to Linda D. Cohick and Larry P. Cohick, 9936 Kistler Valley Road, $180,000.
Mark N. Heintzelman Estate and Steven M. Heintzelman and Glenn A. Heintzelman to Glenn A. Heintzelman, 463 Pine Swamp Road, $1.
Stony Run Inn Properties LLC and Fish Odhner Group LLC to John Bakay and Patricia Holzer, 2409 Rte 737, $160,000.
Alsace Township
Legacy Mortgage Asset Trust 2019-Gs7 to Hilltop Trinity LLC, 28 Miller Lane, $125,000.
Amity Township
Patrick J. Harvey and Amanda E. Harvey to Austin V. Peterson and Heather L. Peterson, 112 Indian Run Drive, $449,900.
Johnny Tran and Anna Cardaci to Dvir Aharon, 233 Blacksmith Road, $565,000.
John D. Motta and Ellen Motta to David Giamvu and Lynn Giamvu, 915 Maplewood Drive, $420,000.
Michael T. Fay to Davin B. Cowdery, 3033 Summer Meadow Drive, $415,000.
Thomas R. Drabick to Nicholas Shirley and Aimee Shirley, 4 Ash Court, $350,000.
Bern Township
Hans J. Pinkau to Bradley R. Nowotarski and Shelly J. Nowotarski, Ziegler Road, $210,000.
Alisse J. Kosloski and Alisse J. Auchenbach to Joshua Todd Harris, 1109 Upper Van Reed Road, $412,000.
Linda Neiman Kaucher and Linda J. Hoover to Patricia L. Miller and Peter M. Miller, 113 Mitchell Ave., $290,000.
Rhoads Family Trust to Leeann M. Rhoads and David M. Peterson, 116 Beechwood Lane, $245,000.
Bethel Township
Raeanna M. Thierwechter and Gary L. Thierwechter to Raeanna M. Thierwechter and Gary L. Thierwechter, 432 Frystown Road, $1.
Aida F. Behler to Martha A. Klahr Estate, 40 Klahr Road, $500.
Martha A. Klahr Estate to Aida F. Behler, 20 Klahr Road, $500.
Dwight D. Miller and Beverly G. Milller to Charles D. Drescher, 8437 Lancaster Ave., $90,000.
Laurie A. Anderson and Laurie A. Kauffman to Patrick Timothy Dinsmore and Amy Lee Dinsmore, 502 Garfield Ave., $311,000.
Francis J. Reles and Catherine P. Reles to Emily A. Gerhart and Austin David Hoffman, 443 Silverbrook Drive, $272,500.
Tracey Kehrer and Vincent Kehrer to Evelyn N. Stern, 504 W. 1st St., $125,000.
Edoardo Satiro and Maria Satiro to Michael Neil Benjamin Sr., 113 S. Furnace St., $146,850.
John W. Lea and Gretchen S. Lea to Heather M. Lewis, 28 W. 2nd St., $215,000.
David R. Purnell and Tammy L. Purnell to Mark A. Shade, 160 W. 6th St., $315,000.
David E. Johnson to Shi Wei Chen and Longfeng Chen, 416 E. 4th St., $140,000.
Brecknock Township
Ronald M. Yoder and Rebecca L. Yoder to Tyler Keller and Megan Keller, 126 Woodland Manor Drive, $389,900.
Caernarvon Township
Crystal Marie Cook to Salvatore Dipietro and Maryann Dipietro, 704 Heather Way, $275,000.
Dorothy J. Hartenstine Estate to Curtis M. Hartenstine, 6 Morgan Cr, $1.
Curtis M. Hartenstine to Curtis M. Hartenstine and Karin G. Hartenstine, 6 Morgan Cr, $1.
Justin F. Saracco and Stacy M. Bolich to Justin F. Saracco, 98 Hertzler Drive, $1.
Colebrookdale Township
Christa Smith to Gregory J. Hipple and Jessica M. Stoicsitz, 26 Barb Lane, $240,363.
Derrick L. Davis to Derrick L. Davis and Janice Watkins Davis, 524 N. Rte 100, $1.
Charles M. Davis to Kyleigh McEvoy and Daniel Williams, 507 Englesville Road, $195,000.
Gioacchino Chifari and Felicia Chifari to Cindy Lee Dahms, 122 Popodickon Drive, $174,000.
Brian L. Hess and Eric L. Hess and Lenus D. Hess Estate to Nymt Loan Trust I, 17 Boyer St., $45,000.
Cumru Township
Horace A. Nigrelli and Laura J. Nigrelli to Horace A. Nigrelli and Laura J. Nigrelli and Anthony M. Nigrelli and Dean M. Nigrelli, 307 Barrington Drive, $1.
Christy A. Bohn to Christy A. Werner, 515 Grill Ave., $1.
Steven A. Dawson and Claudia P. Muntean to Steven A. Dawson and Claudia P. Muntean, 10 Nassau Cr, $1.
Penn Street Limited Partnership to Marvin M. Zimmerman and Beverly I. Zimmerman, Madison St., $260,000.
Justin D. Schaeffer to Robert S. Hackney, 496 Church Road, $249,900.
Darryl M. Keim Estate to Breonna M. Keim and Cody W. Mertz, 1626 Crowder Ave., $142,000.
Mark Spengler and Jill Spengler to H&M Investments LLC, 3444 New Holland Road, $150,000.
Randall L. Somerville and Kelly A. Cramner and Scott A. Cramner and Sandra L. Cramner to Randall L. Somerville and Kelly A. Cramner, 201 Pembroke Drive.
Catherine D. Manning to Alexandra Vasta, 80 Wedge Lane, $135,000.
Mifflin Management LLC to Michael J. Gallen, 2948 Welsh Road, $1.
Douglass Township
Allison Zvarick and Joseph Rispoli to Gerard John Zvarick, 334 Colebrookdale Road, $100.
Earl Township
Dean W. Emery to Vanessa N. Reyburn and Zachary H. Reyburn, Rte 562, $1.
Calvin A. Sheeler Sr. and Ellen M. Sheeler to Barbara Smale and Nancy J. Peterman, Longview Road, $1.
Exeter Township
Anthony M. Caccese Estate to Rachael M. Werley and James R. Werley III, 1362 Claire Drive, $226,000.
Jeffery M. West to Jennifer R. Sanderson and Andrew M. Sanderson, 4101 Steeple Chase Drive, $350,050.
Huck Properties LLC to James M. Yenser and April J. Yenser, 4250 Painted Sky Road and 4190 Painted Sky Road, $240,000.
Corinne L. Brumbaugh to Corinne L. Mohr, 98 Wessex Court, $1.
David F. Robertshaw Jr. and Kay Stemach Larkin to David F. Robertshaw Jr., 700 Faber Road.
Josue Morales-Ramirez and Jocelyn Marie Morales to Deanna T. Deao and Daniel D. Deao, 140 Scotland Drive, $480,000.
Phoenix Reading I. Industrial Investors LLC to Wharton Reading Industrial LLC, 71 Vanguard Drive, $5,300,000.
Mary F. Martin and Aiyishah Ada Martin-Hedgespeth and Ronald Martin to Wayne E. Hummel III and Eileen Marie Hummel, 4 Cranberry Ridge, $150,000.
Herbert P. Kantner and Cynthia A. L Kantner to Shane M. Strunk, 29 W. 33rd St., $210,000.
Truist Bank to Cathy Calhoun, 102 W. Main St., $15,000.
Richard A. Huyett and Judy Huyett to Amy Huyett Irrevocable Trust, 42 E. Locust St., $1.
Jonathan Lee Behler and Crystal L. Bauder to Jonathan Lee Behler and Crystal L. Behler, 124 Dogwood Drive, $1.
Greenwich Township
Donald H. Kerchner Estate to Peter Brothers Inc., Rte 143, $1,305,000.
Donald H. Kerchner Estate to P&W Land Company LLC, Rte 143, $700.
Donald H. Kerchner Estate to P&W Land Company LLC, Rte 143, $1,000.
Donald H. Kerchner Estate to P&W Land Company LLC, Rte 143, $500.
Donald H. Kerchner Estate to P&W Land Company LLC, Rte 143, $100.
Donald H. Kerchner Estate to P&W Land Company LLC, Rte 143, $600.
Donald H. Kerchner Estate to P&W Land Company LLC, Rte 143, $100.
Greenwich Township
Jeffrey W. Sunday to Colby Shollenberger and Amy Shollenberger, 182 Schock Road, $330,000.
Helen L. Billman Estate to Dereka Mae Bauscher and Kasea Bauscher, 169 N. 3rd St., $115,000.
Briar Stern and Sarah Bednar to Briar Stern and Sarah Stern, 500 Chestnut St., $1.
Ruby J. Heffner Estate to Stephanie J. Reichard and Scott R. Reichard, 402 Spruce St.
Heidelberg Township
Rafael Rivera Crespo and Yesenia Casimiro to April Lynn Simmons and Kyle Christopher Frankford, 911 W. Penn Ave., $244,000.
Pablo E. Heredia to Kenya L. Hernandez Reyes, 1828 Hancock Blvd., $170,000.
Jasmin Barreto to Rodolfo Echevarria-Cintron, 1618 Kenhorst Blvd., $195,500.
Kenhorst Fire Company 1 to Robert R. Thomas and Kimberly M. Thomas, 402 S. Kenhorst Blvd. and 404 S. Kenhorst Blvd., $105,000.
Joseph A. Pianka to Christina M. Partridge, 1435 Kenhorst Blvd., $231,500.
Hexnova Group LLC to Tg2 Homes LLC, 122 W. Main St., $185,000.
Peter Keegan Estate to Tg2 Homes LLC, 120 W. Main St., $200,000.
Ct Enterprises LLC to Jordan R. Tuttle and Linda M. Tuttle, 451 W. Main St., $249,500.
Michael Pfeiffer and Curt N. Sannie and Suzanne H. Pfeiffer to Stephen E. Sharadin and Susanne M. Sharadin, 305 Greenwich St., $75,000.
Mist Holding LLC to Andy M. Torres Diaz and Ana Mileidy Torres-Ruiz, 1209 Bellevue Ave., $166,000.
Lower Alsace Township
Anthony J. Babbitt to Patricia Gifford, 819 Penndale Ave., $200,000.
Patrick W. Morris and Sharon S. Morris to John Foreman and Song Foreman, 10 Christman Road, $520,000.
Lower Heidelberg Township
Berks At Glen Ridge Estates LLC and Berks New Homes LLC to Briana Schaefer and Kalea Preston, Ryebrook Road, $462,910.
Glenn R. Trythall and Sherry E. Trythall to Christina Maria Hilton and Michael James Gross, 350 Faust Road, $290,000.
Robert P. Wolf and Noelle A. Pantezzi-Wolf to Robert P. Wolf and Noelle A. Pantezzi-Wolf, 292 Faust Road, $1.
Maidencreek Township
Fitz Realty Company LLC to Ricardo Villasenor and Evelyn Villasenor, 112 Main St., $236,000.
Paragon Property Investment Group LLC to Edward D. Kelly and Emily E. Showalter, 1045 Park Road, $219,000.
Jason Dierolf to Nancy E. Runyon, 351 Lindbergh Ave., $248,750.
Daniel Confair to R. Samantha Plourde, 124 Via Dolorosa Drive, $295,000.
Buffy Lynn Garcia Estate to Alejandro Garcia and Guadalupe Hurtado and Mario Garcia, 652 Walnut Tree Drive.
Marion Township
Stone Group Inc. to Arthur E. Brown and Barbara J. Brown, 285 Sweet Birch Lane, $319,176.
Luke Troutman and Lori A. Troutman to Luke Troutman, 630 Sheridan Road, $1.
Maxatawny Township
Tammy Phillips and Thomas Peduto to Shannon Crowe and Alexander Crowe, 351 Hottenstein Road, $385,000.
Robert S. Weaver to Robert S. Weaver and Lisa Helena Weaver, 141 Roja Lane.
Robin A. Clark to Robin A. Clark and Nicholas J. Bird, 15167 W. Kutztown Road, $1.
William Michael Morris and Amy Morris to William M. Morris, 125 Chestnut St., $1.
Lorraine M. Brause to Lorraine M. Brause and Deborah Martin, 409 Crest Cr, $1.
Mount Penn
Martin Diaz De La Cruz to Jacqueline Mendoza Rodriguez, 2616 A Perkiomen Ave., $165,000.
Muhlenberg Township
Milton C. Acosta to Maria A. Reyes and Leonel Yorki Contreras, 812 N. Temple Blvd., $191,000.
Frances M. Notobartolo-Schroeder to Jose Ramon Alvarez-Ortiz, 3429 Foster Lane, $230,000.
Nathy Saavedra and Adalberto Saavedra to Justin M. Dromie and Jacqulyn C. Dromie, 5008 6th Ave., $275,000.
Cassandra L. Weaver to Angel D. Aponte Parrilla and Nelson A. Aguirre Lopez, 32 Water St., $155,000.
Jamie C. Emes to Javier Pagan, 811 Hyde Park Ave., $132,000.
Dale Weyandt to Melissa K. Blanco, 112 Park Ave., $89,100.
Ryan M. Swartz to Sheldon Hall Jr. and Betty Hall, 3520 Ardmore Ave., $212,500.
Betty Gonzalez to Eduardo Abreu Jerez and Carlita Abreu, 124 Jefferson St., $150,000.
Thomas A. Fegley and David S. Fegley to Dinorah Hernandez, 4007 5th Ave., $175,000.
Oley Township
Twinponds Oley LLC to Laurel Walker and Matthew Walker, 601 Old State Road, $325,000.
Ontelaunee Township
Flex Membrane International Corp to Sr.d Realty LLC, 5103 A Pottsville Pike, $2,691,566.96.
Jason A. Yeakle and Lindsey J. Yeakle to Casey McAndrew and Naurae McAndrew, 89 Edinboro Lane, $401,000.
James M. Lantz to Belinda Ruth Yucis, 380 Snyder Road, $1.
Perry Township
Todd A. Johnson and Elaine Johnson to Elaine Johnson, 81 Hall Road.
Pike Township
Tandy D. Steffey and Mary L. Steffey to Angelique Collins and Timothy J. Collins Jr., 123 Lutz Road, $449,900.
Gray Properties And Management Co to Grino Co, 145 Carpenter St., $500.
Gray Properties And Management Co to Grino Co, 315 Franklin St., $600.
Ernest N. Mengel and Kathy M. Mengel to Emilia Rojas Martinez and Juan Reyes Munoz, 1502 N. 15th St., $165,000.
Vnf Properties Corp to Jordania Taveras-Villa, 1134 Robeson St., $115,000.
Joel Huertas to Antionette Kelly, 547 S. 17 1/2 St., $90,000.
Trisha Ferro to Cristian Salvador Ovalles, 664 N. 13th St., $105,000.
Peggi Ann McGrath to Edgar Delarosa, 1635 College Ave., $255,000.
A&D Real Estate Holdings LLC to Yoel Rolnitzky, 422 W. Greenwich St., $150,000.
Kent E. Wrobel to Yordany Rojas Jimenez, 1240 Eckert Ave., $156,500.
Frank A. Frick and Barbara A. Frick to Barbara A. Frick, 1332 Luzerne St., $1.
Claudia M. Johnson to Albert Robinson, 1613 N. 10th St., $1.
Georgina Cruz Estate to Maria I. Vazquez and Trinidad Cedeno and Trinidad Diaz, 460 S. 6th St.
Xavier Carrer and Juliza Matos to Juliza Matos, 329 Orange St., $15,000.
Shirley Bausher Estate to Tracy Bausher, 1234 Green St.
Euraline I. Broome to Andres Castaing Cruz, 1250 Buttonwood St., $50,000.
Jose L. Ramos Jr. to Lindsey E. Mann and Aaron M. Hanna, 2347 Berkley Road, $184,000.
Alyssa Martinez and Alyssa Porter to Fernando Reyes-Casiano and Alicia Eichelberger, 1744 Perkiomen Ave., $110,600.
Xiying Zhao to Reading Parking Authority, 633 Mulberry St., $3,000.
Philip B. Raifsnider III and Pamela A. Raifsnider to Kory S. Kramer, 651 S. 17 1/2 St., $75,000.
Katherine Santiago-Torres to Alexander Vazquez, 228 N. 11th St., $5,000.
Carlos F. Ng Estate and to Alejandro Abreu and Lendy Amparo and , 926 Perry St. and , $80,000.
Greater Berks Development Fund to 600 Penn Street LP, 600 Penn St., $3,200,000.
Carl M. Werner Estate to Maria Calderon, 937 N. Front St., $87,000.
Huan H. Nguyen and Kieu Tram Thi Pham to Diana G. Criollo-Valdez and Jose R. Sarmiento-Saltos, 543 Windsor St., $69,900.
Raymundo Perez and Rosa A. Perdomo to Osvaldo Carlos Malena, 832 McKnight St., $80,000.
Fdu Investment Trust to Frenly Delossantos, 265 N. Front St., $105,000.
Veronica Ivette Nazario Rosario to Rafael Santana Martinez, 431 S. 6th St., $100,000.
Mary Haney Estate and Mary Katherine Rivera Estate to Idalisa Maria Hernandez, 1409 Lancaster Ave., $130,000.
Antoinette Mastrolia to Altagracia Estevez, 410 Arlington St., $90,000.
Richard P. Trefsgar and Joanne L. Trefsgar to Joanne L. Trefsgar, 1522 N. 12th St.
Avs7a LLC to 744 Franklin Street Properties LLC, 740 Franklin St. and 742 Franklin St. and 744 Franklin St., $143,000.
Michael J. Kowalski Estate to Maripoza Management LLC, 316 S. 12th St., $28,000.
Jam3 LLC to Lucia C. Ramos Nunez, 521 N. 11th St., $150,000.
Randall G. Dutt and Michele L. Dutt to Rodriguez Realty Investments LLC and Victor M. Rodriguez, 924 Amity St., $140,000.
Guadalupe Acuapa Guerrero to Yuliza Uribe Acuapa, 426 Chestnut St., $1.
Guadalupe Acuapa Guerrero to Yuliza Uribe Acuapa, 1049 N. 9th St., $1.
Augusto F. Franceschi to 1327 Jefferson Realty Inc., 1727 Cotton St., $72,000.
Nancy Mangan to Nancy Joanne Mangan and Valerie Ruth Mangan, 419 Fern Ave., $1.
Brian E. Kordish and John C. Goetter to Richard Grauf, 2508 Berkley Road, $227,000.
80 Morgantown Road LLC to Otc Investment Berks LLC, 70 Morgantown Road and 101 Fern Ave., $550,000.
Victor M. Santos to Jose R. Santos, 715 Mulberry St., $1.
Veronica M. Johnson to Overlord Real Estate Holdings LLC, 845 N. 8th St. and 841 N. 8th St., $170,000.
Mariluz Arroyo-Martinez and to Mirella Marquez and , 215 Moss St. and 841 N. 8th St., $15,000.
Richmond Township
Franklin S. Hoch and Kenneth L. Hoch and Fdk Partnership to Blue Marsh Partners LLC, 430 Park Road, $235,000.
Robeson Township
Yvette A. Rotundo to Freda Mae Khan and Ahmed Khan, 78 Alleghenyville Road, $425,000.
Carlee Miller and Jon R. Kegerise to Carlee Miller, 3357 Main St., $10.
Rockland Township
Saaussan M. Madi and Daniel F. Carl to Erika L. Price and Kimberly A. Price, 90 Pricetown Road, $279,900.
Ruscombmanor Township
Kyle Neuheimer and Suzanne M. Neuheimer to Michael Holmes and Kim-Thao Nguyen, 48 Acorn Lane, $481,000.
Frank D. Klopp Jr. to Frank G. Heckman and Jennifer M. Heckman, 215 S. Wyomissing Ave., $185,000.
Mae S. Noecker Estate to Robert T. Noecker and Elsa Betts, Grant St.
Sinking Spring
Brad Bartman to Joslynn M. Quijada and Rafael A. Quijada, 408 Weidman Ave., $290,000.
Nathan P. Crespo and Kala M. Crespo to Kenny A. Flores Pacheco and Margarita Gonzalez, 90 Elwyn Ave., $215,000.
Barbara M. Orlando Estate to Justin D. Schaeffer, 1131 Columbia Ave., $240,000.
South Heidelberg Township
Yohaira E. Flores to Kristy L. Cano and Jenessa Marie Rivera, 150 Butternut Court, $240,000.
William E. Lamm to Zsofia Deutsch and Pal Toth, 854 Point Road, $115,000.
Jeffrey L. Pawling and Janet M. Pawling to Mabel E. Davis, 165 Beacon Road, $185,000.
Spring Township
Berks Equity Holdings LLC to Vivian T. Justiniano, 2336 Lincoln Ave., $189,900.
Constance Bordner and Christine Folk and David Roland and Jodiann Tucci to Tiana Nasstassja Gonzalez, 121 Woodside Ave., $180,000.
Manuel Encalada Avila to Manuel Encalada Avila, Reading Ave., $1.
Manuel Encalada Avila to Froilan Emanuel Encalada Vasquez, 1944 Reading Ave. and Reading Ave., $1.
Andrew M. Lacey and Alison C. Lacey to Janani Kumar and Aditya Thiyagarajan, 2908 Duffield Lane, $573,000.
Creg A. Drake and Carly J. Drake to Bryn L. Peterson and Ryan Peterson, 1112 Lilac Lane, $275,000.
Shirley J. Apple to Franklin E. Molina Maita, 100 Filmore Ave., $210,000.
Cheryl J. Kolodziej to Alba J. Soriano, 204 Halsey Ave., $194,900.
Kasey L. Binder to Dominque N. Harris, 64 Wilson St., $170,000.
Richard W. Traffas and Amy J. Traffas to Elizabeth D. Fernandez and Juan G. Fernandez, 1620 Westwood Road, $263,000.
Joshua A. Myer and Rebecca L. Myer and Rebecca L. Orlando to Nathan Paul Crespo and Kala Marie Crespo, 770 Fritztown Road, $145,000.
Wallace Family Trust to Peter L. Wallace and Kevin S. Wallace and Heather J. L Lippincott, 218 Kocher Road, $1.
Golden Hills Development Corporation to Sawyer One LLC, Wernersville Road, $177,500.
St Lawrence
Jeffrey A. Blatt and Joanne L. Blatt to Steven A. Begley and Allison M. Begley, 3303 Stoner Ave., $450,000.
Tilden Township
Heather L. Kuhn to Heather Lynn Kuhn and Dustin W. Kuhn, 113 Diamond Drive.
Tulpehocken Township
Mount Aetna Developers Inc. and Alden Homes At Cornwall Inc. to Paul S. Karmilowicz Jr. and Caitlin Jane Kriebel, 26 Meadowlark Lane, $368,898.
Chad R. Johnson and Suzanne M. Johnson to Cody Steven Fink and Lauryn Yoder, 2 B Summer Mt Road, $410,000.
Union Township
Helen Sage and Douglas Campbell to Tanner A. Acree, 1101 Chestnut St., $330,000.
Richard S. Huzzard And Louise D Huzzard Revocable Living Trust to Samuel K. Glick and Malinda S. Glick, 231 Mullen Road, $810,000.
Washington Township
Nathan Wenger to David J. Bowen Jr., 22 Moyer Road, $360,000.
Sonia F. Williamson to Jennifer N. Sherman, 262 Kulps Road, $220,000.
West Reading
Douglas Chew and Carolyn A. Paaby to Nicholas Oakley and Carolina Oakley, 225 S. 3rd Ave., $188,000.
Aurora C. Cardi to Aurora C. Cardi and James G. Cardi Sr., 216 Olive St., $1.
Windsor Township
Kathryn M. Bretz to Justin M. Fairchild, 2201 Old Rte 22, $167,500.
Kelsey Caplinger and Kelsey Stauffer to Kelsey Caplinger, 327 W. High St., $1.
Loretta M. Kostick to Loretta M. Kostick and Kristin Rogosky and George J. Kostick Jr., 830 Douglass St., $1.
Multiple municipalities
Donald H. Kerchner Estate to P&w Land Company LLC, 1404 Rte 143, $672,000.
Marcy B. Tocker to Thomas V. Emery and Stacy A. Stoner, 57 A Kutz Road, $208,000.



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