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Aurora IP: Foreign and local real estate developers capturing opportunities in Vietnam’s industrial real estate – Yahoo Finance

Aurora IP

Aurora IP

Aurora IP

HANOI, Vietnam, July 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vietnam’s industrial real estate is becoming an attractive market for both domestic and international investors. Early this year, Singapore-based GLP, Asia’s biggest warehouse operator, announced the launch of its first logistics development fund in Vietnam with an investment capacity of $1.1 billion.

Meanwhile, Gaw NP Industrial, a real estate investment fund jointly set up by Hong Kong-based Gaw Capital Partners and Vietnamese realty developer NP Capital Partners, plans to deploy at least $300 million in equity capital to tap into the demand and underlying growth potential of Vietnam’s industrial real estate sector.

Aurora IP

Aurora IP

Compared to other countries, Vietnam has more favourable conditions with more affordable real estate prices and many new projects that will increase supply in the future, experts said.

Besides, political stability, abundant investment opportunities and support from the local government, as well as the country’s administrative reform efforts are also other factors luring investors to Vietnam instead of China, India, Thailand etc.

According to the Ministry of Planning and Investment, in 2021, Vietnam has 575 industrial zones established in 61 provinces & cities and is the destination of thousands of businesses from 122 countries and territories globally.

Not only foreign real estate developers are capturing the opportunity, but local developers are also actively engaging in the market. Aurora IP is one of the most attractive industrial real estate projects in the north of Vietnam.

Developed by one of Vietnam’s leading property developers Cat Tuong Group, Aurora IP provides a total phase 1 area of about 520 hectares, aims to build one of top leading textile-dyeing specialized industrial park with green – clean – sustainable development orientation.

Aurora IP is located in a convenient position, within the planning of Ninh Co Economic Zone which covers 14,000 hectares with comprehensive infrastructure such as airport, seaport and power supply facilities.

Equipped with a wastewater treatment system with a capacity of 110,000 m3/day night and a surface clean water system with capacity of 170,000 m3/day night, Aurora IP possesses complete and synchronous infrastructure to invest in building hi-tech infrastructure plants, meeting the strict requirements of the textile dyeing process.

In 2020, Aurora IP closed two deals with a total investment surpassing $200 million for land lease contracts with two FDI investors to develop hi-tech textile and dyeing projects, proving its attractiveness and unique value as a well-invested industrial park.

“Vietnam’s industrial real estate market is very dynamic. As a local developers, we believe we have the ability to understand Vietnam’s real estate growth as well as future infrastructure developments. Despite being a local developer, Aurora IP is well-designed with international standards, ready to meet the strict requirements of foreign investors. It’s a crucial strength that will help us to stay ahead and stand out from the crowd in the medium to long term,” said Mr. Tran Quoc Viet – Chairman & CEO of Cat Tuong Group.


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