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Accruent’s Lx Transaction Management to Manage the Full Real Estate Transaction Lifecycle – ARC Advisory Group

Accruent announced the release of Lx Transaction Management, a new tool for lease administrators, transaction managers, real estate executives, and other real estate professionals managing transactions in a Real Estate Transaction Lifecyclesingle pane of glass as transactions move through the real estate transaction lifecycle.

Lx Transaction Management, part of Accruent’s connected portfolio of intelligent workplace management solutions, makes it easy for organizations to gain visibility into all real estate transactions across an organization, increase cross-functional collaboration among internal and external stakeholders, and make data-driven decisions to achieve improved transactional outcomes.

Lx Transaction Management allows organizations to monitor transactions in a centralized dashboard, report on those deals in real-time, create a full schedule, track contacts, and store transaction documents. Companies can also track the progress of lease negotiations on existing leases.

In addition, the scenario comparison functionality allows side-by-side comparison of financial information, building specifications, lease details, and demographic data ― highlighting key differences to aid in transaction decisions. With Lx Transaction Management, organizations can:

  • Monitor transactions in every stage with a single view 
  • Build out and compare unlimited scenarios for each transaction under consideration with a sophisticated comparison engine
  • Connect transactions, contracts, site planning, and project management capabilities as part of an IWMS 
  • Easily track schedules and documents
  • Use contact management to keep track of responsible parties
  • See process steps for executing on a chosen course of action

Accruent’s workplace management solutions are an integrated workplace management system (IWMS), which includes our EMS, Lucernex, FAMIS 360, vx Observe and vx Maintain products to transform facilities, space, resource, and energy management for organizations around the globe.



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