Our Company

Statement of Purpose

The Power Is Now Media Inc. is an online multimedia company founded in 2009 by Eric L. Frazier, MBA, headquartered in Riverside, California. We are advocates for homeownership, wealth building, and financial literacy. We create and publish original and educational content through Radio, Podcasts, Magazines, TV, and online events.  We provide an online platform for everyone to learn about homeownership, housing, loan programs, and down payment assistance to achieve financial literacy and the American dream of homeownership. In addition, we support and are supported by housing finance agencies, real estate associations, civic, religious, and community organizations to amplify their voice about the services and programs they offer in lending, housing, and homeownership.


The Mission of the Power is Now Media is to inspire and educate consumers and real estate professionals, build wealth through the acquisition, management, and sale of real estate with information, and support provided via live and on-demand TV and social media platforms that empower everyone to act now. We are leading the conversation in real estate.


The Vision of The Power Is Now Media is to be accessible on all online platforms and to be a household brand and resource for consumers and real estate professionals. This will help them buy and/or sell real estate to achieve their personal, family, and business goals, and build wealth in real estate to leave an inheritance and legacy for their family.


We value the American Dream of home ownership and the stability it brings to families as a family and the home is the foundation to society. 

We value balance in our lives with God, Family & Business for all people. We value faith in God and believe that God is the foundation of family.

Diversity & Community​

We value the economic empowerment of all people and define diversity as the mosaic of people who bring a variety of backgrounds, experiences, styles, perspectives, values, and beliefs.

We believe we must build a business culture that successfully motivates and generates the highest productivity of all real estate professional, across lines including race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, age, political affiliation, and disability.


We value leadership development of all people and understand the value of the banking industry providing affordable financial products that help make home-ownership possible. 

We value continuing education and certification to improve our skills as real estate specialist and thank the professional trade association that seeks to educate and inspire real estate agents.

Eric L. Frazier, MBA
President | CEO | Broker

Mr. Eric Lawrence Frazier is President and CEO of the Power Is Now Media Inc. The Power Is Now Media, Inc. is a multimedia company that has specialized in real estate and mortgage education for consumers and real estate professionals on various topics in real estate, lending, economics, and government policy since Sept. 1, 2009. The financial and real estate information is distributed through BlogTalkRadio, iTunes, TuneIn, and other online radio platforms nationwide, as well as online TV and eMagazines.

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Sheila Gilmore
Chief Marketing Officer

Sheila Gilmore is a savvy marketing /advertising executive with over 25 years of experience including strategic planning, brand/campaign management, creative services, direct response marketing, event planning, market research, product development, and database management. Producer of high-profile signature events during Super Bowl, NBA All Star week, and Long Beach Jazz Festival. Client Roster: Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, (Rainbow PUSH Coalition), Dr. Joseph Bryant, Jr., Chris Broussard, (K.I.N.G. Movement), UNCF, and Navigator Sales & Marketing

Office: 800-401-8994 x 711 | Direct: 951-533-3663

Valtteri Salomaki
Chief Technology Officer

Valtteri Salomaki is an MBA Graduate with a concentration in Marketing Strategy and Information Systems at the University of California, Riverside (UCR). Valtteri dedicated his studies to understanding global markets and their economic transformation due to new emerging technologies, which led him to study abroad in both Hong Kong and Milan. In addition, Valtteri is the co-founder of Free Logic Inc. and serves as the Head of Strategy for all large scale projects and the co-founder of EDGE Sound Research, a new audio technology startup that is introducing a new format of audio allowing people to hear and feel sound in hi-fi.

Office: 800-401-8994 ext. 715 | Direct: 760-481-4979

Goldy Ponce
Marketing Manager

Goldy Ponce is a Linguist and Translator graduated from the University Mayor de San Simón in Bolivia. Goldy, a language passionate, has over 15 years of expertise in the field of the translation in the laguage pairs: English to Spanish and French to Spanish. On 2011, Goldy started her second career as a graphic designer, creating book covers for Amazon.com for over a year. On 2013 she was hired as a Graphic Designer for The Power Is Now company. Her main tasks as the current Marketing Manager of the company involve the graphic design of most the marketing materials for the company and the design of 3 national magazines: The Power Is Now Magazine, The Power Is Now Program Guide and The Power Is Now Real Estate magazine.  

Direct: (+591) 626-56388

Bianca Miranda
VIP Agent Program Director

Bianca Miranda, CEO and Lead Strategist at Favor Marketing Agency is a Brand and Marketing expert who partners with CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands. After spending 10 years in sales and marketing for technology, retail, health, and real estate businesses, Bianca Miranda knows what truly drives conversions, increases engagement on social media, and what it takes to create expansion. 

Bianca Miranda has landed coverage in global magazines and has continued to amplify her voice through marketing all over the nation through the use of social media. In addition to her  marketing experience, Bianca is an activist, motivational speaker, women’s organization leader, and trailblazer driving change in her community. 

Bianca holds a Bachelors of Science in Global Health from Arizona State University. 

Office: (480) 625-8250