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A big win for the Clean Energy Agenda: White House Invokes the Defense Production Act for Clean Energy

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On Monday 6th June 2022, the current president of the United States approved the use of the defence production act. The DPA act encourages renewable energy, intends to conserve the environment, and will increase the speed of clean energy produced domestically. Overall the defence production act will conserve the environment and safeguard against climatic changes.

The approved DPA act has fostered the increase of commodities such as solar panels, thermal pumps and insulations to building insulation in the market. The products need to get to the consumer to assist them in using renewable energy. The U.S government also intends to set in funds for investment in renewable energy.

A study by the Environment America Research and Policy Center reports that most homes in the United States use fossil fuels, which sums up high levels of carbon released to the environment. Out of five homes, four of them use fossil fuel to heat the room and water too. In residential homes, more than fifty percent of fossil energy is recorded, and commercial buildings use up to 34 per cent of fossil energy.

The defence production act aims to reduce carbon by roughly 300 million metric tonnes by 2050. Carbon reduction is possible by adapting the use of energy from the Sun through solar panels instead of fossil fuels. For example, solar energy can be adapted to heat rooms and water. Reducing the 300 metric tonnes of carbon is studied to be equal to eliminating more than sixty million cars, almost thrice the number of cars in Texas.

Johanna Neumann, the current senior director of the Environment America Research, concurs with president Joe Biden’s act which will help fight global warming that adversely affects all areas worldwide. Joe Biden’s initiative will also help curb climate change and increase security in the United States.

U.S federal states intend to start a program emphasizing Solar energy that relies mainly upon the Sun. Renewable energy, if put in use, will benefit both consumers and the environment will be safe. Such renewable energy is cheap as the cost is incurred only during installation, maintenance, and service costs. It would be better if most homes installed solar panels in their homes and commercial buildings.

The United States has great solar potential so long as the panels are placed correctly facing the Sun and are readily accessible. Americans are encouraged to adapt the method thus as it has the potential and maximizes solar energy as much as possible. Renewable energy is a method that has proven to be safe for humans over the years. Also, renewable energy is said to be the cleanest and fast type of energy that will meet needs of the U.S resident. The form of energy comes with lower bills and aids in weatherizing homes and keeping the planet safe.

Currently, most parts of the world are faced with environmental pollution, such as using fossil fuels that emit carbon. Environmental pollution affects humans and wildlife, putting the tourism business at risk. As this is happening, possible solutions to prevent pollution are all over and not considered.

Adverse environmental effects have led to research methods to prevent pollution other than installing solar panels. Possible methods that can be adapted include installing windmills that use moving air to produce electricity. Also, the amount of carbon emitted by cars and other automobiles by replaced with cars that use electricity to run. Short distances don’t have to be travelled by vehicle. People are encouraged to tackle short distances by either walking or cycling, reducing the amount of carbon released to the environment.

Certain strategies have been put in place to help the United States federal government systematically approach the goal of achieving a clean Country.

The U.S government informs its resident that prosperity is achieved by having a clean country and not the other way round. With the information in mind, the resident will work towards achieving an eco-friendly environment.

People are also encouraged to take simple steps, including taking care of their environment and incorporating this culture into people. The government by this aims at not only making a statement but being practically involved in measures taken to conserve the environment for a longer time.

So far, the federal states intend to practice what works well in achieving a clean and safe environment. In the meantime, solar energy and wind power have proved effective and consequently cheaper. Policies support renewable energy, and there is room for more innovation on methods that could be adapted toward having an eco-friendly environment.

Working together is also a  good method for forming coalitions between people of different occupations and interests and teaching them about the importance of renewable energy. For example, President Joe Biden approved the use of the defence production act and was backed up by Johanna Neumann. People thus need to work together towards achieving a clean environment.




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