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7 Tips for First-Time Home Buyers from a Real Estate Agent –

Real Estate Agent Kara Gelven at Live Local Realty shares must-know advice for new buyers. Dive in for seven tips to start your Northern Michigan home hunt off on the right foot.

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No. 1 | Pre-Approval

Get pre-approved before you start looking. A local lender who knows the market in your area is preferred.

No. 2 | Find Your Perfect Agent

Find a local agent who you connect well with, as you might be working together for some time to find the perfect home.

No. 3 | Build Your Must-Have List

Remember your first home does not have to be your forever home. Your starter home doesn’t have to be perfect. Prioritize the things you can’t live without.

No. 4 | Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Look past the cosmetic aspects of a home. Things like paint colors, backsplashes and carpet can be easily changed to update the home.

No. 5 | Go to the Home Inspection

Attend your home inspection. They are very informative and a good inspector can teach you so much about how the home works and suggested maintenance over the years.

No. 6 | Press Hold on Big Purchases & Job Changes

Once you’re preapproved with a mortgage lender, do not make any large purchases or career changes. This could negatively affect your ability to get a loan. Talk with your lender more about this if something comes up.

No. 7 | The Perfect Home Will Come Along!

It’s a seller’s market! Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get the first home you place an offer on. Your agent will work hard to get you into a home you love.

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