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6 Questions with 6Connex: Brandon Powell on “Be You” mantra, investing in real estate, impactful books –

4) I know you also mentioned reading “Attitude is Everything” last year. What drew you do that book, and why are books in general important to you?

“I think it’s important to me (because), I’d never read books when I was little. It’s a saying that they put stuff in the books because they know people won’t read it, and it’s actually true. Starting to read books, we’re adults now, we’re 27 years old, it’s just trying to be a better person. Attitude is Everything, it taught me a lot, because for example, football, you come to practice happy and excited every day, you’re gonna have a good day. You come here like, ‘I don’t want to be here,’ you’re going to have a bad day because you already got that mindset. So just trying to have a positive mindset, positive attitude about everything, and it’s s been working out good for me.”

5) Any other books you’ve been reading lately that you’re enjoying, whether it’s similar to Attitude is Everything or different?

“Oh, yeah. So I’ve been into financial books, like The Psychology of Money, that’s a great book. But right now, I’m reading a book called A New Earth. It’ll teach you about your egos, like how everybody has an ego. Everybody wants to be this perfect person, but we’re human, we’re not perfect. So that’s just a book that’s teaching me to control your ego. All of us, we’re all equal, so just respect people and just try to get better every day.”

6) What did it mean to be able to return to the Rams this year after the aforementioned certainty you were facing last year?

“It was refreshing for me. I had a whole offseason to just relax, man, because we got it done earlier, before OTAs and everything, so it was nice to just focus. One offseason where I didn’t have to move around and find a new team, it was just, I knew I was coming back to LA. So it was nice. It helped me prepare for this year.”

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