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5 things to know about the real estate market Des Moines this summer – Des Moines Register

It can take a crystal ball to uncover the right moves to successfully buy a home this year, but a number of local trends point to some relief in the months ahead.

The two biggest complaints among homebuyers have been consistently rising prices and an obvious lack of inventory. The number of homes now available on the market is slowly starting to increase, while prices may take some time to readjust downward.

Both new and veteran homebuyers should still be prepared to allocate time looking for that next property. There are plenty of other potential buyers making that very same search.

Patience and preparation will help homebuyers make a quick offer when they finally do find that special home.

And for the select niche of buyers for whom money is no object, central Iowa is dotted with a wide variety of unusual, eclectic and premium priced homes that attract nationwide attention.

— Richard Lane, Des Moines Register real estate reporter

Des Moines metro’s median home price hits new high of $265k. Here’s what that buys: Nationally, home prices have been rising for a record 121 consecutive months. Around the Des Moines metro, a budget of $265,000 can purchase a diverse variety of properties.

With mortgage rates on the rise, nervous homebuyers seek strategies to keep loans affordable: Experts advise buyers to shop around when selecting a mortgage rate quote, and don’t overlook specific benefits available for Iowans. 

What do new home buyers in Iowa want? Laundry rooms, big kitchens and super-fast internet top the list: Locals don’t only want a fair price for a home, they have some very specific amenities in mind.

Single women are the fastest-growing homebuyer group, despite rising prices, competition for houses: Juggling work hours and searching for a home can be hard enough for a couple. Local single women share their stories of the current real estate market.

$2.5 million ‘ultra contemporary’ home is looking to wow potential buyers in Salisbury Oaks: Among the tree-lined street South of Grand, a strikingly modern home is on the market and waiting for an upscale buyer.

Richard Lane is the real estate reporter for the Des Moines Register. He can be reached at



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