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5 Investment Trends To Follow In 2021 – Crypto, Real Estate, And More | CoFounder – CoFounder Magazine

2020 has been a year full of uncertainties. But moving forward, 2021 seems no less surprising. With industrial and personal health still tumbling with the effects of the pandemic, the millennials are now thinking of planning their finances. And, investments are the way to go.

Here are the top 5 investments to watch out for in 2021.

‘HODL’ onto the Crypto Bandwagon

With Bitcoin values holding close to $60k, it has been growing since the pandemic has struck. It is noteworthy that institutional investors like Tesla have quoted it as a hedge against market inflation. If you are planning to invest in the crypto market, we recommend you schedule it thoroughly. Although the crypto market is highly volatile, it actually promises exponential returns for long-term investors.

Mix your Real Estate Assets

2020 has affected commercial real estate pretty severely. With most of the offices switching to remote operations, the vacancy rates spiked to an all-time high. However, at the same time, residential properties have witnessed significant growth. You should see more investments in diverse equity classes this year, including family homes. Often the most significant ripples in the market create new opportunities for investors. And this is precisely what the Novel Corona Virus has done to the real estate market. Perhaps, investing more into residential and staying low in commercial real estate could be good.

Fintech Companies Are Out For Sell

In recent years, hundreds of fintech corporations have emerged globally. As the name suggests, these corporations have bridged technology and finance sectors together. And the best part is that online users are widely using these corporations. Thanks to digitalization! Nonetheless, it is noteworthy that many of these corporations are available for investments. Besides, the pandemic has created a positive impact on their popularity. As a report suggests, 64% of consumers used the services of a fintech during the pandemic last year.

Hedge Energy Investments

If the Novel Corona Virus has taught us one thing of all, it is the value of sustainability. Reports about a decrease in greenhouse emissions and air pollution surfaced during the second quarter of 2020 from all around the world. People will be opting for greener energy solutions, as a leading newspaper suggests. And this is probably the best time to invest in energy stocks. But make sure that you also invest in oil and gas stocks because these are not going out of use overnight. And they still have a great value in the contemporary world.

Invest In Health Care Stocks

Last but not least is the healthcare sector. Since March last year, the healthcare sector has been witnessing steady growth. And it is pretty expected, too, since the pandemic has increased its value by about 47% in only half a year. Besides, the growing awareness about health and fitness has also increased demand for these services and products. Clearly, it is a promising investment to consider in 2021.

On this note, we would like to mention that you learn about the assets when investing. You should be able to manage the risks to grow your personal wealth during downturns.



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