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4 Ways Real Estate Helped Me Create a Life of Sovereignty

Red Karen Hatcher


My husband and I have used real estate to transform our lives and create a foundation of wealth for our family. When we were dating in the early 2000s, my roommate and I were looking for a new place to live, and I convinced him to buy a fixer-upper rental property for us.

My fiance’, at the time, was in construction, so I asked him if he was open to partnering with me to buy a property, fix it up, and then allow me to lease it from him. I also agreed to manage the property as the tenant.

He gave me this look that said, “you are on to something .” And from there, we were off to the races. I chose the location, property, and layout and that was our first official deal together on a quest to become a ‘power couple.’

We went on to do more deals together, then I purchased my first home in 2007 and he renovated it. Later that year, we got married and several deals later, along with a family of six, we have a portfolio of income-producing real estate today.

I am led by the desire to live from a place of Sovereignty. To me, that is intentionally creating a Sovereign Life ®. This lifestyle is full of freedom, confidence, and permission to say YES to every dream and every intangible goal you believe in to make tangible. For me, this freedom builds from the foundation of real estate.

When I first traveled to Europe, my husband and I visited museums and castles. We were in awe at the grandeur of what we were experiencing and the feeling it created.

In our society, we have the freedom to own real estate and businesses. Having long been coveted as the land of opportunity, my husband and I focused on how we could create that feeling of grandeur for ourselves once we returned.

This overall theme of creating your own state of sovereignty began to manifest when we focused on the following:

  1. Owning a real estate portfolio – When I began building my real estate portfolio, I challenged myself to immerse myself in the Power of Belief—believing in myself, my decision-making abilities, and my profound knowledge and analysis of every acquisition. It can be daunting to acquire multiple properties when most are pursuing their first one; however, I leaned on my expertise, Tribe and faith. Once I completed my first one, the next was easier so on and so forth.
  2. The Power of Taking Risks. The confidence a real estate portfolio gives back to you in financial stability and growth allows you to take more risks and tap into work that is truly meaningful to you and fulfills your spirit. Taking risks is the adventure of life.
  3. Attracting a Tribe – Have a Tribe. From that, I mean once I embraced taking risks in love and work, it opened me up to meeting amazing people who became my Tribe. Whatever that is for you in terms of a support system – your girlfriends, spouse, industry group, or family. Having a tribe that feeds your spirit and gives you nourishment is essential to keep you going.
  4. Power of Passion. Listen, do what you love. Period. Gone are the days when we choose careers simply because they provide an income. I challenge you to dare to create income through your gifts. Real estate investing allowed me to pursue all my passions and it’s what I do to help others cushion their dreams.


Historically, Real estate appreciates over time. It fuels your endeavors by nourishing you with a win-win investing relationship: you gain equity through appreciation and tenants that pay down your mortgage while you’re providing them a quality, affordable home on their path to home ownership. You are a part of the housing solution by becoming a housing provider.

Sovereignty is empowering and owning a real estate portfolio is a pathway to helping you gain access to this level of freedom.

Karen Hatcher is an equity and wealth advocate using her expertise to help others obtain material wealth through real estate and land ownership. She is equally passionate about sharing her tools for living a Sovereign Life®! A life of success blending work and home to create a harmonious balance with the whole Self. You can keep up with Karen at and on all platforms @property_ninja.



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