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16 Real Estate Business Cards Ideas & Examples (2022) – Forbes

With all of that advice in mind, you’re probably wondering what a good real estate business card looks like. We’ve curated a few examples so that you can see what helps a card stand out.

Double-sided Card


If you’re digging a double-sided card, this is a good example. It keeps it simple and light on the front so the eye doesn’t get overwhelmed. Then, on the back, it lists all of the agent’s contact information—along with their agent number and brokerage.

Everything is spaced well, meaning it’s easy to skim and find the information you want. The color scheme is also appropriate as the purple tones match the hues of the Berkshire Hathaway logo.

Vertical Business Card


In a sea of horizontal designs, why not try your hand at a vertical card? These can work great if you have a lot of information to list out as they’re set up more like a typical page. This specific example lists all of the real estate agent’s contact information in one place as well as their affiliations.

The color scheme on this card is also something to admire. It just uses two tones—black and pale gold—to create a lux vibe attractive to buyers and sellers.

Personalized Logo Card

After you build up your business, you’ll likely want to create your own brand. This card offers up an excellent example of how to do that without being over the top. The front of the card features the agent’s headshot—with the background cut out carefully so that it appears as if she is part of the card. There’s also her agent number, email, phone number and brokerage. Then, on the back of the card, we can see her personalized logo, along with a witty slogan.

No Headshot Card

Don’t have a headshot? No problem. This card provides an example of how you can use a logo to fill in the extra space. The name and title are on the right side, along with a city skyline. On the left is the agent’s contact information. The card is black and yellow—a big and bold combination that stands out in a world where many business cards are white.



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