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Evan Loomis, Cofounder, Icon

Evan Loomis

Lizzie Chen/Insider

Housing on the moon? Loomis is working on it.

But first, he’s set on tackling the housing shortage here on earth. Loomis is a cofounder of Icon, an Austin, Texas-based construction-technology company that aims to make homebuilding faster, cheaper, and more sustainable by 3D-printing homes.

Loomis is a tech evangelist for the homebuilding industry, which he said needs to move past the traditional methods companies have employed for decades.

“Because homebuilding hasn’t adopted robotics, software, or advanced materials, it’s stuck in an old paradigm,” Loomis said. “That’s why we’re so passionate about this — because we’re going to ‘unstick’ it and bring it into 2022, and hopefully lead the future with this technology.”

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